• Show Date: 02/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lauran Wheaton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chelmsford & District Canine Society

Chelmsford & District Canine Society

2nd May 2022 

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge, thank you to the stewards and to the exhibitors for their entries. 

All exhibits had the correct bite for their breeds. 

Dogue de Bordeaux

Class 124 Puppy (2/1)

1st 324 Phillips’ Bronzelaza Hooch. Just six months old, at his first show. A little overawed by proceedings but soon got the hang of it. Large, masculine head, with good stop and correct amount of wrinkling. Nicely shaped, oval eyes. Small, high set ears. Strong neck into good lay of shoulder. Well off for bone, decent pasterns and feet. Good depth of chest and well ribbed. Hindquarters need firming up but this is to be expected at his age. Hocks are strong. Correct tailset and carriage. Very loose on the move, again this is completely acceptable for such a youngster. Very promising puppy. BPIB.

Class 125 Special Yearling (1/1)

1st 322 Hodgkin & Lee’s Piechottka Goldeneye. Imposing 13 month old male. Excellent head, broad skull, good wrinkling well defined stop and well developed cheeks. Correct eye shape and colour. Muscular neck with good definition of dewlap. Good lay of shoulder. Excellent forechest, good bone with elbows in tight to ribs. Needs to firm up through the pasterns. Good spring of rib, carried well back into strong loin. Nicely muscled first and second thighs. Strong hocks. Correct tailset and carriage. Sound on the move. BOB.

Class 126 Postgraduate (2/2) 

1st 320 Hixson’s Punkie De La Tribu De Lanza avec Chardanmar. 2 year old bitch of good size and shape. Clearly female however not lacking in substance. Nice head and expression, good eye shape and colour. Good size and set on of ears. Strong neck, good front construction with well boned fores. Nice forechest, good spring of rib and strong through the loin. Moved out well with good drive. RBOB.

2nd 319 Hixson’s Chardanmar Little Bit of Argee Bargee. 3 year old male. Masculine head, good stop and wrinkling. Good eye shape and colour. Strong neck. Preferred the front construction of the bitch in this class. Well off for bone. Good ribbing. Good hind angulation however he couldn’t match the drive of the bitch on the move. 

Class 127 Open (2/1)

1st 324 Repeat from Puppy class. 

Boston Terrier 

Class 145 Puppy (1/1)

1st 380 Jefferson & Smith’s Lovewell Lets Make it Baby. Absolutely cracking puppy bitch. Feminine head, with the correct muzzle to skull ratio. Round, sparkling dark eyes. Small ears, well set and used to advantage. Nice length of neck into sloping shoulders. Straight fores with strong pasterns and tight, round feet. Excellent spring of rib, good length of loin with nice cut up to her underline. Good bend of stifle with well muscled thighs. Movement was so smart and rhythmic. I will watch her career with interest. BPIB.

Class 146 Special Yearling (3/3)

1st 379 Hughes’ Dewlaws Artistic Dreams. Really impressed with this young male. Masculine, clean skull. Well defined stop with flat cheeks and correct length of muzzle. Dark eye, well set ears. Excellent reach of neck into sloping shoulders. Straight fores, well boned with strong pasterns and neat feet. Well ribbed, strong loin. Nice underline. Good bend of stifle with excellent muscle definition of hinds. Strong hocks which gave him a wonderful driving action when on the move. Pleased to award him BOB. 

2nd 381 King’s Kingsline Muskette. Pretty bitch with feminine head, dark round eye and good muzzle. Nice length of neck, good front construction with nice forechest. Well boned, good ribbing and strong loin. Nicely angulated hinds. Preferred the rear movement of first. 

3rd 378 Conway & Chapman’s Norcairn Years N Years. 

Class 147 Postgraduate (2/2)

1st 382 Levene & Lewis’ Aprika Dallas (TAF). 2 year old bitch with a lovely head, good balance of skull to muzzle length, dark eyes, good size and set of ears. Good length of neck into correct front construction, nicely boned straight fores and tight feet. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Good bend of stifle and well muscled hindquarters. Moved out well, just lacking a bit of confidence whilst on the table. RBOB. 

2nd 377 Conway & Chapman’s Norcairn Gone N Dunnit. 2 year old bitch, another who was just slightly overawed in the venue. Feminine, well balanced head with dark eyes and correct ear size and set. Sloping shoulders, well boned, good forechest and ribbing. Really well muscled all through just not quite as positive on the move as the winner. 

Class 148 Open (1/0)


Class 150 Puppy (2/2)

1st 384 Hunt & Harvey’s Comfortzone Truediamond. Lovely young male with good head and expression. Strong skull with short muzzle, dark eye and good pigment. Short neck, well placed shoulders. Well off for bone and well ribbed. Nice topline, strong through the loin good rear construction. Sound on the move with short, quick steps. BPIB.

2nd 386 May’s Sir Donald The Bold. Another nice youngster with a nice head, good skull and nice width of muzzle. Dark eye and well pigmented all through. Well boned, good depth of chest. Good spring of rib, strong loin and nice rear angulation. Moved well but not as tidy in front as the first. 

Class 151 Special Yearling (3/2)

1st 388 Weller’s Sunnybulls Stan The Man at Geenawell. Striking male, with a well balanced head, dark eye, excellent pigmentation and well set ears. Short neck into broad, sloped shoulders. Excellent bone, good elbows, good pasterns and round feet. Excellent spring of rib, good topline and strong loin. Nicely constructed rear with good muscling to thighs. Moved with a quick stride, covering the ground well. Pleased to award him BOB. 

2nd 385 Khan’s Frankyangels Polly. Pretty bitch with a feminine yet still strong head. Good dark eye, well pigmented with a good width to muzzle. Well off for bone, well ribbed, nice topline and good body condition all through. Not quite as positive on the move as first but still sound. RBOB. 

Class 152 Postgraduate (1/1)

1st 385 Repeat from above.

Class 152 Open (0) 

French Bulldog

Class 153 Puppy (1/0)

Class 154 Special Yearling (5/4)

1st 389 Hartfield’s Warson Huggy Bear. Loved this young male, he has an excellent head and eye and is full of personality. Nice front construction, well off for bone with great feet. He is well ribbed with an excellent topline and loin. Well muscled all through with really sound movement.

2nd 398 Timms & Henderson’s Olijah Up The Ante. Compact bitch with a feminine head and cheeky expression. Good neck, I would prefer more forechest. Well ribbed into short loin. Well muscled hinds with good rear angulation, moved well.

3rd 391 Hill-Lonergan & Duff’s Cossy’s Bistro at Barnlou.

Class 155 Postgraduate (2/1)

1st 399 Warren & Jobson’s Warson’s Flash Gordon. Nice young male, masculine head with excellent dark eyes. Strong neck and well constructed front, nicely boned with good feet. Correct topline, well muscled all through and moved out well.

Class 156 Open (4/4)

1st 397 Timms & Henderson’s Eastonite Moana JW. Loved this young female, so much personality. Beautiful head and expression, lovely dark eyes and well set ears. Good front angulation, nicely boned, well ribbed and in excellent condition. Well muscled rear with strong hocks. Moved with purpose around the ring. Pleased to award her BOB and see her take Group 1. 

2nd 396 Timms & Henderson’s Chelmbull Stary Seas for Olijah. RBOB. Pushed hard for first in this class, beautiful female with a lovely head and excellent pigmentation. Well off for bone, nice feet. Good spring of rib, short loin and excellent rear angulation. Moved well. RBOB. 

3rd 393 Morgan & Ling’s Agramers Balam Quitze at Tytorro.