• Show Date: 20/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cleveland Dog Society

Cleveland Dog Society

Sunday 20th February 2022

The Cleveland Dog Society held an Open Show at Eston Sports Academy on the 20th February 2022. There was an excellent entry for this day and age and the hard working committee are to be congratulated for putting on a good show. Not many absentees , despite the weather and there seemed to be a good atmosphere throughout the show.

Best in show went to the young Boxer male, Pearce & Francis’ LONGSDALE STORM’N NORMAN who won the group under me earlier in the day. He continued to impress and was more settled in a bigger ring showing off a superb outlie in profile. Res BIS went to the Manchester Terrier Walshaw’s JANMARK JAUNTY. Another who is of champion quality and put down to perfection. Super head and expression. Pleases on the table and moves with typical action.

BPIS went to the extremely promising Whippet Dillon & Bailey’s COLLOONEY EAT MY SHORTS AT RUNFOREST. I am sure that this precocious young man has a more than assured future ahead of him. Already the consummate showman, taking everything in his stride. His outline is beautiful, covering a lot of ground. On the move he puts everything in the right place, holds his outline and has an ease of stride. In superb condition. RBPIS and unlucky to meet the winner today was the cheeky SC Chihuahua Day’s MONIACHI DREAM BOY. Delightful head and expression, good for size and type, he carried himself with assurance.

BVIS was the Siberian Husky Kent & Sutton’s ASPEN PANGER AT LYFEARON SHCM, who was in optimum condition, beautifully handled and just asked for the in today.

Great Dane


1: Staniford’s ROUCANDANE THE APPRENTICE AT STEPHANDON, Brindle bitch of good size and substance. Decent head with the sweetest expression. The size of the ring didn’t really suit her but she did her best to show off her movement. In good condition, she pleased for outline.


1: McLellan’s CH JUTLANDER BAT OUT OF HELL TO ANADAIN (IMP), Very pleasing fawn bitch of quality. PleaseD for head planes and expression. She is good for size and substance, yet retains femininity. Strong neck into firm topline. Good for layback of shoulder, deep chested and balanced behind. She moved out well and was true on the out and back, which is where she won the breed.. in superb condition. BOB



1: Steel & Aitken’s KENTWONE LIQUORICE FENNEL, 11 month old dog who is coming along on the right lines . He has a very balanced outline and is very well conditioned and handled. Decent head with keen expression. Balanced in angulation. Won the class on precision on the out and back and beat a very promising puppy bitch who I’m sure will have a very exciting future too. BOB BP

2: Lambert’s SEITTOR LOVEBUG, super young pup of 6 months old who, although raw at present , has everything where you want it and I’m sure she will have a future . She was presented beautifully and handled very well. Very promising baby indeed.

Siberian Husky


1: Kent & Sutton’s LYFEARON WE’RE ALL MAD HERE. Smart in outline and in good coat. He pleases for head properties and has a pleasing expression. He is good for size and is balanced in angulation. On the move he had an economic stride, so important for this breed. BOB



2: Kent & Sutton’s VUKASIN A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE AT LYFEARON. well handled, pleases for type and size. Her expression is decent and she is on good coat. Not the strength behind of the winner and this is where it cost her

Alaskan Malamute


1: Vasarhelyi’s OKINASTAR ALL OF THE LIGHTS, well handled and schooled young lady, who scored today on the move, she is balanced and in good condition. Pleases for head properties and substance. Correct tail carriage. BOB

2: Horsman & Horsman-Phoenix’ SNOW LEGEND ZENITH OF FAME, 8 month old and another who put on a polished performance. Coming along on the right lines and just needs to firm up behind. Good for coat texture . Head coming along with a super expression but hasn’t quite finished yet. BP


1: Horsman & Horsman-Phoenix’ NORDICWINDS GREATEST SHOWMAN, teenager who would rather be out than in a small ring today but he did enough to show what he could do. I liked his head and expression. Good for size and in good coat. Won the class on the precision on the out and back and held himself in profile.

2: Vasarhelyi’s OKINSTAR I’M THE MAN, all male and handled very well. Good for size and substance, today the ring really didn’t suit him and he was a tad erratic on the out and back.



1: Gray’s A LOT OF HOT COMMOTION AT RIZZLEBOX, brindle and white bItch of decent type. Pleases for head, good mouth, strong neck and firm topline. Good depth to her chest, spring of rib coming on. Well balanced behind and scored for width of thigh. Moved better in profile

2: selby’s BANTAMBOX NELLY FURTARDO, r/w bitch 8 months and still fitting everything in the right place. Decent expression and uses her neck well. Good for forehand but still a little immature behind, but that is to be expected. BP


1: Pearce & Francis’ LONGSDALE STORM’N NORMAN , just out of Puppy this brindle boy produces a breathtaking outline on the stand. His head is superb. Strong neck into firm topline and well set tail. Scores in forehand and he is already developed in rib. Strong loin and super hind quarter . On the move, although he would have preferred a bigger ring, he used what he had well and puts his feet in the right place. Has champion stamped all over him. BOB

Dogue De Bordeaux


1: Harrison’s CERISIER MY WAY, just out of puppy, this is a super young dog with a superb head and true expression. He is all male with size and substance without coarseness. His front is superb with strong feet. Correct topline and powerful hindquarters. Moved with the correct outline and is sound. Super young dog who should title. BOB

2: Moran’s AIBREAN ATOMIC, young bitch who today really wanted to be elsewhere. However, she has type , size and substance. Please for head properties and has enough upturn of chin. Good front and strength behind. Time is on her side and once she gets her head into what she is supposed to be doing, she will have a lot of fun.


1: Moran’s AIBREAN DROPS OF JUPITER, solid young lady who has substance yet retains femininity . Pleased for head properties and expression. Correct topline and has a depth of chest and width in front, sound on the move and holds a typical outline.

1: Stephenson’s FAIRHERO DELICIOUS, another young girl who has a lovely head and expression. She is all of a piece but for me she is a little in the teenage stage and has still to develop in chest and also hindquarters. She was not really at ease in the venue today and this sadly affected her movement slightly. Time is on her side and she will have better days.



1: Ryan’s NEWFANGLED JUNIPER BERRY AT ELLEANDRE, super bitch for type, size and substance, beautifully presented and moved with soundness. Just perhaps a little proud of her tail. Loved her head and expression, strong neck, well laid shoulders, strong topline and balanced behind. In superb condition too. On the stack she presents a very typical outline. BOB

2: Duff’s TITANBEARS WICKED METHOD, just out of puppy, this girl already produces a very typical outline and is good for size and substance. She pleases very much in head properties and has a delightful expression. On the move she puts her feet in the right place. Coat coming along . Just needs to develop a little in chest but time is on her side. Very decent bitch though.



1: Verrall’s GRAFMAX OBERON AT CAMPERDOWN, smart young b/t dog with a decent head and expression, strong neck, correct, firm topline and well set tail. Totally balanced in outline and sound on the move. Liked his balance of leg . BOB

2: Watt’s RAINBOW WARRIOR WOT_A_THRILLER, b/t boy who really did not settle in the ring today. In very good condition and alert expression. Has depth to chest.

Bernese Mountain Dog


1: Copeland’s KERNOW DOLLAR PROMISES AT MAXJABAR, 8 month old boy who scores in type. He is balanced and pleases in head properties. On he move he took his time to get into a stride bu he eventually did and showed he was sound. Good for size, time is on his side and he has potential. BOB BP

2: Abbott-Brown & Abbott’s MEADOWPARK DREAM COME TRUE WITH KINGSTONSKA, 8 year old girl with a delightful temperament. In super condition for her age and is a credit to her owner. Not quite the head of the winner and she was a tad erratic going away from me today.

AVNSC Working


1: McFarlane’s MICADOR WILL I AM, PWD. Good for size, well handled, he is sound on the move covering the ground. Coat texture good. BAVNSC

AV Working Veteran

1: Kent & Sutton’s ASPEN PANGER AT LYFEARON SHCM , 8 year old Siberian Husky of super quality. His head and expression are a delight, defies his age and is in wonderful condition, with a super coat and texture. Completely balanced, he fills the eye on the stack. Very well handled to get the best out of him, he has a free and economical stride. Very decent chap.


Working Group

1: Boxer

2: Great Dane

3: Dogue De Bordeaux

4: Dobermann

Working Puppy Group

1: Rottweiler

2: Alaskan Malamute

3: Bernese Mountain Dog

4: Newfoundland: Russell’s ZENTAUR FIZZICAL DAMAGE. A real baby but time is on his side. Very raw at present but thoroughly enjoying his day out, which , after all, is the most important thing.

Lee A S Cox (Judge)