• Show Date: 17/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Marley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North Of England Dalmatian Club

North of England Dalmatian Club – 17/04/2022 Special Award Classes

Thank you to the club for the invitation to judge the special award classes, I was thrilled with the entry and want to thank all the exhibitors for entering and accepting my decisions.

Junior (12,9)

1st – Mrs A Smith’s Rapanooey Sugar Donut – 11 month old, black spotted masculine male, up to size. Soft expression but maintaining strength in his muzzle, dark brown eyes and dark ears carried well framing his face. Clean neck fitting into well laid back shoulder and good length to upper arm, elbows carried close to body, enough width in front. Well-manicured nails and tight feet. Holds his topline well standing and on the move, strong loin, tail carried straight off the back and such an easy mover, very free tracking up well, demonstrating effortless long strides without over reaching. Presented in fantastic condition and showing correct muscle tone for his age and spotting evenly distributed.

2nd – Mrs R Lamb’s Dalpetro Dotty – 10 month old pretty black spotted bitch, sweet expression, well broken ears and happy outgoing nature. More heavily spotted than 1 and very dense pigmentation. Good length to her neck, correct fill of forechest and deep chest. Tight feet, with slightly sloping pasterns. Balanced angulation front and rear, with fantastic width to her thigh for so young. Unsettled at first on the move due to change in handler but was better with her owner, where she showed how positive she can move with great reach and drive, tracking up correctly.

Post Graduate (12,9)

1st – Miss N Derrick’s Kalokairies Hocus Pocus – Smart and showy 19 month old beautiful rich liver spotted bitch, such a feminine head with moderate stop, in balance with her body. Correct oval shaped amber eye, pretty face and lovely well broken ears well set on and carried giving her a sweet intelligent expression. No sign of lumber on this bitch, clean lines throughout and ideal for size. Strong top line, ribs carried well back and balanced moderate angulation front and rear. Slight rise over the loin and tail correctly carried. Well let down hocks and tidy cat like feet, liked her overall outline and balance, nothing overdone. She moves out smoothly and accurately with purposeful strides, handler gets the best out of her.

2nd – Dr E & Mr W Sampson’s Tyrodal Seven of Nine At Dalstorm – 2 years old, another liver spotted bitch, heavier in type than 1 overall but not coarse in any way. Pleasing head, well proportioned and showing strength to her muzzle for balance. Ears well broken and set on fairly high, very attentive to her handler. Strong straight round bone down to fantastic feet. Great width to her chest, showing good fill and elbows carried close to body, deep brisket. Strong loin and round buttocks, very well muscled. Tailset correct and tail well carried, showed strong movement in profile, just not as accurate as 1.

Open – (9,6)

1st Mrs D and Mr K Whincup’s Tamilanda Air Force One – Fantastically conditioned 3 year old black spotted male, fit without being coarse. Handsome head, dark eye and spotty muzzle, his dark ears frame his face so well. Clean strong neck into well placed shoulder down to straight legs with round bone, well maintained nails on compact feet. Took my eye for balance and spotting evenly distributed with great pigment. Well defined wither and slight rise over loin. Deep brisket and ribs well carried back, giving plenty heart and lung room, powerful back. Rounded hindquarters, great width and showing good second thigh. Angulation balanced front and rear and that shows in his accurate movement fore and aft, covered the ground well and did not stop showing.

2nd – Dr W J E & Mrs J M Gardner’s Ch Dvojica Black Again At Wrendragge JW – 9 year old black spotted bitch. Attractive head and bright expression still showing dark pigmentation, elegant neck to strong well defined withers. Ribs well sprung, good width of thigh and bend of stifle, strong well let down hocks displaying smooth movement. Everything just flows, liked her balance and proportions for bone and size, clearly feminine but substantial. Fantastic decoration, coat in great condition not showing her age, moving out with style and power round the ring.

Lisa Marley (Bellili)