• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chippenham & District Canine Society

Border Collies

J (2) 1, Domotori’s Lucky for You Wesley (Imp Hun) 17 months br/w, masculine boy with a well-balanced head and strong jaw, pleasing expression with oval eye, very good front assembly and well ribbed up, kept topline on the move, clean coming at me and easy stride in profile; told after judging that he had finished his JW on the day, well done. RBOB and went on to best RBOB Pastoral; 2, Taylor’s Darian End Game, b/w with very nice head and expression, good eye shape, well set ears, good shoulder layback and return, clean free mover. Not as mature in body as 1 and a bit happy with his tail at times.

L (3, 1abs) 1, Lucky for You Wesley; 2, Shamatova’s Nashdom Three Times a Lady, b/w 3yo, nice head with good eye and ear set, ample stop, well constructed both ends, good in profile movement, not as precise in front as 1.

O (3, 1) 1, Hartfield’s Moshanta May Contain Nuts JW, 3yo b/w, has matured really nicely since I last went over him, lovely head and expression, masculine but no coarseness; very good front and feet, he has lovely breed typical profile movement with correct head and tail carriage, light, effortless stride, clean in front, very typy and beautifully presented as were all the Border Collies today. BOB & pleased to see him take G2. 2, Shahmatova’s Nashdom Putting on the Style, 4yo male, decent head, strong well-angulated rear, well ribbed up and held topline well, OK on the move, carried tail well, not as much fill in front as I would like.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

P (4,1) 1, Cotton’s Royalridge Born to Run, 10 months red wheaten, much the most mature of these 3 nice puppies, masculine head with flat skull and well-set ears, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, excellent bone and feet, good depth for age and he moved out with free athletic strides. BP & BOB and went on to PG2; 2, McKenna’s Kiromol Hot Cocoa, rich red wheaten, 8 months with a really nice head and outline, very good front and feet, matching correctly angled rear, not as mature in body or mentally as 1 and has more growing to do, moved very well when he settled, promising pup and I was disappointed that he did not stay to challenge for RBOB; 3, Lilly’s Umhlanda Ubhuit Omkhulu.

O (3,2) 1, Whitelock’s Rumuruti Rather Hopeful at Khamioka, 4 yo red wheaten, good front and feet, plenty of depth and well ribbed up, falls away in croup rather. Clean out and back but not striding out in profile. RBOB.


P (3) , Cockbill’s Norwegian Elkhound, Cealdstan Artistic Mystic (AI), 8 months, very nice type with pleasing head, excellent front and shoulder with good fill for age and correct return of upper arm, level topline, good tailset and carriage, a bit unruly but moved very well when she settled; 2, Ostridge’s Pharaoh Hound, Doucai’s Galetti, elegant well balanced bitch with a lovely shape and outline, very good front and feet, used her mobile ears very well, lean muscle and good tail carriage, when she settles in movement a little more she should have a bright future; 3 Barganska’s Cealdstan Ancestral Voices of Barbelka (AI).

J (1) Barganska, Barganska & King’s Norwegian Elkhound, Brumous A New Dawn for Barbelka, lovely intelligent expression with good skull/muzzle balance and ear set, liked her excellent front assembly and feet, well ribbed up and she moved pretty well all round, clean out and back and keeping her topline. BP and RBOB.

L (3,1) 1, Umfreville’s Borzoi, Barnesmore Betelguese, well proportioned self gold male, not 2yo yet and not fully mature; masculine head with good eye shape and well filled under eye, ears a touch low set; good length of neck into excellent front assembly with good fill and return, good depth and length of ribbing, gentle arch of loin which is of good breadth, correct fallaway and tail carriage, well presented and moved nicely all round. Best AVNSC Hound and shortlisted in Group; 2, Cockbill’s Norwegian Elkhound, Barbelka Szafir, 10 y/o lady of very nice type and quality, well constructed all through, in great shape for her age, seen and done it all and giving her game novice handler the runaround; 4th in the strong veteran class in more experienced hands.

AV Hound

P (9,3) 1, Mc Carthy’s Mini LH Dachshund, Nagshall Mystic Odyssey, red, very poised and mature in her outlook, in super coat, well balanced angulation and moved very well all round, beautifully presented, just riding up behind slightly at the moment; 2, C Artistic Mystic; 3, Kilroy’s Mini WH Dachshund, Blackvein Rambler at Janacop.

J ( 7,2) 1, Webber’s Whippet, Denimblue Willdo, what a handsome blue/w male, scopy and elegant, excellent feet and pasterns, well ribbed up, strong well muscled rear, very good front and fill, moved really well all round, high quality hound of a type I very much admire, hope he does not grow on any more; 2, B A New Dawn for B; 3, Forge’s Mini SH Dachshund, Normpug Red Flame.

O (6, 1 abs, 1 w/d) 1, Mc Carthy’s Mini LH Dachshund, Nagshall Santa Paolo, masculine cream, no mistaking his gender; excellent front and feet with plenty of keel, enough clearance and good drive from the rear, would just like longer ribbing; 2, Baulch’s Whippet, Erinnis Mignonette, fawn/w, feminine graceful type with pretty head, clean fine bone, well-balanced angulation, good depth of brisket and tuck up, moved quite well but not impressed with the cold conditions; 3, Effer’s WH Dachshund, Greyhane Hector.

V (10, 2) Lovely class. 1, Best Hound Veteran, Cannon’s Afghan, Multi Ch Calamus Mediator, this 10 ½ y/o black male has lost none of the fire and arrogance that has served him so well over the years, lovely typical masculine head, in full coat and moved around the ring as if he owned it, maybe carrying a pound extra these days but he could not be denied here; 2, Murphy’s Beagle, Black Royal at Rhosyndu, 7 y/o blanket tri, sound, compact merry hound of very good type and construction, pleasing head with soft expression, good stern carriage, moved very well; 3, James’ Whippet, Drakesoak Halloween Twist.

Hound Group

G1, Shepherd’s Whippet, Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana JW, one I have judged and liked before, very much the scopy type that I admire; suffice to say that he is improving hand over fist and still more to come; presented in the most superb fit show condition with a coat that shines like silk, never put a foot wrong, on top form today as he had to be to beat G2, Allenby’s PBGV, Soletrader Fun Times for Rangali, if ever there was a born show dog it is this one. What a cracking pup, she has everything; lovely typy head, soundest of sound clean fronts, strong drive from the rear and absolute bags full of attitude, moves with utmost freedom and joie de vivre, immensely promising. Delighted but not surprised to see her go on to take RBPIS; G3, Stark’s SH Dachshund, Adnerbs Won Vision of Gobannium JW, love the way this red moves, really free and active, houndy head, level topline, good clearance, very nice quality; G4, Murphy’s Beagle, Rhosyndu Born to Run, masculine compact dog of excellent type who moved really well, short back, level topline, good stern carriage.

PG1, PBGV, S Fun Times for R; PG2, Ridgeback, R Born to Run; PG3, Mini SH Dachshund, Dubrey’s Star Dust, typy b/t, pretty head, good front and level topline, active free mover, strong drive from behind with good forward reach, just inclined to fly her tail when excited; PG4, Murphy’s Beagle, Davricard Picasso at Rhosyndu, tri boy with much to like, good expression and skull balance, compact firm body, plenty of bone and substance; bit fidgety on the stack but came into his own on the move.

Best RBOB Hound, Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Laurina, tri with a quite lovely head and expression, sound and well balanced all through, short back, good stern carriage, moved well in all directions.

AV Sporting Open Stakes (30) 1, Tanton-Joy’s Border Terrier, Orange Box a New Hope at Itsaso, fell hook line and sinker for this lovely little b, beautiful head with cheeky expression, elegant and racy with clean bone, good angles both ends, looked as if she would have no trouble at all following a horse, crisp clean movement, plenty of attitude, loved her; 2, Roberts & Spearings Beagle, Linkenlees Lyric ShCM Sh Cex, such a lovely type of mature Beagle, soft expression, really good front and feet, correct proportions, high class b who moved very well all round; 3, Hartfield’s Skye Terrier, Gumshoe Shot in the Dark at Moshanta ShCM.

Lisa Tyler-Jackson