• Show Date: 17/08/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Basset Hounds

Puppy (4,1abs) 1, BP, Culyer-Dawson’s Timjenuki’s Dunedain, broken tri with a well-balanced masculine head with a strong jaw, good set and length of leathers, level topline and standing squarely on excellent feet, plenty of drive and free in profile; 2, Jones’ Clanwillow Back to the Future, blanket tri, very nice head with a clean eye, good shoulder, well muscled behind, sound all through, not as active in profile as 1; 3, Jones’ Clanwillow Future Dreams.


Special Yearling (2,1) 1, BOB, Jones’ Clanwillow the Emerald King, t/w just out of puppy, pleasing houndy head, leathers of good texture and length, good front and feet, well ribbed up and stood four square, firm over the loin and moving with soundness and drive, very promising young man.

Limit (5,1) 1, RBOB, Barbrooke’s Lagniappe Time to Shine, w/t, another youngster with a lovely typy feminine head, well laid shoulder, clean as a whistle coming at me and athletic and active in profile, could perhaps have a touch more reach of neck; most promising; 2, Jones’ Clanwillow Centenary Dream, 3 y/o tan/w, another very good mover of lovely type, good skull to muzzle balance and leathers, strong rear end giving good drive. Rather out of coat at present; 3, Weston’s Longmynd Blackthorn.

Open (1) 1, Jones’ Clanwillow Diamond Miracle, handsome t/w male, pleasing head and outlook, excellent front and feet, firm loin and topline, strong and muscular behind. Moved really well in the class but slightly distracted by the change of handler in the challenge.


Special Yearling (1) 1, BOB, Spring-Arnold’s Hyndsight Only In My Dreams, feminine with lovely reach of neck, correct topline with excellent fallaway, good turn of stifle, stands over plenty of ground and moves with precise footfall out and back, graceful and light in profile. Still young and needs a little more time to drop in front and body up, but presents a very elegant picture.

Limit (1) 1, RBOB, Metselaar-Williams & Constantine’s Kaleginy Drummond at Grendel 2 y/o male with lovely head and dark eye, plenty of neck, deep chest, good feet, moved quite well but he is rather short-coupled and not the drive behind of the bitch.

Irish Wolfhounds 

Puppy (1) 1, BP & RBOB, Guntrip’s Brachan Giornodi Natale, attractive 7 mths brindle male with a really nice head, strong jaw, good earset, decent front with good depth for a baby, well ribbed up, matching angles front and rear. Still some growing to do and he was rather unco-ordinated on the move, lots to like.

Special Yearling (2,1) 1, BOB, Heather’s Whiteorchard Ad Astra JW, 22 months brindle, really lovely head and dark eye, excellent front, matching angulation behind. Outstanding on the move, absolutely precise out and back and with a super elastic free stride in profile, lovely to watch.

Norwegian Elkhounds

Special Yearling (1) 1, Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady, well constructed typy youngster, lovely feminine head and earset, very good front with plenty of fill, moving cleanly out and back. Just needs to firm in topline a touch, promising young lady who lost her cool in the challenge.

Limit (1) 1, RBOB, Clarke’s Graythor Cosmopolitan, a young male with very nice head and expression, good layback and return, strong behind and in profile, firm topline, a bit exuberant with his front and just needs to fill a touch more.

Open (1) 1, BOB, Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio, 3 y/o male who presents a very pleasing picture, excellent head and expression, very good front with good lay of shoulder and upper arm, plenty of fill, short back and strong loin, moves well in all directions and naturally much more the finished article than the youngsters, pleased to hear he went on to win G1.

Pharaoh Hounds

Special Yearling (1) 1, RBOB, Ashby’s Regina Allesandra, 13 months with lean chiselled head, mobile ears used well, good shoulder and layback, nice feet and springy pasterns, good lean muscle behind, clean going away, light in profile. Slightly loose at elbow, just needing to mature and fill in front.

Limit (1) 1, BOB, Panayiotis’ Ynchreenoo Gold Edition, 3y/o who has a quite lovely outline, really good front and feet, matching strong well-muscled rear used to good effect, topline held on the move and looked a picture in profile. A little more stop than I would prefer, but she has a powerful jaw and well set, mobile ears, quality bitch.

AV Harvest Open Stakes (47, 28)

A lovely class from which many good dogs went cardless. 1, Benton’s Rough Collie, Ch Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle, 7 year old of super make and shape, lovely head with good eye shape and placement, well set ears and sweet expression, well angulated both ends, enough scope to do the job she was bred for, movement light, free and active, finished off with a profuse but well fitted jacket, never stopped showing; 2, Robinson & Howlett’s WH Dachs, Skyswift Tennessee Honey, very handsome young male, masculine typy head, good coat and furnishings, correct front with tight feet, well ribbed up, dead true behind and really drives off his hocks, impressive; 3, Larkin’s Ridgeback, Rubicon Red DoThe Right Thing Royaal Pearl (Imp Mne) ShCM.

Lisa Tyler-Jackson