• Show Date: 29/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Newton Abbot & South Devon Canine Society

Pastoral Breeds

Newton Abbot &  South Devon CS

A wonderful show to judge and super hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with the quality dogs of the South West! Many thanks too to my excellent steward, Ann Drechsler, who ran my ring so smoothly for me.

AV Pastoral Import Register


Open (1,0)

1st: Ridgewell’s Brigam Snow Blanket. (White Swiss Shepherd). Coming along nicely. Full of character. Displays some good breed features and is well balanced and constructed all through. Movement was slightly erratic at times, but I forgave her this with that super personality! Best AV Pastoral Import.

Shetland Sheepdog

A super entry. Thank you to all the exhibitors.

Puppy (1,1)

1st: Mabin’s Auberswell Lily May. A real baby with lots of maturing to do. Head was nice for shape and head planes and balance all through. Needs to broaden through the skull. Eyes are almond in shape and set slightly obliquely. Ears are smallish. Expression is typical for a bitch of this age. Looks a very nice shape with good angulation fore and aft. Topline is firm and she moves very true around the ring. Very well handled by her young handler, BP

Graduate (6,2)

1st: Waldron’s Frecia Golden Times. Largish in size, but thought her to be the most typical overall for expression, shape and make. She has a nice wedge with good parallel head planes. Skull to muzzle is in the correct balance. Eyes are almond in shape. Ears a tad big maybe. She has a nice neck leading to well laid shoulders. Good return of upper arm. Topline is firm. Chest is deep enough and carried well back. Well bent stifles and low set hocks. Moves soundly. Needs to gain confidence on the table.

2nd: Hirst’s Sundark Spirit Mistress. For me, better in size than 1st, but not quite so well put together. Basics of head are ok, with nice eyes for shape and set. Ears tad low set. Would prefer a touch more underjaw. Neck a tad short and not as good in shoulder or upper arm as 1st. Chest reaches to elbow and is ok for width. Topline firm. Moderate turn of stifle. Moves soundly.

3rd: Moore’s Frecia Lock Down Wonder at Satiara.

Open Dog (3,1)

1st: Moore’s Jacanshe Be Our Guest At Santiara JW. As easy winner here. Very nice outline. Head is masculine but without coarseness. Good blunt wedge, but could perhaps be a bit cleaner in cheeks. Good parallel head planes. Eyes are almond shaped and set slightly obliquely. Ears good for size and well set. Neck moderate in length. Shoulders could be more laid back and upper arm could angle back more to balance his rather well angulated rear. Topline firm. Chest deep and shows nice width. Good bone and feet. Tail set and carriage is typical. Moves soundly. RBOB

2nd: Eldred’s Karmidale Talk Of The Town at Belthorne. Largish. Head is of quite good balance with decent head planes. Eyes good for shape and set. Ears are too low set for me. Expression wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Balanced angles. Firm topline. Nice for bone. Well presented.

Open Bitch (7,0) Lots of different makes, shapes and types here

1st: Haensel’s Philhope Summer Highlights at Sherkarl. Thought here to have a very eyecatching outline overall. Head is very feminine with good blunt wedge and balance through skull and muzzle. Eyes are set slightly obliquely. Ears are just a tad low set for my preference. Her expression is quite charming. Neck is moderate in length. Her shoulder for me is moderate and upper arm is just a tad short and straight giving her a little bit too much lift of foreleg. Chest deep. Topline firm. Excellent tail set and carriage. Good feet and nice for bone. Well-turned stifles and low set hocks. Moves soundly. Close between her and the dog for BOB, but she just filled the eye slightly more. BOB

2nd: Hirst’s Sundark Simply A Star. For me, this one was built slightly better than 1st in terms of angulation, but she was showing her age a tad here. It didn’t help she left her coat at home. Very good head I’d say with lovely eyes for shape and set and ears that were small and set just where they should be. Well proportioned. Good bone. Firm topline. Tail set and carriage ok. Moves so soundly, but not the verve of the winner.

3rd: Waldron’s Lavika Good Times at Frecia.

Border Collie

Open (4,0)

1st: Harrell’s Caleykiz Winds Of Change. Nice shapely Border. Ok for type overall. Skull to muzzle ratio was ok. Expression was masculine. Neck a tad short. Shoulders moderate. Upper arm of correct length and angles back ok. Topline is firm. Chest deep and broad enough. Good turn of stifle. Tail set and carriage is good. Moves very soundly in a reasonably breed typical fashion. BOB

2nd: Taylor’s Darian End Game 10 months. Very immature. Needs to broaden all through still. Very nice breed typical shape with very good angles fore and aft. Nice length to neck. Has the balance of elegance and workability that I like to see in this breed. Great topline. Moves well once settled. Promising. BP . RBOB

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

Open (2,1)

1st: Pilgrim’s Ch Domburg By Appointment At Woodbriar. Took my eye as soon as he walked in to the ring. Very classy indeed. Lovely typical square outline. Great head with the correct balance of skull and foreface and parallel head planes. Alert ear set. Super expression. Moderate angulation all through. Good deep chest which also has decent width. Good for bone. In great coat and condition. Great mover in a difficult ring for his scope. Thought him top class. BOB

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)

Open (1.0)

1st: Eagles’ Chatmar Shaken Not Stirred. Very nice head with typical eyes for shape and set and ears are high set. Parallel head planes and pretty good balance of skull to muzzle. Neck medium in length. Balanced angles fore and aft. Topline not quite as firm as it could be. Proportions ok. Moves briskly and soundly. BOB

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

2 very nice youngsters here. Very heartening for the breed.

Open (2,0)

1st: William & Hall’s Belshanmish Total Eclipse. Feel this girl has a nice head with typical far away expression. Ears are not too large and her skull and muzzle are in the correct proportions. Eyes are dark and of good shape. Neck is moderate in length and she has well angulated shoulders and a nice return of upper arm. Scored here in being slightly more mature through the body with more width and depth of chest on the day than 2nd. Well proportioned body. Good turn of stifle. Topline could be slightly firmer and I’d prefer slightly more turn of stifle. Double dew claws present. Moves very soundly with a good light stride. Lovely sensitive presentation of this classy girl. BOB

2nd: Thorne’s Belshanmish New Sensation at Pyrajay. One I have liked very much before and all the qualities detailed before are still there. She is a super girl. Taller than 1st, and at this stage, just that bit narrower all through, and I expect her to mature on through the body and drop and widen in chest slightly. She is a super light mover, and to be honest, needed a better ring to show off her virtues. Look forward to seeing her on full maturity. Great expression and so well handled as usual.

Bearded Collie

Post Graduate (1,0)

1st: Hawkins’ & Prestwood’s Thingamebob That’s My Boy. Square in skull. Eye shape is correct and he has a nice expression. Moderate angulation which is balanced. Well proportioned. Firm topline. Tail set and carriage are good. Coat still developing. Moves soundly.

Open (2,0)

1st: Webb’s Megamaree Just Amazing. I liked for type and construction. Beautiful head with really kind expression. Good skull to muzzle ratio. Neck moderate in length leading to well laid shoulders. Chest reaches to elbows and is just about wide enough. Lean in body. Not too long. Firm loins. Moderate turn of stifle. Coat was of good texture, but needs a little work. Moves well around the ring. BOB

2nd: Hawkins’ Thingamebob He’s All That. Nice head which is square in the skull. Preferred expression of 1st. More of him all through than 1st. Good angulation all through. Topline firm. Chest is deep enough. Moves very soundly. Perhaps carries tail a little high for my preference.

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Post Graduate (2,1)

1st: Lees’ Rhiew Ravens Royal Tower. Showed himself off well even though alone. Head is masculine, but could perhaps be slightly foxier in shape. Eyes are roundish in shape and dark in colour. Ears not set quite right for me. Neck ok for length. Good shoulders and upper arm. Elbows set well. Good underline. Firm rear with moderate turn of stifles. Good in bone. Sound mover.

Open (1,0)

1st: Lees’ Balletcor Godric For Horcrux. Good honest dog all though. Pretty decent head with many breed features to admire. Preferred the balance and shape of the head on this dog. Ears were better set than 1st in the previous class. Firm in body and topline. Balanced angles fore and aft. BOB

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

A super quality entry

Open (5,0)

1st: Williams’ & James’ Ch Bwthyn Headliner JW ShCM SHCEX. When I fist set eyes on this dog, I thought, what a cracker! Sturdy and tough looking just as the standard says. His skull is wide and flat and I feel he has the correct proportion of skull to muzzle and his muzzle tapers moderately. He has enough stop. Dark eyes of very good shape and set and his ear placement and size makes him so typically Cardi. Loved his expression. Good firm neck. Excellent angulation. Good chest and well set elbows. Good length though the body compared to height with no weakness. Firm in topline. Good foxbrush. In the most pristine condition. Absolutely owned the ring. Great mover – so free and active and really covers the ground so well. Gorgeous dog. BOB and my eventual Group Winner.

2nd: Siviter’s Faywaidd Spice Another nice Cardi. Feminine. Has a flattish skull. Very expressive eyes. Muzzle tapers, but perhaps just a fraction too much and she could have slightly more underjaw. Ears good for size and placement. Again, good in body for construction and proportions. Topline is firm. Typical foxbrush and so sound on the move.

3rd: Lees’ Chrishama Magic Apprentice For Amenbury

German Shepherd Dog

Open (3,2)

1st: Shaw’s Astradine Knight Prince. A very handsome GSD. Head in proportion to body and correct for shape. Clean cut. Parallel head planes. Tight lips. Alert expression. Eyes medium in size and dark in colour. Ears set high. Good length to neck leading to well placed shoulders. Good return of upper arm. Chest reaches to elbows. Well proportioned body. Topline falls away slightly as desired in the standard. His rear is firm with good strength though the hocks. Well set and carried tail. Moves out well. BOB

2nd: Shaw’s Astradine Kornishman JW SHCM. Another attractive, expressive dog, built on good lines. Much to like and similar in many respects to 1st. Well proportioned head. Good length to neck. Good shoulders and upper arm. Good strong bone without being overdone. Pasterns firm. Topline typical. Good body development. Slightly weaker through the rear than 1st and this lost him ground on the day.


Open (4,1)

1st: Rogers’, Hilliers’ & Gardners’ Charson This Is Me. One I liked very much for overall make and shape and presentation of the highest order. I like that she retains the ‘rugged’ look of the breed. Skull is slightly rounded and is of the correct width. Her muzzle is strong. Eyes are dark and placed correctly and largish in shape without looking like they are protruding. I like her gentle, feminine expression. Moderate length of neck, maybe she could have slightly more. Shoulders are set well enough and return of upper arm is good. Nice bone for a bitch. She’s not overly long like some in this breed. Chest reaches elbows. Moderate turn of stifles and hocks are well defined and firm. Double dew claws present. Tail is carried correctly on the move. Good texture to coat. Moves with a lovely profile gait. Very stylish indeed. BOB

2nd: Pearces’ Salieri Heaven Knows At Arundall SHCM. Rugged look. Rather pointy muzzle maybe. Neck could be slightly longer. Moderate angles fore and aft. Would like more depth and width to chest. Good proportions of height to length. Firm through the body and loins. Ok for bone. Double dew claws present. Moves soundly.

3rd: Pearces’ Arundall Mithra

Rough Collie

Open (6,4)

1st: Godber-Ford’s Gataj Addicted To Love. Reasonably standard fitting head with nice parallel head planes and proportions through the head. Typical in eyes and ears. Neck rather short. Angles balanced. In good coat and condition. Sound on the move. BOB

2nd: Scamp’s Aaronwell Ayebeecee at Marketdene. A handsome boy who presents a good wedge and parallel head planes. Ears a tad low. Eyes good for shape. Balanced all through in body. Didn’t really move out as I would like, but he is sound.

Swedish Vallhund

Open (1,0)

1st: Hackney’s Starvon All About Me. A solid lad. Masculine head that forms a blunt wedge. Medium size, oval eyes of nice dark colour. Ears are pointed an set well. Neck firm and muscular. Well laid shoulders and upper arm returns sufficiently . Harness markings can be seen. Well boned legs. Firm topline. Well-sprung ribs. Slight tuck up evident. Good turn of stifles. Free active stride around the ring. Well handled. BOB


Open (3,2)

1st: Turner & Meakins Plyushka Gypsy Lunar Star. Attractive head with typical smiling expression. Eyes are almond in shape and dark in colour. Ears are well spaced with slightly rounded tips. Neck is moderate and length. Shoulders well placed and upper arm angles back to the correct degree. Firm topline. Deep chest which is carried well back. Could have slightly more bend of stifle to balance the front. Hocks are low set. Moves soundly and with purpose. BOB

AV Pastoral NSC

Graduate (3,0)

1st: Denton’s Brackenhaye Heart and Soul (Smooth Collie), 2 years. Good wedge with nice head planes. Stop set correctly to balance skull and foreface. Eyes are good for shape and set. Ears set correctly. All in all a typical expression. Well-proportioned through the body. Deep chest. Firm topline Balanced angles all through. Moves very soundly indeed.

2nd: Beaukita’s MC Crory Park. (Beauceron) A breed I like and this puppy shows much potential to have a very good future. Displays a lot of good breed features. Typical in head with slight furrow. Moderate stop and correct balance of skull to muzzle. Lovely dark, expressive oval eyes. Ears drop and are of the correct length. Muscular neck and body. Great shoulders and upper arm. Firm in topline and body. Good turn of stifles and strong hocks. Double dew claws present. Would not really settle on the move to show her virtues today, but her time will come. Best AVNC Pastoral Puppy

3rd: Wileman’s Lindisfarm Hope Redeemed (OES)

Open (2,0)

1st: Dosson’s Klingenthal Bran Mak Morn. A fine Norwegian Buhund. Looks great in outline. Square in body and looking on his toes. Moderately wide skull with lovely dark eyes and pointed ears that are well set and of a good height compared to width at base. Slightly arched neck. Moderate angles fore and aft. Firm, level topline. Chest reaches to elbows. Nice in bone. Firm enough in hocks. Displays a decent stride around the ring and is nice and precise out and back. In super condition here. Best AVNSC Pastoral

2nd: Harrell’s Odyssee De Sainte Petronille. (Beauceron) One I believe I have liked before. Built on such good lines. A good head with flattish skull and slight furrow. Well balanced skull to muzzle. Lovely dark, well set eyes. Well laid shoulders. Muscular all through. Stifles are well bent. Hocks firm and double dew claws present. Couldn’t quite get into her best stride in this ring, Needed a bit more room.


Pastoral Group

Group 1: Williams & James’ Ch Bwthyn Headliner JW SHCM SHCEX. Cardigan Corgi. Critique as above. Just looked stunning. So very pleased to see him go on to Best In Show. Many congratulations.

Group 2: Pilgrim’s Ch Domburg By Appointment At Woodbriar. BSD (Terv). Critique as above. Stunning boy here today.

Group 3: Rogers’, Hillier’s & Gardner’s Charson This Is Me. Briard. Critique as above. Looking just gorgeous.

Group 4: Dosson’s Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn. Buhund. Critique as above. Never put a foot wrong in this strong competition.

Pastoral Puppy Group

PG1: Taylors’ Darian End Game . Border Collie. Critique as above.

PG2: Harrell’s Beaukita’s MC Crory Park. Beauceron. Critique as above.

PG3: Lees’ Chrishama Magic Apprentice For Amenbury. Cardigan Corgi. Very striking in outline, well made all through and as sound as they come. Put up strong competition in his breed class against older opposition. Shall watch his career with interest.

PG4: Ridgewell’s Brigam Snow Blanket. White Swiss Shepherd. Critique as above.

AV Pastoral

Puppy (4,1)

1st: Taylor’s Darian End Game. Border Collie. Critique as above

2nd: Harrell’s Beaukita’s MC Crory Park. Beauceron.. Critique as above.

3rd: Lees’ Chrishama Magic Apprentice For Amenbury. Cardigan Corgi

Open (4,0)

1st: Siviter’s Faywaidd Spice. Cardigan Corgi. Critique as above.

2nd: Wileman’s Grey Souls Black Swan to Lindisfarm. OES. Nice type and very fit and muscular. Square throughout and well angulated. Typical in outline. Coat is in very good order. Moves very soundly.

3rd: Rutter’s Lapponia Lunar Cosmos. Finnish Lapphund

AV Pastoral Veteran (12,1)

Stunning class headed by two quite magnificent dogs.

1st: Thornes’ Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay. (Pyrenean Mountain Dog). One I have eulogised about before and I would direct people to my recent critique from the PMDCGB Open Show where I awarded her BIS. Suffice to say, she looked just as stunning here. Oozes quality and type for me and, that, combined with her excellent construction and lightness of stride for a giant breed makes her one of the vey best for me. A most super bitch and one that should be winning Championship groups in my opinion. Just beautiful.

2nd: Williams & James’ Ch Bwthyn Headliner JW SHCM SHCEX. Cardigan Corgi. This was my group winner here and he was just pipped by 1st. Two quite outstanding dogs that show just how good British dogs are.

3rd: Treasures’ Infindingo Teimu Emmi SHCM VW. Finnish Lapphund. A bitch who never fails to put in a good performance. Looked great here and was so well handled as usual.

Krystyan Greenland (Judge)