• Show Date: 27/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Marley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Billingham Synthonia Canine Society

Billingham Synthonia Canine Club Open Show 27th February 2022 - Junior Handling 

Thank you to the society for inviting me to judge the junior handling at their show, I had two super classes of wonderful up and coming handlers and very much enjoyed meeting you all with your lovely dogs.

All the young handlers in this class showed their dogs gently and we are very lucky to have great handlers coming through. Class A - 6 - 11years (9,6) 1st Lacey Stevenson handling a Miniature Dachshund, caught my eye on entering the ring. Lacey presented her dog excellently, stacked correctly and showed the teeth clearly and gently which is not easy with a small breed. Lacey had excellent lead work and always aware of my position at all times, her dog was moved at just the right speed and she did not rush round the large ring. Lacey showed a great rapport with her dog and she looked confident when given instructions, she was very polite and looked very professional getting the most out of her dog, which was enjoying every moment of their time in the ring with Lacey, well done!

2nd - Lena Tate handling a Shih Tzu, beautifully presented and I really liked how much she communicated with her dog throughout the class, always smiling and handled showing the teeth excellently whilst keeping her lead tidy. Lena took her time ensuring her dog was ready to set off before completing her pattern work and checked for my position whilst moving. Two fantastic handlers which I am sure will always be in the placings.

I asked a little more of this older class in terms of positioning and they all delivered, it was a very tough decision for the placings, all such brilliant handlers and what impressed me most was that the young handlers all spoke to their dogs, communication is very important so the dogs feel at ease and know what is expected of them.

Class B - 12 - 17 years (8,6) 1st - Daisy Mason, another Miniature Dachshund and showed off to perfection. As soon as Daisy entered the ring she was showing her dog at all times, her Dachshund responded to every request and was stacked correctly at all times on the ground and the table. Daisy stacked her dog at the correct distance from me at the end of her pattern work, so I could take in the whole dog without having to step back, she allowed her dog to shine. Daisy never obstructed my view and changed sides whilst moving cleanly and with ease. A very tidy handler with neat corners and straight lines, a pleasure to watch. 

2nd Georgia Maskell handling a German Shorthaired Pointer with confidence and style, she stacked her dog calmly and correctly even when I moved a leg out of position, Georgia noticed and corrected the stack. Before setting off to complete the pattern work Georgia ensured she had her dogs attention and gave herself enough room to complete the required movement. Georgia was aware of my position at all times and when shadowing as to not obstruct my view, she talked to her dog to ensure the dog knew what was expected. Another lovely handler that got the best out of her dog, and should have a bright future.

Judge Lisa Marley (Bellili)