• Show Date: 29/08/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South West Essex Canine Association


O (1) 1, BOB, Mullen’s El Roalito Keep Smiling, b/t 3 y/o, elegant boy who is not the biggest but very well balanced and constructed, refined well chiselled head, good length of neck into a well filled front, elbows correctly placed, good length of thigh, fallaway and tailset and he moved very well; went on to G3.


SY (2) 1, BOB, Weymouth’s Soufriere Tourbillon at Woolybassets, 12 mths blanket tri, plenty of scope about her, houndy feminine head with good set and length of leather, excellent front assembly, straight forearms of good length, level topline held well and she really strode out well, free and active in profile, clean out and back; feet could be a bit tighter and she has yet to finish in her coat; 2, Marshall’s Soufriere Paserelle Bateau. Litter brother to 1 with another pleasing head, masculine in outlook, in better coat than the 1st. Well made all through but he was not in good boy mode today, refused to co-operate on the move, rushing and crabbing, and this led to a short stride in profile.

O (2) 1, RBOB, Marshall’s Soufriere One Vision JW, 3 yo with lovely feminine head, strong jaw, good coat and furnishings, well ribbed up with strong loin, not quite as tidy out and back as the youngster and I would prefer a touch more leg length; 2, Marshall’s Silvamoon Saffron at Soufriere, 8 y/o in good shape for her age and with pleasing scope, quality head, good topline, well angled rear, slightly soft in coat and just showing her age a little in her movement.


Thank you for such a good entry on the same day as a championship show.

SY (5) 1, BP & RBOB, Woods Beaujon’s Leading Lady, 9 mths bitch, very much a Petit with a most appealing feminine head and expression, very good front and sternum, good proportions and strong rear, harsh coat and furnishings, bit of a handful but moved with plenty of drive and freedom; pleased to see her win PG1; 2, Guernari & Dane’s Cynetkoy’s Tinker Tailor, 7 mths; masculine head with excellent lay of shoulder and fill, in good coat and with strong rear, looked better on the move than stacked where he has yet to firm up in topline; 3, Bishop’s Jamar Miss Skylar.

PG (4) 1, C Tinker Tailor; 2, Wood’s Beaujon’s Velvet, lovely feminine head, well balanced with very appealing expression and good eye and ear placement, good coat and furnishings, compact in body and firm topline; carrying rather too much condition; 3, Bishop’s Jamar Ina the Contessa.

O (3,1 abs) 1, BOB, Culyar-Dawson’s Culdaws Legend of Gold, 6 y/o mature male, well balanced masculine head, good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, firm topline and good ribbing, strong rear used to good effect, striding out really well in profile, furnishings not as crisp as some; 2, Wood’s Beaujon’s Whisper, another petite and feminine bitch from this kennel, lovely head, good topline, moved pretty well all round, much too fond of her dinners.


SY (2,1) 1, BOB, Hepburn’s Qatiifah Dahr Damyar at Azaba (imp Nor), red male, still a youngster, very good front with clean elbows, plenty of fill and depth, gentle arch over strong loin, correct fallaway, well muscled rear with moderate angulation, lightly feathered, sound and clean out and back. 


Numerically small but quality very high.

P (2,1) 1, Robinson’s Whippiness Tornado Takeoff, bl/w at her first show, petite, with an extremely pretty feminine head, fine rose ears, bright and keen expression. Nicely constructed all through, not exaggerated and stands over enough ground, steady mover in profile, just needs to drop and fill in front and consequently slightly loose coming towards me. Lots to like; BP & PG2

SY (2) 1, Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Making Waves, elegant bl/br with minimal white trim, classic head with alert expression, good length of neck which flows nicely into well-laid shoulder, stands over plenty of ground with good turn of stifle and second thigh; he really comes alive on the move with a lovely free-flowing daisy cutting action, BOB & G2; 2, Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Sweet Cloe, w/br, good for size, quite lovely head on this girl, excellent front and feet, good depth and tuck up, gentle arch over the loin, well-muscled throughout, moves pretty well, just needs to relax and enjoy her showing a little more, she was rather tense.

PG (3) 1, Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet New Moon Rising at Silverfrith, upstanding mature male, lean masculine head with strong jaw, good feet and springy pasterns, very good depth and spring of rib, curvy topline and underline, clean out and back but could have been a bit more animated on the move, RBOB. 2, Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Chasing the Wind, br/w youngster, lovely outline, very nice head and clean shoulders, good angulation, elegant and scopy; persisted in crabbing on the move. 3, Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Cream Frosting.

O (1) 1, Rainsbury’s Shalfleet Sir Tom JW ShCM, 5yu br/w, masculine head, very nice make and shape with plenty of curves, good flow from poll to tail, good depth and tuck-up, balanced angulation and well muscled, looked good in profile, slightly less precise out and back.

Lisa Tyler-Jackson