• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Joy Middleton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Mansfield & District Canine Society

Chesapeake Bay Retriever 

Puppy 3

1) Pont - Amore of Ridsome (Imp Ita) NAF 
Brown bitch. Feminine, broad head with thin lips, eyes correct colour for the coat. Medium length neck to withers. Well sprung ribs, with a good tuck up. Strong back into a strong rear. Well-turned stifles. Tight feet. Would just like a little less length from hip to hock, and a little more of her all round. Correct thick, dense coat. Drove around the ring. Pleased to see her get short listed in the puppy group. BP

2) Searles - Oakmarsh Indian Dream Maker for Cravessa 
Brown bitch. Bright and Happy bitch, broad head with correct stop, length of muzzle to skull. Correct eye colour. Medium neck to withers. Well laid shoulder. Parallel front with well boned appearance. Correct topline and tuck up. Moderate rear, would like a little more turn of stifle. Tail set correct. Let down by the soft coat. 

3) Watts - Oakleaf Manor Bay of Oakmarsh (Imp Deu) 

Junior 2
1) Searles - Oakmarsh Indian Dream Maker for Cravessa - Repeat Puppy 

2) Watts - Oakleaf Manor Bay of Oakmarsh (Imp Deu) 
Sedge bitch. Slightly finer then 1, determined to play her handler up today. Feminine expression with correct eye colour. I just preferred the ear size of 1. Still a youngster, plenty time to fill out and develop. Correct topline, carrying her tail well. Moderate angulation in the rear with drive from behind. Sadly her movement just let her down today. 

Post Graduate 2
1) Watts - Oakmarsh Freedom 
Brown bitch. Feminine expression, correct eye colour. Medium length neck. Lovely fore chest with a parallel front. Well-boned. Correct tuck up, short in couple, just rounding off at the croup. Moderate angulation behind, with muscled second thigh. Correct double coat, thick and dense. Moved nicely. RBOB

2) Coppin, Davies-Jones, Murch - Pixiesrock Queen of Hearts at Elwistone 
Brown Bitch. Different in type to 1. Correct eye colour, lovely sized and shaped ears. Medium length neck to point of shoulder. Parallel front and well boned. Slightly shorter in upper arm to 1. Correct topline and tuck up. Started to relaxed at the end of the class on movement. Well muscled. Dense, thick coat. 

Open 6
Thank you to everyone in this class, this was my most exciting class of the day! Really enjoyed judging each dog. 
1) Barker - Sh Ch Next Generations Chesepi Range Rider (Imp USA) 
Brown dog. Masculine dog with a striking head and presence. Correct eye colour, head broad and round, with a pleasing expression. Medium length next into well laid shoulders. Lovely deep forechest, with parallel front. Well boned with super spring of rib. Strong loin, correct topline. Moderate angulation to the rear, being picky could use a little more turn of stifle. Well muscled, thick, dense coat. Movement was effortless, strong and powerful. BOB and pleased to see him go Group 2. 

2) Coppin & Davies-Jones - Dallandor Jocasta
Ash Bitch. Correct eye colour, would like a slightly more feminine head. Medium length next into well placed shoulders. Good, deep forechest. Well-boned and muscled throughout. Moderately angled in the rear with good turn of stifle. Lovely in profile. Start to race on the movement, but calmed down the more she moved.

3) Pont - Oakmarsh Dancing Diva

Joy Middleton