• Show Date: 06/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Folkestone Hythe & District Canine Society


Junior (6, 2 abs) 1, Kimber’s Coachbarn Cresta, attractive blanket tri of excellent overall type and balance, feminine with dark eye, soft expression, moved very well and freely in a small ring and showed herself off well with a very ‘merry’ attitude, nothing fazed her; just needs time to fill and mature. RBOB; 2, Whitton’s Jalhar New Lease of Life with Haggatty, another most appealing young tri bitch, compact, feminine and sound all through, a little less relaxed and not striding out as well as I have seen her do, in this small ring, but she is a quality youngster and will have better days; 3, Miller’s Alkira Rooibos Valentine, BP & PG 3.

PG (3, 1) , Miller’s Arpege Alkira, 8 yo t/w bitch of good overall type and balance, pleasing outline, excellent front, clean out and back, nice head with good strong teeth, correct topline and stern carriage, carrying an extra pound or two; 2, Borg’s Annavah Songbird, pretty tri bitch, well constructed and moved nicely all round, pleasing expression, just preferred substance of 1.

O (2) 1, Whitton & Edge’s Jalhar the Wonder of You at Haggatty, 3yo blanket tri male, a lot of substance and a very strong masculine head with dark eye and soft expression, well balanced with good front and feet, strong drive from behind and covered the ground in profile, BOB. 2, Kimber’s Coachbarn Crier, petite 3yo broken tri, lovely head with melting expression, good front and feet, moved well in profile, tending to post when stacked and not as much drive behind as I would like.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

J (2) 1, Larkin’s Loki Desert Marvel, handsome young man with a decent head, good length of neck into well-laid shoulder, ample substance with plenty of fill and depth for age, sound both ends and moving with clean free strides, very good ridge, most promising BP & PG2. 2, Thompson’s Sonnypride Honeycombe, another nice pup with an excellent neck and shoulder, pleasing head, very good feet and pasterns, moved OK if a bit exuberant in front, not as mature in body as 1 and topline not quite there yet, rising slightly behind.

PG (2) 1, RBOB, Thompson’s Globalridge Red Coral at Sonnypride, well balanced and shapely mature red wheaten, nice head with flat skull and good earset, lovely front and shoulder, ample fill and depth with strong well conditioned rear and she moved pretty well all round, topline not quite back after her litter; 2, Picton & Ince’s Priorpark Point and Click, liver nose 15 month male, pleasing masculine head, good angles both ends, topline kept on the move, not finished developing in body yet and needs time to fill and strengthen in front.

O (1) Parker’s Kiromol As You Like It with Azuli JW, lovely head and expression on this 3yo red wheaten, feminine but nothing snipy or narrow about it, flat skull, good earset and strong jaw, excellent forehand with smooth flow from neck into well-laid shoulder, correctly angulated quarters with lean muscle, well ribbed up with strong loin, athletic in profile and clean out and back, BOB & G2


J (6,2) 1, Hills & Thornton’s Afghan, Absolute Afghan’s Djibouti at Karnak (Imp Nor), this b/m gold youngster is coming along nicely, masculine typical head with arrogant expression, plenty of attitude, good shoulder and return, strong sweeping rear, just starting to change coat; excellent saddle, good tail set with correct ring, springy action, just needs a bigger ring to show off his profile movement, he was not striding out in profile as I know he can. RBNSC Hound; 2, Holder & Boggia’s Greyhound, Fionn Clann Bluebelle (Imp Rus), what a lovely 8 months blue brindle bitch, beautiful lean feminine head with flat skull, good fill under the eye and well-chiselled, strong jaw, very good front angulation, feet and pasterns, good depth for her age, topline was excellent when she relaxed, strong loin, movement effortless and graceful, very light on her feet with deceptive drive from the rear. Needs time to rib up and mature, and relax into her work, but she is all class. BP & PG1. 3, Pearmain & Sherwood’s MS Dachshund, Delandmar Ella Fitzgerald.

PG (6,2) 1, Pearmain’s MS Dachshund, Delandmar Hattie McDaniel, 10 months b/t, sister to the quality 3rd in Junior, good angles and keel, enough clearance, good topline held on the move where she really scored, strong drive behind, lots of forward reach covering the ground really well; 2, Valentine’s Smooth Dachshund, Amlida Tamora with Tizzwazz, quality mature bitch with an excellent head and outline, very typy, well ribbed up, good topline and clearance, bit disappointing on the move where she persisted in leaning away from her handler and cutting corners, not doing herself any favours today.

O (5,2) 1, Woodgate, Boggia & DeSouza’s Sloughi, Xandu Khan Schuru-Esch-Scham (Imp) , intensely typy male with a clean aristocratic head, carried well into correctly angled shoulder, good height/length ratio, deep brisket and good tuck up, leanly muscled and in fit condition, would benefit from a bigger ring as he tended to pace but did enough to show his light, smooth movement. Best NSC Hound & G4; 2, Boydell’s Afghan, Nightwinds You Can’t Stop the Beat JW, appealing black with punishing jaw, good length of neck into well laid shoulder, good length from hip to hock, well carried tail, another who could definitely use a bigger ring, not really able to get into his stride; 3, Cramphorn’s Irish Wolfhound, Yelxba Bonnie.

Import Register Hound

O (2) 1, Smith & Horton’s B/T Coonhound, Coonsar Hill to High Water at Morganbury, 2yo bitch of substance, pleasing typical head with well set leathers of good length, well balanced angulation, coped easily with the small ring and moved very well, kept her topline, good stern carriage, not showing a lot of enthusiasm today but got the job done, BIR Hound and G3 ; 2, Langford’s Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, Valabaude Sergent, nice type, decent head, good angles, harsh coat, basics are all there but he needs a lot of ring training and could carry a little more flesh. RBIR Hound.

Hound Group

G1, Shepherd’s Whippet, Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana, JW, pleasure to see this young man continue to develop along the right lines, like his combination of masculinity and elegance, stands over lots of ground, really well balanced and all the scope in the world, free active daisy cutting strides in profile, precise footfall out and back, class act; G2, Ridgeback, K As You Like It with A; G3 B/T Coonhound, C Hill to High Water at M; G4, Sloughi, X. Khan Schuru-Esch-Scham.

Puppy Group

PG1, Greyhound, F C Bluebelle; 2, Ridgeback, L Desert Marvel; PG3, Beagle, Alkira Rooibos Valentine, charming youngster who has a pleasing head, well-balanced outline and moved nicely all round; PG4, Bunney’s Whippet, Bunehug Let It Be Me, another nice pup in a quality group, scopy outline, stands over plenty of ground, good angles both ends, promising.

Lisa Tyler-Jackson