• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Joy Middleton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Mansfield & District Canine Society

Spanish Water Dogs 

Puppy 1

1) Hodgkinson - Zorrazo Quest for Success (imp Hrv) NAF 
Brown dog. A young, medium in size male with the correct distinctive coat. Head correct proportions, would like a slightly darker eye. Ear set correct, Short neck into well laid shoulder. A little square in profile. Level back. Moderately angled rear. When moving its nice to see a proud young dog and his enjoyment. Slightly narrow coming and going. Confident in the move, just needs some more confidence when being gone over. Look forward to seeing him mature. BP/RBOB 

Jr 3/1

1) Hodgkinson - Zorrazo Quest for Success (imp Hrv) NAF - Repeat 

2) Capille - Lendever’s Quaint Tinsel. 
Brown bitch. Recently clipped bitch who just needed some more time and confidence. Small in size but made correctly. Dark pigment with the correct head proportions. Short neck into point of shoulder. Straight in front, with elbows set close. Level back, moderately angled rear. A little narrow going away. 

PG 4/2

1) Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford - Zorrazo Hawaiian Dougal. 
White & Brown dog - Strong head, with correct oval eye and correct set ears. Correct head proportions. Neck short, straight front with strong bone. Level back, with correct length to height. Tight feet. Would like to see more width to him. Tail carried over the back. 

2) Searles - Adormidera Apache Rose 
Brown & white bitch. Sweet bitch just wish there was more of her. Correct head proportions, with dark eye. Short neck to point of shoulder. A little more width through out. Moderate angulation. Level back. A little flat on the move. 

O 4/2
1) Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford - Ferrylands Hunting High and Low for Chanderhill JW (imp Nor
Black bitch. Lovely type. Correct hear proportions with the blackest dark pigment. Correct neck into well laid shoulders. Parallel front, with tight elbows. Level back with slight tuck up underneath. Moderate rear, would like a little more width and tighter movement. Took her a little while to come out of herself, but a pleasing picture. BOB

2) Ladlow - Josalyn Roldan El Mago 
Brown male. Correct head proportions. Well handled. Oval eye with dark pigment. Nice set ear with short neck into point of shoulder. Just didn’t have the return of upper arm of 1. Short neck into point of shoulder. Parallel front with tight elbows. Tight feet. Level back. Moderate angled rear.

Joy Middleton