• Show Date: 03/08/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North Devon Agricultural Society

North Devon Agricultural Show 3rd August 2022

A pleasure to judge at one of the few remaining open shows held at a big agricultural show. BIS from a lovely lineup, in which I also considered the BSD Terveuren and the Braque d’Auvergne, was Pinkerton, Cattoni-Sarman & Allenby’s Borzoi, Ryazan Viceroy of Radost at Menigma ShCM ShCex, nearly 3yo w/r who really looked the part today, head refined but masculine with plenty of veining, well balanced unexaggerated angulation, good topline and fallaway, stands over plenty of ground, on the move he made the most of the big BIS ring with light, free, active movement and precise footfall, still short of full maturity but he is bred in the purple and his title can’t be far off. RBIS Newton’s Great Dane, Shlarra Some Kind of Miracle, just out of puppy and immensely promising. Substantial and elegant with clean noble head which was carried proudly, totally sound all through and moved accordingly, not a trace of coarseness; deep brisket, just needs to mature a little in body.

BPIS Howgate & Hull’s Whippet, Palmik Chasing Rainbows JW, this lovely fawn stood out in a lineup of quality puppies; feminine, beautifully made all through with plenty of scope, clean front, curvy outline, but really scores on the move with her light, floating daisy cutting action that covers a lot of ground with minimal effort, quite lovely to watch; RBPIS Thomson’s Boxer, Ashronsha Dream Away at Latchkey, giving away a lot in maturity but of lovely type, square outline, really liked her head with correct mouth and typical expression, long well arched neck into clean well-laid shoulder, strong reachy quarters, level topline kept on the move, very nice.

BVIS was Webber’s Airedale, Jokyl Stars in Her Eyes, 8yo, beautifully presented with excellent coat texture, clean feminine head of good length, short back, reachy rear with plenty of shelf behind the tail, neat feet and moved very well; RBVIS was John’s Malamute, Christakell April Showers at Chardecea, substantial lady of 7 who clearly still loves the game, in excellent coat, plenty of bone and covered the ground with powerful elastic strides.


Open (2, 1 abs) 1, BOB, Bye’s Kirjojax Yeager, 2yo bitch with pleasing head, dark eye, good earset, good length of neck, a touch straighter in front than I would prefer, good length of body and well ribbed up, muscular quarters, long tail carried well. Clean out and back, could have done with a bigger ring to show off her profile movement; shame she had to withdraw from the group having been stung.


Open (1) 1, BOB & G4, Crowe’s Caldewriver Madame Hattie at Elsfie, 5yo w/l with good ear shape and size, clean front, good feet, level topline, correct coat and furnishings, moved nicely all round.


Puppy (3) 1, BP, RBOB, PG1 & BPIS, P Chasing Rainbows JW; 2, Umfreville’s Stevie Stand By Me, 6 months black masked fawn, very nicely made boy with an excellent forehand, plenty of depth, strong rear, moved well when he felt like it, needs more ring training and head a touch strong for me; 3, Manners & McDonald’s Florancy Dark and Stormy.

Junior (5, 2) 1, P Chasing Rainbows; 2, Webber’s Denimblue Willdo JW, cracking outline on this handsome masculine blue with plenty of scope and elegance, lovely front, in fit condition which showed in his movement, very much the houndy type I like and he has a lot going for him, moves very well all round, just wouldn’t want him any bigger; 3, Umfreville’s Jovi Highway to Hell.

Post Graduate (3) 1, Manners & MacDonald’s Dejare Official Secret, 22 months very elegant black, refined but still masculine; lots of sweeping curves, very good front and feet, stands over plenty of ground, excellent profile movement with plenty of rear drive, would like a touch more fill in front but he is a promising youngster; 2, Livesey’s Bryntreia Sea of Love, blue/b, another nice curvy boy with a pleasing head, well ribbed up, strong rear with hocks well let down, slightly soft in pastern which was reflected in his front movement; 3, Prowse’s Crosscop One Step Closer to Freehamlet.

Open Dog ( 4,1) 1, BOB and G2, Howgate & Hull’s Palmik King Arthur JW, light brindle male with a copybook outline, very shapely and fit for function, masculine refined head, deep chest and curvy underline, topline held well, no exaggerations whatsoever, plenty of drive and with correct footfall, good extension on the move, his maturity won him the day over his young half-sister; 2, Prowse’s Freehamlet Perfick Peter ShCM, 11 y/o male in great shape for his age, pleasing head, good shoulder and upper arm, well ribbed up and sweeping curve over the loin, strong hocks giving good drive. Just showing his age a touch in his front movement, rather loose at elbow; 3, Livesey’s Palmik Ace of Spades.

Open Bitch (4,2) Two high class bitches of very different types. 1, Webber’s Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker JW, black presented in outstanding fit condition with strong, supple muscle, very much looks like she could do a day’s work. Good for size with a really nice outline with lots of curves and scope, plenty of drive from her muscular quarters; lovely feet and springy pasterns; head not her fortune, rather strong in backskull; 2, Woodward’s Bryntreia Whispered Love at Palmik JW, preferred the more refined head of this 4 yo w/f girl, very feminine, good shoulder, ample depth and length, moves very well all round, balanced angulation. Tending to post while stacked and a little soft in pastern.


Junior (2) 1, BOB, BP & PG 3, Kilroy’s MWH Dachs, Blackvein Rambler at Janacop, dark eye, good earset and shape, good front and feet, excellent harsh furnishings, well ribbed up and moved well in the longish grass, carried tail well, nice type; 2, Umfreville’s MWH Dachs, Dogrose Bee of Sound Mind, b/t, head OK though eye little round, very pleasing harsh coat and good furnishings, kept topline well on the move. Would like more return of upper arm and a little short in ribbing.

Graduate (1) Kilroy’s MWH Dachs, Blackvein Princess at Janacop, very nice houndy head on this 3 yo bitch, good front and feet, level topline kept well, rounder rump and good keel, moved well. Coat and furnishings on the soft side.

Open (3, 3).

AV Hound

Veteran (5,1) A lovely all-Whippet veteran class. 1, Best Hound Veteran, Prowse’s Supeta Ice Ice Baby of Freehamlet, silver/br 7yo, one I did well in her youth and she still appeals greatly, lovely scopy curvy outline, moves really well with light free strides in profile and clean out and back, sound as a bell; 2, Lawrence & Woodward’s Palmik Kandalama Dusk till Dawn JW, another youthful veteran, petite b/br/w, feminine head, good angles front and rear, again moves very well all round; 3, Webber’s Dark Wing.

Minor Puppy (2) 1, Pughe & Fraser’s WH Dachs, Bystock Sea Nymph, strong characterful head with good furnishings, very good front and forechest, well ribbed up and strong loin, moved with plenty of drive and clean both ends; 2, Whippet, F Dark and Stormy, attractive masculine head, good angulation both ends, good feet and springy pasterns; just going through the ‘legs and wings’ stage and much less mature than 1, but much to look forward to.

Puppy (3,2) 1, D Bee of Sound Mind.

Open (4,2) 1 Ord’s WH Dachs, Cloudside Sebastian of Marnadee JW, a youngster of excellent type and quality, masculine houndy head with dark eye and very good furnishing, arched neck into excellent shoulder and front with good depth and forechest, tight feet, good topline and tail set, plenty of drive and strode out very well. Giving his handler a hard time but did enough to take G3 in strong company; 2 Kilroy’s MWH Dachs, Blackvein Cupid at Janacop, good head and front, tight feet, kept topline well, strong appley rump, moved OK but rather too fond of his tail.

Hound Group

G1 Borzoi, R Viceroy of R at M; G2 Whippet, P King Arthur JW; G3 WH Dachs, C Sebastian of M; G4, PBGV, C Madam Hattie at E.

Hound Puppy Group

PG1, Whippet, P Chasing Rainbows; PG2, Pughe & Fraser’s WH Dachs, Bystock Sea Song, litter sister to Nymph and of similar excellent type, harsh coat and good furnishings, houndy head with characterful expression, excellent front, ribbing carried right back, tight feet, mover very well all round; PG3, MWH Dachs, B Rambler at J.

Landkey Open Stakes (54)

Some really good dogs went cardless in the superb class.1, Pinkerton & Cattoni-Sarman’s Borzoi, Ch Korsakov Radost Power of Love Menigma (Imp USA) ShCM, ShCEx, 6yo who had a CC from me several years ago and I have not changed my high opinion of him, overall beautifully balanced, unexaggerated, extremely typy male who moves with light free strides and has not a trace of coarseness about him, perfectly presented, a classic Borzoi who is incidentally the sire of the BIS; 2, Foster & Fenn’s GSD, Chalkesville Cool Running over Jaandeburn ShCM ShCEx, super dog who gave the winner a run for his money, my BOB last time I judged the breed and he is full of breed type yet exceptionally sound, lovely to see, stands true and moves likewise, made the most of a big ring; 3, Robinson’s very shapely Shetland Sheepdog, Lavika Starlight Salute.

Lisa Tyler-Jackson