• Show Date: 02/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chelmsford & District Canine Society

Chelmsford & District CS 2 May 2022

LH Dachshunds

O (2) 1, BOB, Clarke’s Tekalhaus the Excelsior, handsome red yearling with a masculine, houndy head with a look of intelligence about it and strong jaw, clean in front with good feet and pasterns, in good coat and strode out with enthusiasm; riding up a little behind; 2, RBOB, Dimon’s Labbadax Inspiration for Dimerlin, 7 yo shaded red, pleasing head and expression with a decent front, in good coat; not moving well today and topline not his fortune.

Mini SH Dachshunds

J (3, 1abs) 1, Pearmain & Sherwood’s Delandmar Ella Fitzgerald, 8 months shaded red with a lovely head and expression, nothing toyish about her; sound in front with good keel and shoulder, well ribbed up with matching angles, kept her topline well, collected and poised on the move, BP & PG2. 2, Hughes’ Amaffrey Larunda, b/t, another quality puppy, feminine typy head, very good in front with plenty of depth and keel; well angled quarters used to good effect, just needs to mature in body and strengthen in topline, promising; 3, Halsall’s Lindella’s Reet Petite.

G (4, 1) 1, Pearmain’s Delandmar Hattie McDaniel, b/t just out of puppy, lovely type with a pretty feminine head and excellent front, well ribbed up and firm level topline, rounded rump and good tail carriage, full of character and boy can she move, really free and active; she showed her little socks off to take BOB; delighted to see her go on to G1. 2, Halsall’s Lindella’s Tonka Toy, 11 months red, different type to 1; nice masculine head with good ear set, good front assembly, neat feet and rounded rump, moved pretty well all round, riding up slightly behind at present; 3, Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Sweet William at Willowmist.

O (2) 1, Pearmain & Sherwood’s Delandmar Katherine Hepburn, shaded red, dam of the puppy and of similar type, excellent front and keel, good ribbing and topline with firm mature body and good angles behind, moved out well in profile and clean coming at me; RBOB; 2, W Sweet William at W, 5 yo male, nice masculine head and expression, good shoulder placement and sternum but short in upper arm, not moving with the freedom of 1.

AV Hound

P (5, 4) 1, MS Dachs, A Larunda.

PG (6,3) 1, Picton & Ince’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Priorpark Point and Click, 17 months liver nose with a strong masculine head, tall boy and when I last went over him a few months ago he was going through the leggy stage, growing into his frame now and has strengthened and filled out a lot, good flow from neck into shoulder, very good balanced angles front and rear, deep chest and ribbing runs well back, coped very well with the small ring and made the best of himself on the move; just a touch exuberant with his tail today; 2, Ward-Blower’s MW Dachs, Whitewebbs Johnny be Good at Willowmist, good overall make and shape, with pleasing typy head, strong jaw, sound front, keeping topline well and he moved nicely enough in all directions, touch soft in furnishings at present; 3, Wallace’s Whippet, Moondust That Sparkles.

O (2) 1, Taylor’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Tokwe Truly a Blessing, 3yo with a lovely outline, well balanced front, good feet, ample depth and fill, mature in body and strong rear with good breadth of thigh, athletic on the move with good footfall, not the most enthusiastic showgirl but a high quality mature bitch, close up; 2, MS Dachs, W Sweet William at W.

V (6,2) as so often, this was a super class. 1, Osbourne’s PBGV, Braego Gladys Aylward ShCM, 9yo bitch in fantastic shape and form; feminine head with good earset and furnishings, dark eye, excellent front with clean forelegs and tight feet, rock solid topline, strong driving action from well let down hocks, full of enthusiasm, went around the ring as if she owned it and today she did! Best Hound Veteran and Best AV Hound; 2, Richardson & Wood’s Basenji, Woodella Purple Haze over Cooperland ShCM, another high class veteran, 7 yo and looking as well as I have seen her, lovely head with short muzzle and well-set small ears, finest of coats, very good front with ample depth and fill, matching angles behind, moved really well; tailset a little soft. Didn’t put a foot wrong today, just ran into a tartar; 3, Marshall’s GBGV, Silvamoon Saffron at Soufriere.

Lisa Tyler-Jackson