• Show Date: 30/06/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Keeshond Club

Keeshond Cub Show 2022


Judge: Mr Krystyan Greenland

Thank you so much to the Club for this wonderful appointment. I very much enjoyed my day. The quality was super and I found some real stars here. Thank you all for your support.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1st: Ring’s Neradmik Shine On Harvey Moon. A very nice start here. A very typy young man. Great wedge-shaped head with good eye shape and set. Spectacles present. Dark muzzle. Cobby in body. Shoulder markings present. Topline firm. Tail set and carriage good. Moved very well in profile but a bit wide. Ok for colour and looking a great prospect for the future.

Puppy Dog (1)

1st: Gardner’s Keitakees Small Town Boy With Manzanakees NAF. 11 months and looking more mature than winner of previous class. Very nice outline indeed. Handsome with very nice expression. Good balance of skull to muzzle and presents a good wedge. Spectacles present. Eyes dark and correct for shape. Neat ivy shaped ears. Nice proportions and moderate angulation. Good pasterns. Tidy hocks. Moves very soundly.

Junior Dog (1)

1st: Gardner’s Keitakees Small Town Boy With Manzanakees NAF – As above

Post Graduate Dog (1)

1st: Tew’s Torrikees Purple Rein. Good wedge-shaped head. Dark, well set eyes of almond shape. Ears a tad large perhaps. Spectacles present. Could have slightly more angulation for advantage. Firm topline. Correct tail set and carriage. Good markings and colour. Moves ok in profile. Rather untidy in front.

Limit Dog (5,0)

1st: Pattison’s Serenaubach Full of Wonder. Masculine head with good wedge. Dark muzzle. Good balance to skull and muzzle. Ears are ivy shaped and well set. Eyes are dark, almond shaped and obliquely set giving a super expression. Spectacles present. Neck of moderate length. Shoulders are well set. Upper arm returns enough. Good depth of chest. Nice daylight under him. Firm topline. Tail set is high and carried well. Well bent stifles. Nice bone. Moves very well in profile. Good markings. Looked a picture today. Best Dog

2nd: Marshall’s Arabesque At Devonia (Imp Rus). Bit full in eye and a tad level set. Spectacles present. Ears are ok and of a nice ivy leaf shape. Muzzle is dark and well balanced with the skull. Nice overall size. Good markings. Topline firm. Tail set high and well carried. Moves soundly.

3rd: Fitches’ Samoykees Harbour Lights. Just a bit heavy in skull for me. Eyes are ok for shape and set. Spectacles are present. Good angles. Bit longer in body than 1st and 2nd. Bone good. Pasterns firm. Coat of correct colour and texture.

Open Dog (5,0)

1st: Hopkins’ Int Ch Quasars Brilliant Light Van Het Earlskamp Serenaubach (imp Bel). An upstanding dog on the larger end of the standard. Strong and largish in head but presents a good wedge. Dark muzzle. Eyes are dark and almond shaped. Spectacles present. Shoulders are well laid. Good depth of chest and nice daylight under him. Firm in topline. Well-turned stifles. He has a correct coat colour and texture. Moves extremely well. Very sound in all directions. Much to like, just preferred the overall size and type of the top winners today.

2nd: Rose’s Rossvale Endeavour To Esorkees. A dog who displays a lot of breed virtues indeed and really more my type than 1st in many respects, but really threw his chances away on the move where he persisted in crabbing. Loved his head and expression and overall balance. Good wedge-shaped head with lovey dark eyes. Moderate angles and good coat colour and markings. Like to see him on another day.

3rd: Harris’ Kichigai Boy Is Back In Town For Watchkees JW. Super for body proportions and size. Not quite such a good wedge as 1st and 2nd and I felt he was just a bit fuller in eye. Ears are of a very good shape. Spectacles present. Cobby in body. Tail looking a tad low set. Moved soundly.

Veteran (3,0)

1st: Rose’s Ch Rossvale Master Of Destiny For Esorkees. A handsome veteran of very nice type. Good wedge. Dark eyes which are ivy leaf shaped. Good spectacles. Very pleasing in body throughout. Well proportioned and in excellent coat and condition. Moves very well in profile. Best Veteran Dog. BVIS.

2nd: Pattison’s Ch Rossvale Legacy For Lekkerbek. Not such a good wedge as 1st and looking a little refined through the head for me. Eyes ok for shape and set and good dark colour. Spectacles present. Bit long in the body for ideal balance. Topline is firm. Tail set and carriage is good. Moves soundly.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st: Sharp-Bale’s Neradmik Shimmer N’ Shine. What a little cracker. Obviously, a real baby with lots of maturing to do, but certainly a ‘wow’ prospect! Super feminine head with good wedge, nice eyes for shape and set and a wonderful expression. Spectacles present. Super neck leading to well laid shoulders. Good upper arm which angles back enough. Cobby body with firm loins. Puppy coat with good markings. Moves so well in profile. A really beautiful girl. I shall watch her future with great interest. Best Puppy Bitch

Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1st: Redler/Wheatley’s Keitakees You Are My World. Quite refined through the skull at present. Eyes are good for shape, set and colour. Ears looking a tad large at the mo, but I’m sure she’ll develop into them. Spectacles present. Square in outline. Moderate angulation. Moves very soundly from all angles.

2nd: Pattison’s Eastkees Call Of The Raven. Good wedge-shaped head. Eyes are dark, almond in shape and set obliquely. Ears are a shade tall. Angles are moderate. A tad long in body for ideal balance and standing a little high behind on the day. In great condition. Moves soundly.

Junior Bitch (1,0)

1st: Ring’s Neradmik Tantrum’s N Tiaras. My total star of the day. Stood alone here but looked the absolute picture of the breed standard for me. Great wedge with nice dark muzzle which is well proportioned with her skull. Stop is perfect. Beautiful dark eyes which are almond in shape and set slightly obliquely. Spectacles present. Superb expression. Ivy leaf shaped ears which are set to help give that typical look of the Kees. Neck is correct for length. Good angles fore and aft without being overdone. Good bone. Pasterns slightly sloping and lovely shape to feet. Chest is deep enough. Firm topline and loins. Tail set and carriage are ok. Hocks are firm and have enough definition for me. Great coat for colour, texture and markings. Superb mover. I absolutely fell in love with her. A sure fire Champion if ever there was one and enough glamour to make her stand out in groups I’m sure. Easy BB and BIS for me here today.

Special Yearling Bitch (1,0)

1st:Axford’s Watermyth Calypso. A shade long through the muzzle and requires a little more underjaw. Eyes are ok for shape, set and colour and her expression is fine. Ears are typical in shape and set. Spectacles present. Moderate angles. Slightly long through the back, but no weakness apparent. Good coat and markings. Moves soundly.

Post Graduate Bitch (4,0)

1st: Hopkins’ Serenaubach Auroras Dance. A well put together bitch who has many breed virtues. Good wedge head. Eyes are dark and well set. Ears small and are good for shape and set. Spectacles present. Neck is slightly arched and leads to moderately angulated shoulders. Upper arm is of correct length. Firm in body. Decent proportions. Tail set and carriage is good. Nice coat texture colour and markings. Very sound moving bitch.

2nd: Redler’s Byquy Kinky Boots at Keitakees. A very attractive bitch who is quite well put together. Typical in head if a little narrow in back skull for ideal balance. Spectacles present. Body has moderate angles and decent daylight under her. Good bone for size. Pasterns slightly sloping and nice shape to her feet. Back firm and level. Chest is deep enough. High set tail. Moves soundly.

3rd: Axford’s Kwajongen She’s a A Model for Byquy. This is a very typy bitch who fits the standard in many respects. Head is stronger but still typical. Bit bolder in eyes which just takes a tad away from her expression. Spectacles present. Medium length to neck. Perhaps a tad long in body. Tail set is high. Sound in profile action. Little wide in front.

Limit Bitch (5,0)

1st: Tew’s Art Prode Bomb Explosive Beauty (imp Rus). Tallish bitch but very nicely put together all through. Really liked her head which presents a good wedge. She has lovely eyes which give her a super expression. Spectacles present. Good neck for length and she is well angulated without being overdone. Good depth of chest. Topline is level and her proportions are ok. Tail set is high and carried well. Really great mover. Good coat, colour and markings.

2nd: Pattinson’s Eastkees Purple Gem. More substantial all through than 1st, but for me of a size I prefer. Her head presents a good wedge. Dark muzzle and well-proportioned skull to muzzle. Mask is just dark enough. Spectacles ok. Ear set is good and are of a typical ivy leaf shape. Longer in body than 1st. Moves soundly.

3rd: Marshall’s Devonia Black Pearl. She has a good wedge but I would like a shade more underjaw. Eyes are very expressive and of a good shape. Ears of good shape and set. Moderate angulation. Topline firm. Tail set and carriage are correct for the breed. Just not very settled on the move today.

Open Bitch (4,1)

1st: Gregory’s Amikirs Lovealicious. A very attractive bitch indeed. Good wedge with excellent balance to skull and muzzle. Nice dark eyes of almond shape and set slightly obliquely which gives her a rather nice expression. Spectacles present. Ivy leaf shaped ears. Moderate length to neck. Moderate angulation all through. Good depth to chest. For me, she is rather too long in body for the ideal. Back is firm. High set tail and carried well at all times. In great condition. Good coat texture, colour and markings. A really super mover. Overall, presents a very nice picture. RBB

2nd: Hickson’s Kichigai Uptown Girl JW. One I have judged and liked before. Unfortunately, here, she would not move and threw away her chances. She is an outstanding bitch of excellent make and shape. Nice and cobby. Great head. Super attractive with great wedge-shaped head. Lovely eyes and ears. Great to go over. Firm topline. Excellent coat, condition and colour with good markings. I loved her. Such a shame I could not really assess her movement.

3rd: Hopkins’ Serenaubach Annisgwyl. Rather fine through the head for me. Eyes a little bold. Spectacles present. Ears are a nice ivy leaf shape. Moderate length to neck with a slight arch. Moderate angulation. Rather long in body. Moves soundly. Well presented.

Veteran Bitch (3,0)

1st: Tew’s Ch Bargeway Neat And Tidy. Good wedge-shaped head which is well balanced. Eyes are dark in colour and almond in shape. Spectacles present. Cheeky expression. Dark muzzle. Ivy leaf shaped ears which are well set. Neck ok for length. Bit long in body. Topline is firm. Good markings. Tail set and carriage are very good. Moves with consummate ease.

2nd: Fitches’ NL Ch Samoykees Exclusive Moon AL. Strong through the skull. Ears are rather large. Eyes are almond in shape. Moderate angles. Chest is deep enough. Body is a tad long. Topline is firm. Good markings. Moves soundly.

3rd: Hill’s Whizzkees Ebony Silver For Plymkees JW ShCM. Not the best wedge head being a little narrow all through. Eyes are dark and of a good shape and set. Spectacles present. Ears ok for size and shape. Moderate angles all through. Tail set is high. Moves ok in profile. In lovely condition.