• Show Date: 30/07/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Katie Manners Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/08/2022

Wiveliscombe & District Canine Society

Thank you to the super committee of Wiveliscombe & District Canine Society for inviting me to judge Whippets at their show. The show was so well run and the Committee were so friendly and welcoming.

Puppy (2)

1. Palmik Chasing Rainbows - 10mth, Fawn Bitch. What a little cracker! A beautiful youngster who really ticks all the boxes. Beautifully feminine head with soft expression and neatly set ears. Long neck flowing onto excellently placed well laid back shoulders. Good depth of chest and spring of rib for her age. Mirrored angles in fore and hindquarters making a very balanced outline. So sound and steady on the move for one so young. BPIB, Thrilled to see her go PG1 and RBIS. Huge congratulations!

2. Chippwhipp Georgie Porgy - 6mth 1 week, Brindle Bitch at her debut show. Pretty blue masked head with fine and correctly set ears which she enjoyed using. Excellent for breed type, she is undeniably a Whippet! Shorter in body construction than 1 but still balanced. She moved with the exuberance that a baby puppy should have on the up and down but was a little more settled going around showing a long easy stride.

Junior (5/1)

1. Collooney Charlie Brown At Scarletfair. 14mth, Fawn Dog. A young male who is well matured in body for his age. Masculine head, beautifully arched neck with well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest and excellent tuck up. Can have a tendency to bunch up on the stack but when relaxed, his outline becomes smoother and creates a more balanced picture. Lovely broad, strong thighs which power him round on the move. Good mover with low flowing strides.

2. Palmik Chasing Rainbows - Unfortunately pre-occupied with slaying wasps in this class!

3. Barnesmore Never Feel Blue

Graduate (6/2)

1. Collooney Charlie Brown At Scarletfair

2. Crosscop One Step Closer To Freehamlet. 5yo, Fawn Bitch. Pretty girl of fantastic height. Beautiful head with an affectionate expression. Slightly straighter in front assembly than 1, however, top marks for breed type. Lovely length of body with good rib to loin ratio and curvy topline. Strong hindquarters with low set hocks. Could just do with being a few lbs lighter. Beautiful smooth coat. Moved well in profile but didn't quite have the front reach one 1.

3. Haccasbrook See You Again

Open Dog (6/1)

1. Palmik King Arthur. 22mth Brindle Dog. A curvy youngster of excellent size, yet still masculine. Soft expression and neat ears. Smooth body and shoulder. Deep chest with good infill. Excellent underline with definite tuck up. Moderately angled front and back. This chap excelled on the move, completely true coming and going, and a long free and easy side profile. RBOB

2. Runnel Run For Fun. 6yo Fawn Dog. One that I have judged before and his quality still shines through a few years down the line. Another that is of fantastic size with super curves for a male. Lovely head with super expression, slightly shorter in neck than 1. Wonderful shoulder and return of upper arm which is echoed in his hind angles. Super coat. Moved freely and easily.

3. Bryntreia Sea Of Love

Open Bitch (7/3)

1. Bryntreia Whispered Love At Palmik JW. 3yo Fawn Parti Bitch. This girl is one of the most elegant whippets I have ever seen both stacked and on the move. She oozes quality with no exaggeration whatsoever. Beautiful head and loving expression with correctly set, fine ears. Long arched neck leading to smooth, correctly placed shoulders. Deep brisket curving to a lovely tuck up and strong loin of good length. Graceful, flowing topline which she held on the move. Strong and moderately angled hindquarters with low set hocks. Not once did she stand unbalanced and it was hard to take my eyes off her. Floating movement around the ring and true coming and going. Pleased to award her BOB and see her go GP4 in a very strong and well sized Hound Group. Congratulations!

2. Whitleara Truly Scrumpy. 7yo Brindle Bitch. In fantastic condition for her age. Completely different type to 1 but still very much a Whippet. Feminine head with long, strong muzzle leading to the most elegant of necks. Well laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Smooth to go over, with curves in all the right places. Slightly shorter in loin than 1. Moved gracefully around the ring, sound on the fore and aft. I hope she continues to enjoy her time in the showring for years to come. An excellent example of how a Whippet should be when entering their veteran years.

3. Chesiven Creme De Monte