• Show Date: 03/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Karen James Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society

3rd January 2022

Judge : Karen James

Cocker Spaniel 

Puppy 11 , 2 Abs

1st: Pearce’s Kenwad Black Grouse At Miska

Lovely solid black boy, well-shaped head, dark eye with kind expression, enough bone with good feet, good forechest and correct shoulder placement, good overall balance with well sprung ribs, level topline, well angulated rear, a sound happy mover BP.

2nd: Ray & Challand’s Annilann Miss Merry Berry

Lots to like about this girl, sweet feminine head with dark eyes and lovely expression, good bone, tight feet, lovely forechest, good lay of shoulder, well sprung ribs,level topline, short coupled, strong hindquarters, excellent coat & condition just a little unhappy on the move today 

3rd: Shapland’s Deracor Dreamlove

Junior 2,1 Abs

1st: Corcoran’s Troverothway Daisy Daisy

Nicely balanced bitch of quality, pretty feminine head with kind expression, good neck and shoulders, well developed rib and quarters, moved soundly and merrily with drive whilst holding topline. 

Post Graduate 5,1 Abs

1st: Clifford’s Wyncastle’s French Quarter Smash With Chamford HJCH ( Imp Hun) 

Lovely blue roan,masculine head with good eye and expression, good forechest and good width, tight feet, good lay of shoulder into a strong short square compact body with well sprung ribs. Good rear assembly and moved happily with good driving action holding a level topline, well presented. BOB & Group Shortlisted 

2nd: Shapland’s Deracor Dream Time JW

A lovely black bitch with a good head and expression, ample bone and substance good overall construction with no exaggeration, compact and well ribbed. A sound mover

3rd: West’s Sheigra Simply A Star JW 

Open 2,2 Abs

AVNSC Gundog 

Puppy 13,3 Abs

1st: Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador With Blythway , WSS 

Very eye-catching boy ,Nice head in profile, clean neck, brisket down to elbow, compact body with good bone.Presents a pleasing picture standing & moving with good rear pasterns. He is very impressive on the move .Best AVNSC Puppy & Puppy Group 2 

2nd: Smillie- Gray’s Oakberrow M’Lady Gin, HWV

Very promising youngster, very settled and well schooled, feminine and elegant head with nice expression, good strength of neck, front straight and strong, nicely developed chest and body, strong loin and good topline which she held well on the move, driving well from her well developed rear.

3rd: Geary’s Germanus Stands Out A Mile, GWP


Junior 6,1 Abs

1st: Smillie-Gray’s Oakberrow M’Lady Gin , HWV Repeat from puppy 

2nd: Harrison’s Glenbrows Rhapsody, WSS

Feminine young lady who is well balanced with good bone and substance. Pretty head of good proportions .Best of neck and shoulders, deep well sprung ribs of good length, strong body, and correct topline. well-muscled quarters. covering the ground with ease. Well presented 

3rd: Brown & Filby’s Desjiem Dujardin, Weimaraner 

Post Graduate 6,2 Abs

1st: Harrison’s Glenbrows Rhapsody, WSS Repeat from junior

2nd: Coppin, Davies- Jones & Murch’s Pixiesrock Queen Of Hearts At Elwistone, CBR

Lovely feminine head with super pigmentation, correct ear set, strong neck, well laid back shoulders and good fore chest, straight front correct topline with a strong wide loin ,powerful rear quarters with good width. Great oily coat,Moved out well. 

3rd: Barney’s Romaunt Lust For Life

Open 13,5 Abs

1st: Wildsmith & Brown’s Sh Ch Trimere Tickle My Fancy, ESS

Very eye catching bitch with the most feminine of heads and expression. Super front, lovely compact body and well angulated both fore & aft. Good bone and feet. Moved freely with drive and purpose and sound all through. In super coat and condition. Best AVNSC & Group 2 where she pushed hard for top honours. 

2nd: Allen & Bott’s Trimere Tipping Point Of Allenie, ESS

Another top quality of real breed type, strong all through with excellent bone and substance, good front angulation & a well muscled rear, pushed winner hard but found the bitch moved more freely. Reserve Best AVNSC 

3rd: Osborn’s Sh Ch Elgert Private Dancer, Field Spaniel

AV Import Register Gundog 

Junior 5, 1 Abs

1st: Stilgoe’s Teisgol Henrique , Portuguese Pointer

No denying he’s a boy with a very masculine head & expression, he is of a good size with good body proportions, lovely strong hindquarters & well set tail, good depth of chest, moved out well. Reserve Best Av Import 

2nd: Moore’s Achouffe’s Summer Magic At Cavalmist NAF, Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

Still a baby but with a well proportioned head, gentle expression.  Good legs and feet. Good front and rear angulation,well ribbed body with correct coat,Moved out well.Best Av Import Puppy 

Post Graduate No Entries

Open 3,1 Abs

1st Adam’s Achouffe Philanderer, Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer 

Loved this boys head and super expressive eyes, superb eyebrows and beard, ears of correct set & length, strong neck into well laid shoulders, correct moderate angulation ,excellent coat of good texture, he moved true coming and going with such power. Best AV Import & group shortlist 

2nd: Stilgoe’s Ir Sh Ch Perdizcyo Beatriz With Teisgol BJW18 JWW18, Portuguese Pointer 

Have judged this lovely bitch before and she still didn’t disappoint.. lovely feminine head, well angulated front and rear, super well ribbed body, strong powerful mover,just felt the boys had the edge today! 

AV Gundog 

Puppy 23, 14 Abs

1st: Coode’s Streamanda Balla Balla With Warringah, Labrador Retriever 

A lovely quality boy not overdone in any way.Nice head and expression, excellent double coat and thick tail. Chest broad and deep with good ribbing. Strong, well muscled hindquarters gave him plenty of power on the move.

2nd: Bradley’s Highforce All Or Nothing, Hungarian Vizsla 

This boy has a lovely head & expression, he is just right for age with an excellent front construction, good ribcage with enough depth for age, well muscled hindquarters, moved out well. 

3rd: Osborn’s Elgert BackTo The Future, Field Spaniel

Junior 25, 16 Abs

1st: Harrison’s Glenbrows By Design, Hungarian Vizsla 

A balanced boy of a good size & a lovely type, excellent head & expression with a good eye shape & colour to match his good coloured coat, correct neck & shoulders, strong topline ,well muscled hindquarters which he used to advantage on the move.

2nd: Lane & Lane- Ridyard’s Kazval Thing Called Love With Kulawand, FCR

A stunning sweet feminine bitch with a very pleasing head and expression, firm neck flowing nicely into well placed shoulders, good chest and spring of rib, strong powerful rear quarters which she used to power round the ring, pushed the winner hard.

3rd Bradley’s Highforce All Or Nothing, Hungarian Vizsla 

Post Graduate 12, 6 Abs

1st: Harrison’s Glenbrows By Design, Hungarian Vizsla Repeat from Junior 

2nd: Webb’s Tenshilling The Wanderer, Pointer 

She has the most feminine head, with gentle expression ,balanced in front and rear, good depth of chest ,level topline, correct feet, well developed second thigh, correct tail set which allowed her to carry and use her tail well on the move.

3rd: Oliver’s Olivesong Kiss Chase, Pointer

Open 14, 5 Abs

1st: Bradley’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany By Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx, Hungarian Vizsla 

A bitch I have judged before and didn’t disappoint today, pleasing head with soft expression , strong neck into clean shoulders,well ribbed body in good condition for age, correct rear angulation with good muscle definition, moved out soundly.

2nd: Adam’s Millpoint Simply Smashing JW ShCM, Pointer 

Well, balanced dog, correct head and kind eye, well arched neck into correct shoulders, strong topline, well-muscled giving good drive from rear on the move. Gave his handler a hard time standing but came alive on the move and couldn’t deny him his placing. 

3rd: Fielder’s Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Best Of The Bunch At Cretshegan, Nova Scotia 

AV Gundog Veteran 

15,5 Abs

1st: Knowles & Glen’s Sh Ch/ Ir Sh Ch Wilholme Sharp N Smart At Bessalone JW ShCM CW16, GSP

Very nice 8 years bitch for both balance and type, good head proportions, kind expression. Lovely forechest with well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest and rib,  Correct hind angulation with good muscle tone.  Impressed on the move both out and back and in profile. Best Gundog Veteran 

2nd: Bradley’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany By Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx, Hungarian Vizsla Repeat from Av Gundog Open 

3rd: Clunie’s Warrentor Maplemoon, Golden Retriever 

Gundog Group

Group 1 Irish Setter- Bott,Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Take a Bow 

Group 2 ESS - Wildsmith & Brown’s Sh Ch Trimere Tickle My Fancy

Group 3 Hungarian Vizsla- Miles’ Sh Ch Layways Van Winkle JW

Group 4 Pointer - Layton’s Joneva Born To Thrill 

Puppy Group 

Group 1 Golden Retriever- Falconer’s Soneve Simply Special For Siatham 

Group 2 WSS - Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador With Blythway

Group 3 Cocker Spaniel- Pearce’s Kenwad Black Grouse At Miska

Group 4 English Setter-Loakes’ Goldbirch Hearts Desire