• Show Date: 14/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Julie Moyes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wickford Basildon & District Canine Society

Wickford, Basildon & District Canine Society Open Show Saturday 14th May 2022

I would like to congratulate the committee on putting on a superb show, not only was the weather amazing but everything seemed to run like clockwork. A sure sign of everyone doing their job properly. Can I also thank my amazing steward, Suzi Gale, who worked tirelessly all day. Thank you Suzi.

AVNSC Terrier

P (4 1a) 1st. Barrett’s Saffini The Sweetest Taboo. SCWT A lovely trio of pups to start with. This lovely Wheaten has a balanced head, sweet dark eye, good bite, strong jaw, arched neck leading to smooth well-placed shoulders, level topline short back and with good ribbing. Well made rear quarters used to her advantage on the move. Her beautiful soft coat falls in gentle waves and in the sun today sparkled her way to BP/AVNSCT

2nd Lawrence’s Surreygold Shimmering Snow. SCWT This girl can really move, she looked a picture today. I like her head, her soft expression, good bite, she has a very pretty light textured coat, just wish she was a little shorter coupled for me.

3rd. Hailwood’s Elliott (Cofgodas Golden Pippin) Dandie Dinmont T

J (4) 1st. Haynes’s Alantro Secret Step Norwich T Oh how I love a good Norwich, this one did not disappoint. Good strength of head whilst being so feminine, expressive eyes, good bite. Level topline deep chest, ribs well rounded, good strength to rear allowing forward propulsion and this was the deciding factor on the win. B/AVNSC. G1

2nd. Davies’s Dandie Dream Call Me Winner (Imp Esp) Dandie Dinmont T A top class Dandie that was presented beautifully. I know how much work goes into these handstripped breeds so I appreciate the time that you put in. Lovely masculine head, dark expressive eyes, good bite. Good length of neck, good topline, rising over strong rear quarters. Moving out well.

3rd. Martin Impey’s Silverkinn Wittlesbach Gem Bedlington T

G(3) 1st. Martin Impey’s Red Hot Chilli Of Lovely Star Generation At Silverkinn NAF Bedlington T Lovely feminine bitch with pleasing head. Correct construction in both standing freely and on the move.

2nd. Stanciu’s Aire Alpha Heaven’s Harmony De Airedor (Imp Rom) Airedale T 14mths. In this class she settled to move and show off her qualities, good shaped head, lovely arched neck good topline, depth of brisket, powerful rear angulation. Shown in good coat.

3rd. Eastall’s Daedal Frozen In Time (AI) Airedale T

O(6, 1a) 1st. Haynes’s Alantro Silent Step Norwich T A super classic outline, that took this class with ease but gave way to her litter sister for B/NSCT as I preferred her sisters fullness of head. However she looked a picture standing naturally and moving soundly. Res B-AVNSCT. Also Best reserve BOB Terrier, this was a nice touch from the show committee to recognise and put on this class.

2nd. Eastall’s Daedal A Touch Of Frost (AI) Airedale T Loved this boys head, good balance and strength. Moved positively and with style, shown in great condition.

3rd. Lawrence’s Surreygold Celtan Musetta SCWT

AV Terrier

Veteran (8) 1st. Burrage’s Ch. Komidion Night Music At Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW Cesky T. Very feminine B displaying good breed characteristics, great body condition, this lady totally belies her age! Moved well & beautifully presented.

2nd. Haynes’s Alantro First Steps Norwich T. liked her for size, shape, & substance. Good head & eye, good bite. Straight front, deep chest, good topline, muscular hindquarters. Good legs, short, with low set hocks.

3rd. Eastall’a Brisline’s Born In The USA For Daedal (Imp USA) ShCM Airedale

Terrier Group

1st.Haynes’s Alantro Secret Step Norwich T. If anything, this bitch put on a better show to win this excellent group. She moves as one with her handler and stands four-square naturally and happily I think she was the coolest one on the showground!

2nd Jones’s Perfect Love Di Sutri At Laserna (Ita Imp) Jack Russell T. Beautiful expressive eyes, good strength of muzzle & big teeth in a perfect scissor bite. Super neck and shoulders, straight legs, excellent length of body, good in rib and easy to span. Good strength in thigh and excellent hocks. Body & coat in superb condition. Moved soundly with purpose.

3rd. England & Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx Cesky T What a picture this dog looks at nearly 9 years old. He carries a typical outline, scores in head and expression, well sprung ribs, well- muscled, moving soundly.

4th. Jones & Merrick’s Magicgem Queen Of Hearts At Rougestaff SBT Feminine head with strength and depth, good depth to front, short coupled, good ribs and well angulated hindquarters.

Terrier Puppy Group

1st. Jones’s Laserna Aphrodite Jack Russell T. Beautiful headed bitch with the most expressive eyes. Good length of neck, super lay of shoulder, deep chest, good bone, level topline, easy to span, good rear angulation covered the ground effortlessly. Super coat. A pleasure to judge her! Congratulations Res. BPIS too!

2nd. Barrett’s Saffini The Sweetest Taboo. SCWT. A right royal battle was playing out here, two super puppies, but she did not show as well as she did this morning so had to give way.

3rd. Skelton’s Blue Rebel Sunset. Border T. Smart Blue & Tan, good head, keen expression, straight legs, good ribs and underline, good coat and pelt. Free and easy mover.

4th. Nolan’s Hammystaff Heat Seeker SBT R&W, good strength in head, neat rose ear, short coupled good front and rear, moved ok.

Best Reserve BOB Terrier

 Haynes’s Alantro Silent Step Norwich T

Julie Moyes Judge.