• Show Date: 06/07/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Spence Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Thanks to the committee for their kind invitation to judge. The exhibitors for the honour of going over their dogs.

We had a good-sized ring, a quite warm but slightly windy day, which had an effected on the way some of the hounds moved.


Hills Shimmeree Calico’s Cupid. Beautiful pretty 6mth old bitch. Lovely light movement. Nice head and expression. Good neck Excellent front, good top line strong loin into strong hindquarters. Covers the ground standing and moving. Best Puppy. She went on to take puppy hound group 1. Congratulations.


1 Reed and Place Dejare a Dash of Hope. Attractive cream and white bitch. Covers the ground standing and on the move. Well place shoulder and upper arm into well placed front legs of good bone neat feet . Good loin and strong well-made hind quarters.

2 Wilton-Clark Shalfleet Making Waves Striking brindle male. Nicely made, and well muscled, not quite the front of one, and a little shorter in the back, nice hind quarters, and tail set. The wind did not help him today, but still a nice mover.

3 Webber  Denimblue Willdo


1 Lipscombe Selinko Honeysuckle. Fawn and white bitch took my eye in this class. Well-made lovely head and expression with neat rose ears. Strong neck into correct front. Strong top-line, into muscled loin. Moved well covering the ground. Please to see her take hound Group two, congratulations.

2 Reeves Veredon A bit Valuable at Chrispan, Fawn brindle male again stood out in this class, again well-made but felt his upper arm was not quite as well place as one. Moved well.

3 Hill Shimmeree Cool Calico 

OPEN 5-2

A hard decision between one and two. Both lovely veterans with different qualities.

1 Jansons and Wilson Hamiltonhill Sidney Pye to Nixopel. Seven-year-old, stronger build male than some today, built for work. Nice head and neat rose ears good front and rear, strong top-line, and loin into well-made quarters. Moved soundly.

2 Webber Dark Wing. Eight-year-old male slightly lighter built all through than one, Well-made front, back a little shorter than one, but had a slightly longer stride.

3 Hill Shimmeree Black Satin JW 

Judge Lesley A Spence