• Show Date: 19/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Kay Douglas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

Welsh Springer Spaniel club

19th February 2022

Thank you to the officers and committee for the invitation to judge and their hospitality and kindness on the day. I had a lovely entry and was so delighted with the turnout given the stormy weather the day before. Many thanks to the exhibitors and to Pete and Karen my two efficient stewards on the day.

Veteran dog: 4(1) Three lovely veterans

1st Barkley’s Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW ShCM, ten-year-old, happy outgoing boy with a lovely, proportioned skull and foreface with a soft kind expression. Good length of neck with a good slope of shoulder and return of upper arm. Good depth of rib, super bone and in good muscular condition. Balanced in outline and moved around the ring with sound movement with good drive and reach. In the challenge, although his colour may have faded, I couldn’t overlook him for his overall construction and flowing movement. Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran in show which he won over a lovely bitch for his oh so expressive eyes.

2nd Caldwell & McDowell’s Bowdonia Only the Brave for Cerysan, seven-year-old shown in lovely coat and condition. Masculine balanced head, dark eyes with a soft expression. Good front and rear angulation, correct slope of shoulder and depth of rib, lovely bone, moved well, happy outgoing boy.

3rd Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie

Minor Puppy Dog: 3(1)

1st Graham’s Don’s As Bold As Brass with Nyliram (imp Swe) NAF TAF nine months, compact and balanced young man with a happy disposition. Nice dark eye, balanced head, enough bone for age, good lay of shoulders and upper arm, steady mover for age, moved nicely maintaining his topline.

2nd Worth’s Sarabande Name of the Game (ai) six months, at his first show, took time to settle, nicely presented, good colour, super length of neck.

Puppy Dog:4(1)

1st Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway, ten months old shown in nice coat and condition, balanced head with an alert kind expression, correct front and rear angulation, a little long in loin at present, moved soundly with drive, Best Puppy Dog.

2nd Graham’s Don’s As Bold As Brass with Nyliram (imp Swe) NAF TAF

3rd Caldwell’s Cerysan Commodore.

 Junior Dog: 3(1)

1st Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway Repeat 1st Puppy Dog

2nd Heathcote & Bourton’s Kamuntings Buzz Lightyear, seventeen months, at the teenage leggy stage at present, nice head and expression, lovely colour, nice rear angulation, happy mover.

Yearling Dog: 4(1)

A nice class

1st Clarke’s Tigerrock Magic Woundabout JW, Lovely balance and outline to this young man both on the move and stacked. Super bone and lovely feet, good depth of rib and brisket, well angulated front and rear, short loin, moved out with drive from well-muscled hindquarters. Kind expression with dark eyes, would perhaps prefer a little less width to skull.

2nd Jones’s Trosley Tamoshanta, twenty-three months, maturing nicely. Super head and expression, nicely boned, good depth to ribs, nice front assembly, moved soundly with drive from well-muscled hind quarters, in lovely condition, a little longer in loin than first but close decision.

3rd Gaylor & Robert’s Heniveruce King of Brewers.

Novice Dog: 3(3)

All absent

Post Graduate Dog: 8(2)

A difficult class to judge as several of the dogs were just not happy in the ring today

1st Barkley’s Chanangel Whodat at Cherryheath JW, well presented three-year-old in lovely condition and of super colour. Dark eye with soft expression, balanced in outline with muscular neck leading into nicely angulated shoulders and upper arm. Good depth of rib, forechest and brisket. Moved out well with good reach and drive.

2nd Tolladay’s Bethersden Brigadier, three-year-old who reminded me so much of his father in outline, so balanced. Masculine head leading into good length of neck, well angulated shoulders and upper arm, nice depth to rib, and correct rear angulation. Unfortunately, he tended to drop into himself on the move today.

3rd Leach’s Islanza Hey Dude

Limit Dog: 7(2)

1st Cemis’s Taimere’s Talk About Me, four-year-old masculine mature dog, domed skull with well defined stop and lots of strength to foreface, dark eye, strong muscular neck with a super depth to his ribs and brisket. Balanced in outline with good front and rear angulation, well-muscled rear which allowed him to move soundly around the ring with good reach and drive. Shown in lovely coat and condition, well handled. Pleased to award him Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex in Show.

2nd Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine JW, four-year-old made from a smaller mould. Balanced and compact in outline, masculine head of good proportions, good reach of neck, deep ribs, short in loin. Sound on the move covering the ground well. Would prefer less hair on the chest.

3rd Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Mr Mojito

Open Dog: 3(2)

1st Worth’s Sarabande Man in the Mirror (ai) JW ShCM six-year-old dog beautifully presented, his red & white coat gleamed. Refined head with good chiselling to foreface. Good length of neck and return of upper arm. Balanced in profile.

Special Working Dog: no entries

Special Beginners Dog: 5(2)

1st Gaylor & Robert’s Heniveruce King of Brewers 3rd in a lovely yearling class, dog of nice type, nicely domed skull with correct width and enough strength in foreface. Kind expressive eyes good reach of neck and lay of shoulders. Nicely angulated front and rear, moved well with drive and reach to win the class. Still needs to mature a little more. In lovely coat and condition.

2nd Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine JW. 2nd in limit repeat

3rd Leach’s Islanza Hey Dude

Veteran Bitch 5(1)

A super class of veterans. A special mention to the veteran placed 4th, Cerysan Pocahontas, at thirteen and a half years old she strode out with verve and style showing the youngsters how to move and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

1st Cocking & Barnaby’s Sh Ch/NL Ch Bushwacker Gregory’s Girl at Highclare, I’ve liked this eight-year-old bitch since she was a puppy so delighted, she was entered today. Of lovely type and construction, feminine balanced head with kind dark eyes and clearly defined stop, with good chiselling to foreface. Super length of neck, shoulders and upper arm, good front and rear angulation, moved soundly with drive, nicely bodied, shown in lovely condition. Best Veteran Bitch. Pushed the veteran dog hard, a close decision.

2nd Thomas’s Sh Ch Bowdonia Anastasia JW ShCM seven years old, shown in lovely coat. Balanced in outline, well-proportioned head, super bone and feet, excels in depth of chest and forechest, short coupled. Moved soundly.

3rd Ritchie, Ritchie & Ritchie’s Sh Ch Slapestones Mouna JW

Minor Puppy Bitch 4(1)

1st Ritchie, Ritchie & Ritchie’s Sarabande Dancing Queen at Slapestones (ai) NAF just six months and at her first show, happy disposition and did everything asked of her. Compact and balanced, of nice size, pretty head and expression, nice length of neck good angulation front and rear. Showed well.

2nd Harrison’s Scarlett Sky at Glenbrows NAF TAF, eight months, lovely outline, pretty well-balanced head with kind dark eye. Super length of neck. Just needs time to settle and grow in confidence, was more settled in her next class with wagging tail.

3rd Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Felka

Puppy Bitch: 3

Three puppies of quality

1st Thomas’s Bowdonia Scrumptious, nine months old, refined pretty head well balanced, melting expression, presented a nice balanced outline with lovely length of neck and slope of shoulder and upper arm. Enough bone and stands on nice feet. Good angulation front and rear, Moved well with strength and drive. Pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Graham’s Nyliram Telling Tales, nine months, another lovely puppy, in good coat and beautifully presented. Good forechest and depth of chest, well angulated front and rear, balanced in profile. On the day just preferred the head and movement of the first.

3rd Graham’s Nyliram the Moth Catcher

Junior Bitch: 2

1st Harrison’s Glenbrows Rhapsody, sixteen months, very feminine lovely well-balanced head, well chiselled, soft kind expression. Super outline with good length of neck, slope to shoulder and upper arm. Impeccable presentation moved happily. Rich red & white coat.

2nd Harrison’s Scarlett Sky at Glenbrows. Repeat 2nd in Minor Puppy

Yearling Bitch: 2(1)

1st Harrison’s Glenbrows Rhapsody, repeat 1st in Junior

Novice Bitch: 2(1)

1st Graham’s Nyliram The Moth Catcher, 3rd in the strong Puppy Class, nine months, nicely bodied for age and shown and presented in lovely condition. Compact and balanced, good neck and shoulders, nice angulation, sound on the move, happy disposition.

Post Graduate Bitch: 4(1)

1st Harrisons Glenbrows Hope, twenty-two months, another beautifully presented bitch form this kennel, compact and balanced in outline, lovely head and neck sweet expression with dark eye, nicely angulated front and rear, short coupled, a little unsettled initially but settled and displayed sound movement.

2nd Short’s Ferndel Fire Gem at Toftwood, A very feminine bitch with the sweetest of heads. Balanced outline, good length of neck and well angulated rear. Steady on the move, slightly longer in the loin than 1st. Not in her best coat today.

3rd Cooper’s Gilstonia Snow Moon

Limit Bitch: 7(1)

1st Graham’s Nyliram Hetty Wainthropp, two years, sweet balanced feminine head with good balance of skull and foreface, nice length of neck with good angulation of shoulder and upper arm. Super forechest and depth of rib, well angulated and muscular rear with good drive on the move. Nicely boned. In lovely gleaming coat and condition, pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.

2nd Waller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow JW, another lovely bitch and a close decision. Presented in well-muscled condition, balanced in outline in lovely coat . Good bone, neck and shoulders, moved well with reach and drive, good rear angulation

3rd Revill & Monday’s Julita Ryveeta JW

Open Bitch:6(1)

Another super class

1st Clarke and Sherlock’s Sh Ch Crimicar She’s Electrick with Tigerrock JW, One I judged as a youngster liked her them and I like her even better now. The most balanced of heads with the sweetest expression and lovely chiselled foreface. Lovely long neck leading into a beautifully angulated front with sloping shoulders and correct length of upper arm. Good forechest and depth of rib, short coupled and correct rear angulation. She is at her best and best judged on the move, beautiful in profile, she moves with drive and reach holding her outline beautifully. In lovely coat and condition. Pleased to award her Best Bitch and Best in Show.

2nd Jones’s Sh Ch Julita Rumours at Trosley, a real honest bitch, balanced feminine head, kind expression, good neck, shoulders and spring of rib, not the forechest of the 1st, soundest of movers, happy outgoing girl shown in lovely coat and condition.

3rd Worth’s Sarabande Defying Gravity (ai)

Special Working Bitch: No entries

Special Beginners Bitch: 2

1st Coopers Gilstonia Snow Moon, 3rd in Post Graduate, two years old, feminine head, good neck and shoulders well bodied for age, Good bone and feet. Nice angulation to stifle, moved a little close behind today. Well presented.

2nd Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Alinka, four-year-old of a smaller frame, feminine with kind dark eye. Good bone and well bodied with good forechest and depth of rib. Moved ok

Kay Douglas