• Show Date: 27/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lionel Prouve Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Billingham Synthonia Canine Society

Tibetan Terrier

P (2/0):

1. Marley & Thirlwall’s Myrlea Rhubarb Moon - 8m/o black male who presents a lovely square shape with good lay of shoulders, good substance for age & chest is well dropped. He has an attractive head of correct proportions with a scissor bite, good round eye and eye rim is well pigmented. Lovely large flat feet and in good coat. Moved well. BP

2. Taylors’ Billkenstar Amazing Story - 7m/o black bitch with a lovely feminine head, correct muzzle shape and proportion in relation to skull, large dark round eye. She has a level topline with a good lay of shoulders and good high tailset. Not as settled as the male today and still needs to fill in.

J (2/1):

1. Metcalfe’s Pippalata Overtime Magic - 17m/o Black & White, with a balanced outline, lovely straight topline, good croup, correct high tailset & carriage. Her head has good proportions, she has a large dark round eye and correct scissor bite. Still a little bit immature in body with a chest needing to drop a little bit still down to the elbows, good return of upper arm, although could have slightly better lay of shoulders. Presented in good coat condition.

PG (1/0):

1. Taylors’ Layoli Sea of Secrets at Billkenstar - 3y/o grey &black male of correct size, correct body length to height, level topline leading on to a high set tail. Good body substance, ribcage could maybe extend slightly further back. Correct large flat feet and angulation front & rear is moderate. Nice head with correct bite, good earset & correct eye shape & size. Could do with slightly more neck to complete the overall picture. Showed some moments of brilliance on the mode when he settled.

O (1/0):

1. Marley & Thirlwall’s Myrlea Martha Reeves - 2 y/o black & grey bitch, absolutely & totally square. She is feminine with lovely head proportions, good bite, correct muzzle, good earset, large round eyes. He ribcage is of good length and depth, the topline is straight & leads on to a high set tail. She has moderate angulation consistent with her square body shape but she uses it to maximum effect displaying reach & drive on the move, whilst keeping that shape at all times. So very typical and has the requires large flat feet too. BOB & G2.

Lhasa Apso

P (3/0):

1. Blake’s Jahneemahs Sunstone at Gallerio - 6m/o male, sand gold, he has a level topline, good length of body being slightly longer than high, good tailset & neckline, correct angulation front & rear. He has a correct relatively narrow skull, good muzzle length, correct pigment and oval eye, undershot mouth. Moved well. BP & UPG2

2. Thompson’s Khinjan Copacabana to Toynbee - A very pretty headed 9m/o bitch. I would like more of her, but she has a correct shaped skull, a good muzzle and lovely eye. Good length of body & level topline, she still needs to come up on legs. Moved well.

O (5/2):

1. Falcus & Studholme’s Kalizmar Karismatik at Phareal - Blonde fully mature male who presents a lovely overall shape, he is well angulated front and rear, good length & depth of ribcage, lovely high tail set and good carriage. He has that perfect typical outline and balance. His skull is small, narrow, with a good dark oval eye, good earset & carriage. In lovely overall coat and moved well around the ring. BOB

2. Chesterfield’s Toynbee Kookie Krumble with Burnsett - 2y/o Golden bitch, feminine with a lovely dark eye, correct skull shape & muzzle proportions, reverse scissor bite. She has a good length of depth of ribcage, preferred lay of shoulders of the class winner.

Shih Tzu

P (1/0):

1. Longstaff’s Shimali Bizzi Lizzi - Red &white girl, lovely temperament, liked her shape; long & low, good round skull, lovely dark round eye, lovely dark pigment, good mouth. Muzzle could be a fraction shorter, but nose placement is correct. Good depth of ribcage and good spring of ribs, correct tail carriage and typical in movement. BP & UPG4

PG (4/0):

1. Fairley’s Senousi Dressed For It by Fairmere - Gold & white who won the class on overall shape & type. Lovely large head, good skull shape, good eye, correct square & broad muzzle and nose placement, correctly undershot although would like full dentition. Would prefer slightly more lay of shoulders, but forelegs are straight has has a well let down chest. In full coat.

2. Cutts & Smith’s Tameron Mr Gold Xcess - A lovely attractively headed male, liked his conformation. Good eyes, good shock headed foreface. Very close but preferred the extension of ribbing of 1st. Moved well and juts needs a little more table training.

O (4/0):

1. Longstaff’s Shimali Solar Flare - Chestnut red male with a large head, wide underjaw, broad muzzle, correct bite, large & dark eyes, all making for a typical oriental expression. Good overall shape with correct tailset & carriage, good ribcage with length & depth. Moved well, with full pads showing. BOB

2. Cutts & Smith’s Buttons Dream A Dream - A lovely 5y/o male with a delightful temperament, liked his eye, broad muzzle & nose placement, correct width to underjaw. Good lay of shoulders, would prefer a little more width of body throughout, good rear movement. In lovely coat.


P (1/0):

1. McMunns & Griffiths’ Goodbull Maddieora - 10m/o bitch, liked her body shape with topline gently rising to the croupe, good waist. Correct tight skin, good feet with white nails, good head shape, good wide underjaw, eyes are dark & clean, good high earset. Would expect her back-end to tighten as she matures. BP

PG (2/0):

1. Fergusons’ Melafella Iggy Pop - 18m/o Red &White impressive male, fairly large head with kind expression, clean eyes, good turnup, wide underjaw, good cheek bones, ears are set far back, correct nose pad, frown lines showing when animated. Very good typical topline, correct tail set & length. Good tight feet. Moved with ease. BOB & UG4

2. McMunns & Griffiths’ Goodbull Calamity Jane - 10m/o bitch with good body shape, correct rise to the loin, good width in front. Nice eye, good earset, jaws need to settle. Good rear angulation but still a lot of skin that needs to tighten on legs.


P (5/1):

1. Chance & Dodds’ Dotlun Apache Inch Perfect - Liver & white girl, compact, lean, with good head proportions, correct muzzle, perfect mouth, good eye placement, correct slightly flat skull, good V-shaped ears, correct lay of shoulders, level topline, good tailset & carriage on the move. Good reach on the move. BP

2. Lamb’s Dalpetro Dotty - Very close to 1st, an attractively headed Black & white with clean muzzle, lovely pigment, correct bite. Well constructed with hocks well let down and good tailset.

PG (3/1):

1. Barrett’s Dalamanti Caesars Palace - Masculine Black & white, such a lovely head, good skull width & shape, muzzle is strong, good pigment, complete scissor bite. Good front angulation, level topline, tail is set low, good length, well muscled, correct defined spots. BOB, UG1.

2. Hughes’ Taliory Take aim Fusiler of Carodal -3y/o feminine Black & white bitch, good skull shape, would prefer slightly tighter skin on neck & better lay of shoulders. Level topline, good tailset & correctly carried, good rear angulation and well muscled.

O (4/0):

1. Chance & Dodds’ Dotlun Apache Dream Catching for Dotlun - Liver & white, up to size but well balanced, well angulated front & rear, good level topline, straight hocks well let down. Lovely head with good muzzle proportions to skull, flat top of skull and good earset. Moved powerfully round the ring.

2. Barrett’s dalamanti Hidden Glory - 2y/o Black & white, very feminine, very active, liked her head proportions, good muzzle, lovely rise to the skull with slight stop, good eye shape & earset. Good angulation. Was a little less clean on the move than 1st but a very nice bitch.

Boston Terrier

O (1/0):

1. Cave’s Jemcap Alexandra - 3y/o black & white bitch, perfect collar marking, she is square with good legs to body depth proportions. Level topline, good front & rear angulation, hocks well let down. Skull is square, good earset and ears are well carried. Correct mouth. BOB

French Bulldog

P (1/0):

1. Young’s Clonnysmush Lapicolina - 8m/o fawn, compact bitch, good substance for age, good head shape, lovely large bat ears that are well set. Good skin on skull, showing frown marks when she uses her ears, good wide muzzle, correct underjaw, lovely round and expressive eyes. Would prefer a slightly better lay of shoulders to complete the picture. BP & UPG3

PG (3/1):

1. Young’s Clonnysmush my Spartan - Brindle male, good substance, large ears, good head shape, nice eye, good underjaw, good muzzle and nose placement. Wide chest, well muscled and moved with ease. BOB

2. Foley’s Leyenda Whizzbang Tiga - Dark brindle bitch, I liked her head a lot, good ears, correct muzzle, lovely large expressive eyes. Good overall shape. Very close to 1.

O (2/0):

1. Foley’s Leyenda Whizzbang Tiga - Repeat

2. Foley’s Leyenda Bang bang I’m Will I Am - Masculine dark brindle, really lovely headed, large dark eye, large bat ears, good turnup to underjaw, well shaped muzzle. Correct body length but would prefer better lay of shoulders and more width in back-end.

Miniature Schnauzer

P (1/0):

1. Bell’s Glockens Kryptonite - Salt & Pepper girl who has a lovely compact shape, correct head proportions with good muzzle and black nose, good eye, full dentition and perfect scissor bite. Well-constructed, topline is straight and moved well. Coat is of correct harsh texture. BP & UPG1

O (4/3):

1. Bell’s Glocken I Predit A Riot - Black & silver male who presents a lovely shape, harsh coat texture, good skull shape, narrowing between small well-set ears and eyes and with enough breadth at the back skull, lovely eyebrows. Medium dark oval eye, correct scissor bote and full dentition. His front legs are straight and his shoulders well laid. Kept his lovely overall shape on the move. BOB

Chow Chow

O (3/1):

1. Bone’s Ch Dalen Olimpea avec Newfangled (IMP RUS) - Lovely compact black female, attractive head, correct oval eye, good bite and mouth with expected black colour, small triangular but slightly rounded ears. She had a good lay of shoulders, good body shape being compact with short loin and good spring of ribs, high and well carried tailset, lovely coat texture. Moved well with typical rear action. BOB & UG3

2. Bone’s Ch Dalen Nota Bene avec Newfangled (IMP RUS) - 19m/o bitch, very similar comments apply to 1st, she is juts slightly longer in loin, but again she has typical angulation for the breed and displays the pendulum like movement. Her head was attractive with a good eye, good ears and broad muzzle. Both had a fabulous temperament.

Utility Group:

I shortlisted 6 in what I thought was a very good group. The 2 missing out on the placings being the Lhasa Apso, Falcus & Studholme’s Kalizmar Karismatik at Phareal, and the Tibetan Spaniel,

1. Barrett’s Dalamanti Caesars Palace – Dalmatian

2. Marley & Thirlwall’s Myrlea Martha Reeves – Tibetan Terrier

3. Bone’s Ch Dalen Olimpea avec Newfangled (IMP RUS) – Chow Chow

4. Fergusons’ Melafella Iggy Pop

Utility Puppy Group:

1. Bell’s Glockens Kryptonite – Miniature Schnauzer

2. Blake’s Jahneemahs Sunstone at Gallerio – Lhasa Apso

3. Young’s Clonnysmush Lapicolina – French Bulldog

4. Longstaff’s Shimali Bizzi Lizzi

AV Utility

Puppy (12/3):

1. Young’s Clonnysmush Lapicolina – French Bulldog (repeat)

2. Campbell’s Tulibell Bad Habits – Tibetan Spaniel bitch who is very feminine, small head, good blunt muzzle, lovely hare feet, nicely angulated front & rear, level topline & high tailset.

Junior (4/1):

1. Bone’s Ch Dalen Olimpea avec Newfangled (IMP RUS) – Chow Chow (repeat)

2. Metcalfe’s Pippalata Overtime Magic – Tibetan Terrier (repeat)

Post Graduate (11/6):

1. Young’s Clonnysmush my Spartan – French Bulldog (repeat)

2. Thomson’s Tibbiestars Shady Lady – 2 y/o red Tibeetan Spaniel girl, very feminine with lots of breed attributes, lovely pigment, good muzzle length, good bite, correct lay of shoulders, level topline, moved well when she settled.

Open (10/5):

1. Bell’s Glocken I Predit A Riot – Miniature Schnauzer (repeat)

2. Longstaff’s Shimali Solar Flare – Shih Tzu (repeat)

Veteran (4/1):

1. Barrett’s Dalamanti Ice Ruby JW ShCM – 8 & a half y/o Black spotted dalmatian bitch. Nice body shape, good shoulders, strong pasterns. Nice head with goos eyes, correct bite, although missing a few teeth at this stage, straight front, level topline, strong loin, moved well.

2. Campbell’s Tibbymills Ace of Hearts ShCM VW – 11y/o Tibetan Spaniel bitch, still looking half her age, lovely small head, good length of body to height, level topline, lovely hare feet, good angulation. Would prefer better pigmentation, but what a typical Tibetan Spaniel!