• Show Date: 13/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Joanna MacLaine Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Barrow & District Kennel Association

Barrow & District Kennel Association 13 February 2022


Thanks to the hard working committee for the invitation to judge and for their consideration and information in rescheduling the show twice to account for COVID restrictions, and for their generous hospitality on the day.

Thanks and apologies to the exhibitors who entered and gave me the opportunity to go over their lovely dogs, and for accepting my placings of them. The apologies are for the delay in producing my critique, unfortunately the passing of my father and a subsequent computer failure, were not conducive to a timely production of these critiques.

Finally thanks to my able steward for providing a completed catalogue and keeping the ring running smoothly.

Gundog Group – Flatcoat Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner

Puppy Group – German Shorthaired Pointer, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Bracco Italiano 

Veteran – Golden Retriever


Bracco Italiano

Jnr 1st Bushwacker Dolly Daydream RBOB – Maturing nicely, displays overall picture of balance and power with good oval bone, good depth to body and correct forechest and topline with slight rise. Appealing head with correct set and fold of ear and correct bite. Stood well and moved on an easy stride, although feet still slightly loose.

2nd Iolanda Di Cascina Croce at Solwaypoint TAF NAF BP, PGrp4 – Appealing puppy who is not quite together yet but time will resolve that I’m sure. Lovely make and shape and all the essentials are there, slightly shorter in foreface than 1st but feet are better and moved and stood well.

3rd Elfrindew Justice for All TAF NAF

RES Elfindrew Devil’s Advocate of Asteleah

Open 1st Jakobstown Wray of Joy BOB – Lovely mature boy, excels in body and condition, appealing head with lovely ears and good chiselling below eyes and lovely big nose. Powerful neck into good well separated shoulders. Ample bone and straight forelegs with sloping pasterns and good feet. Deep chest to elbows, good spring to ribs. Powerful rear which was used to advantage.

2nd Braccorions Quest for Glory – Nice lad, not the style or substance of the winner here and slightly looser in movement. Hocks could be stronger but he still moved well and presented a pleasing overall picture.

3rd Elfrindew April Huntress

RES Owlspoint Trouble at Mill ShCM ShCEx BWNL 18

VHC Owlspoint Trouble Again JW


German Shorthaired Pointer

Puppy 1st Cornilous Mullberry BP, PGrp1 – Most appealing picture this girl presents, well developed for age and more to come. Clean head with good eye and colour, correct ear and set, correct bite and good flew. Level topline held on the move and stacked and powerful mover from well developed thighs with good stifle.

2nd Cushatlaw Amadeaus at Essenpoint – This lad was a little uncomfortable today and wasn’t relaxed which affected his presentation, he was holding himself up which resulted in a slight roach to his topline and appeared that his brisket didn’t reach his elbow.

Jnr 1st Montalba Mister Teatime – Good honest lad here, maturing well, most appealing head and expression, developing nicely and beginning to show substance and definition, level topline, good forechest, good width to second thigh and nice feet, moved well too.

2nd Cornilous Mullberry

3rd - withdrawn

Limit 1st Archerpoint Native Dancer – Very attractive bitch, lovely head with correct eye, ear and flew and clean neck into well laid shoulder. Correct proportions and substance and well defined muscle in hindquarters with moderate tuck. Moved very well holding topline, but handler was overstretching her when stacked.

2nd Fayemm Sea the Stars – Thought this lad would initially be winning this class, as he is a most attractive and appealing picture. Lovely head, neck and forechest, good substance and level topline, powerful mover, but moved a bit wide in front today.

3rd Orchidstar Bolts of Speed

RES Keigame Quintessence at Benrae

Open 1st Jhebron’s Jeno via Elfrindew BOB, Grp3 – Wow! What a stunning dog. Absolutely everything is top order, gleaming coat, fabulous condition, everything is there that you could want. Yes he’s at the top end of the standard and yes he’s black but there was no denying his outstanding quality and he did everything right today in a relatively small ring in a busy hall. Delighted to have had the chance to get my hands on him.

2nd Orchidstar Jenga RBOB – What a most attractive bitch this girl is, excellent condition, appealed in head, balance, substance and condition. Good to go over, everything flows. Holds herself very well both standing and moving, put in a very good performance today.


German Wirehaired Pointer

Puppy Abs

Jnr Abs

Limit 1st Karljay Gump Circle of Life RBOB – Attractive girl who presents a pleasing overall balanced picture. Good head and eye. Good fronthand assembly, brisket to elbow and correct underline. Holds topline standing and moving, which she does with drive from nicely angulated and muscled rear.

2nd Luchanalilly Cute Coral of Caldewriver – Similar in many aspects to first however movement wasn’t as positive and wasn’t driving from the rear today.

Open 1st Kimmax Kindly Stand Black BOB – Liked this lady a lot. Lovely in profile showing good balance. Good to go over with a great harsh coat. Appealed in head, size and musculature with strong bone. Moved with style, drive and attitude.

2nd Karljay Gump They Live In Yu – Appealing lad who is maturing well and still has more to come. Presents a lovely picture standing, good balance and substance and moved with drive.

3rd Sh Ch Kimmax Knock Yourself Out JW ShCM

RES Beechillawn Oooh Betty


Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Jnr 1st Enryb Skye Blue BOB – Stone alone but nevertheless a worthy winner. At the top end of the standard but balanced and feminine. Lovely harsh wire coat. Attractive head piece with a cheeky glint in her eyes. Looks good both stacked and moving and holds her topline well. Good depth of chest and width to second thigh and drove round the ring.


Italian Spinone

Open Abs



Puppy 1st Lundgarth Everest RBOB & BP – Lovely youngster with sweeping curves throughout. Appealed for overall balance with good bone and feet and appropriate muscletone for a pup. Attractive head and expression, developing forechest and spring of rib, well laid shoulders. Moved well although a touch high stepping in front at times and used her tail well.

2nd Piasharn Demelza – Another nice youngster, not so settled as first and not as far on in development having slightly less forechest. Good head, slightly longer in muzzle than 1st. Moved OK.

3rd Piasharn Garrick

RES Sniperay Seventh Heaven

Jnr 1st Sniperay Edge of Glory BOB – An attractive prospect this junior lady, who presents a lovely picture of grace, power and balance. Appealed in outline, with good head, prominent occiput, well set ears, correct bite and soft lips. Lovely balanced front and rear angulation, lovely long sloping shoulders which showed in her positive movement once settled, which was driving and accurate and was finished off with a lashing tail.

Limit 1st Morgan van Freebreeze (Imp Ned) – Pretty girl with good head piece, neck flowed well into well laid shoulders, good bone and ribs extend well back. Balanced angulation and good width to thighs. Moved well but could have more drive.

2nd Lundgarth Teal – Good looking lad who shows balance and power with good bone and feet. Graceful flowing lines throughout. Good muscle and width to second thigh. Wasn’t moving particularly well today.

Open 1st Luneville Divas Diamond – Handsome boy with lovely outline. Graceful and powerful. Good head with well set on ears. Clean neck into long shoulders, well let down brisket reaching to elbow. Angulation matched fore and aft, movement was positive however when coming towards, he was a little wide in front today.


Retriever Flat Coat

Puppy 1st Jetstarski I’m on Fire BP – A lovely happy pup, full of beans and mischief. Beautiful gleaming coat and wagging tail. Lovely long head with good skull and strong jaw. Body development coming on as expected for her age and showing good muscle. Moved positively.

Junior 1st Blacktoft Caress of Steelriver – Exuberant young lady. A bit more mature and developed than 2nd, also appeals in head and expression. Good neck into shoulders, good width and depth to chest, ribs extending back to short loin. Moderate angulation to rear and well-developed thigh. Good tail set and carriage.

2nd Jetstarski I’m on Fire – repeat from puppy

Limit 1st Ravencraig Jingle All the Way – Another mischievous girl, with attitude. Appealed in head, with flat skull and good nose. Well set ears. Moderate neck into shoulders, brisket to elbow, good straight forelegs with good bone. Ribs extend well back and thighs muscular. Moved with drive and power carrying her tail well.

2nd Tallistar Crazy in Love – Lighter made bitch all through although still has a lot of maturing to do. Good balance, attractive head, good neck into shoulders and good legs and feet. Didn’t move as positively as 1st today.

3rd Ollieart’s the Alchemist

Open 1st Sh Ch Plainfire’s the Captain of My Heart is Steelriver (Imp Che) ShCEx BOB GRP1 – Well I was delighted to see this lad, I have wanted the chance to go over him for quite some time, and I can honestly say he was well worth the wait. Absolutely stunning, gleaming, picture of power, substance, elegance, health and vitality. My notes simply say excellent everything! Well deserves his title from the tip of his lovely open nose to the tip of his happy wagging tail. Gorgeous long moulded head, powerful neck, well laid shoulders, excellent deep chest with ribs extending well back to short strong loin. Super legs, bone, feet. Balanced moderate angulation, muscular thighs and positive driving movement with accurate footfall on tidy strong neat feet. This lad is in tip top condition and did everything right today. Thank you so much for bringing him.

2nd Go with the Flow Ebony in Harmony at Qlocontrail (Imp Nl) JW ShCM RBOB – Another really good stylish male, presented a lovely balanced picture, excellent condition and muscle, measured, accurate powerful mover. Couldn’t match the character of 1st.

3rd Ravencrag Jumpin Jack Flash


Retriever Golden

Puppy 1st Golmas Guard of Honour at Jarabees BP, PGrp3 – Lovely pup who was the best mover in this class. Well balanced head which has yet to break, good eye and colour and lovely nose. Shoulders well laid back, ribs developing nicely. Good depth and balance to body. Quality bone and good feet.

2nd Drumkilty Venetian Glass – Older more mature pup, appealed in outline, although preferred head of 1st. Developing nicely with good head and eye, balanced angulation and coat coming in nicely. Not so good moving today as 1st.

3rd Eau My Gold V D Corner Brook for Auristela (Imp Nld) NAF

Junior 1st Navilis Nouveau Venu – Attractive, appealed in lovely balanced head with good eye and powerful jaw. Clean neck into well laid shoulders, deep ribs with enough spring for age and short coupled. Correct bone, good feet. Moved well.

2nd Milltimber Make My Heart Fly – Lovely, maturing well. Balanced overall picture. Head and expression really appealed. Good neck into well placed shoulders, correct depth to chest, well ribbed, good bone lovely catlike feet. Not as good on the move as 1st.

3rd Lamancha Roll on Good Times

Res Simon Basset De Ria Vela for Beinangus (Imp Esp)

Limit 1st Blue Gemstone Katrina RBOB – Substantial, balanced overall picture of power. Lovely coat and condition. Appealed in head and eye, good ears, powerful jaw. Clean strong neck into well laid-back shoulders. Chest to brisket, ribs deep and well sprung and extend well back to short loin. Good muscle and width to thighs.

2nd Lalique Lord of Rings at Hamcar – Happy disposition. Another who appealed very much. Attractive head with work, good neck, chest, shoulders, bone, legs and feet. Lovely coat, moved with drive and style and a wagging tail.

3rd Navilis Nouveau Venu

RES Monchique Dragonheart for Emmabe JW

Open 1st Milltimber Island Mist BOB, Best Veteran Gundog – Fell for this one. So honest. Fully mature and in excellent condition. Knows the job and does it very well indeed. Appealing well balanced head with lovely expression. Powerful neck of good length into well laid shoulders, good return of upper arm with excellent bone. Balanced body, deep ribs, short couplings and correct level topline, muscular thighs with short hocks which propelled on a steady even ground covering stride.

2nd Dilworthey Williams Prince JW – Another who appealed. Lovely balance all through with substance, good depth to body, level topline, moved well.

3rd Monchique Imperial Beau at Emmabe JW Ir Jun Ch

RES Happier De Ria Vela at Beinangus (Imp Esp)


Retriever Labrador

Puppy 1st Meadowline Mogul BP – Happy pup full of fun with a lovely wagging tail. Attractive head and expression, good ears. Good balanced outline, enough substance, good legs and feet, happy on the move with loose movement as you’d expect, used tail well.

2nd Rhythm Lacey – Another happy pup who moved OK, carrying a little more weight and a touch bum high, slightly lighter in bone.

Jnr 1st Flyenpyg Pawtato Pie by Wrightpaw NAF TAF Appealed in condition, good balance and muscletone for age. Attractive head with well set ears and good jaw, clean through neck and shoulders with quality bone and good feet, angulation fore and aft was correct which resulted in good propulsion.

2nd Flyenpyg Pie Eyed JW – Lovely lad who appealed very much and same comments apply, but he didn’t have the same oomph today as his littermate, although he held his topline better on the move.

3rd Rhythm Lacey

Limit 1st Aughtonchase Honey Pie - Good head on this bitch, strong neck into well laid shoulders, correct topline and lovey forehand assembly. Strong and powerful through the body, balanced angulation front and rear and moved well.

2nd Meadowline Isaiki Amour Ota Primadonna – this girls head wasn’t quite as balanced as 1st and she was a touch lazy with her topline on occasion, good bone and muscletone and moved OK

Open 1st Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW BOB – Powerhouse of a dog with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Lovely head, strong neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest, strong bone, straight legs and good feet. Ribs well rounded and extending well back to short strong loin. Good turn of stifle and well developed second thigh, drove round the ring with precision and style using his tail well.

2nd Aughtonchase Mr Bojangles RBOB – Close up to 1st, also soundly and powerfully constructed, appealed on the move being steady and true, just preferred tail set and carriage of 1st.

3rd Meadowline Mariabella for Ralyville


Spaniel Cocker

Puppy 1st Clydesian Hotel California BP – what a poppet, lovely bitch of 9mth, cracking coat in gleaming condition, attractive head and ears and good neck into well placed shoulders with correct angulation which was balanced with the rear. Good substance, moved merrily with a slightly proud tail, but she was enjoying herself.

2nd Mio Grande Amor A Little Star NAF (Imp Pol) – A sweet baby, not as far on as 1st and a little lighter boned. Slightly longer cast in body and a touch loose at the eye. Moved well.

Jnr 1st Annaside Winter’s Moon RBOB – All positive here, lovely correct bitch who presented a pleasing balanced picture, gleaming coat and condition. Good head and eye and correct ear set, clean neck into shoulders and short loin, held her topline well and moved with a lovely bustling action and wagging tail.

2nd Rockllocers Blissful Blush – very similar to 1st although has a little less coat and wasn’t just as positive and clean on the move.

3rd Rockllocers Indiana Bones for Campfire

Res Mio Grande Amor A Little Star NAF (Imp Pol)

Limit 1st Annaside Let’s Dance BOB, Grp2 – Handsome male with a lovely head and expression, distinct stop and square muzzle, excellent neck into well laid shoulders, correct topline, short loin sloping slighty to correct tail set, excellent bone, angulation and neat feet and moved well from short hocks with positive, animated action.

2nd Rockllocers Soul Singer – Appealing bitch, who is very well put together, lovely head and expression, overall balanced picture and good substance and lovely coat and condition, however she wasn’t so happy on the move.

Open 1st Rockllocers Ibi – Liked this bitch a lot, appealed for balance and profile, good head and expression, clean neck through shoulders into topline, balanced front and rear angulation, good legs, bone and neat feet, happy sound mover.

2nd Annaside Sugar Moon – Nice bitch, who also moved so well and has good bone and substance, rises slightly over the back so appears a fraction bum high. Preferred the head of 1st


Spaniel English Springer

Puppy Abs

Jnr Abs

Limit Abs

Open 1st Beaters Barron JW ShCM VW BOB – Lovely gent, appealed in skull with lovely shape and chiselling, dark eye and gentle expression. Good overall make and shape, lovely coat and feathering. Clean and strong through arched neck into shoulders, well sprung ribs, correct topline and tailset. Good bone and neat round feet, moved positively, steady and true with drive.

2nd Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder RBOB – Stylish girl who was carrying a touch too much condition, presents a balanced profile, and stacks up well, her movement wasn’t as accurate and positive as 1st


Spaniel Field

Open 1st Winfarthing’s Nice One Cyril at Walwal (Imp Can) BOB – Nice lad who was a little unsure of the busy hall today but pulled it together. Attractive head with defined occiput and clean eye of good colour. Good legs and bone, slightly long toes in otherwise neat feet. Held his topline well when moving.

2nd Fecimus Living The Dream at FlyenPyg JW RBOB – Good head and eye on this girl, although muzzle and bottom jaw could be stronger. Good neck into shoulder, although slightly less angulation and this could be seen on the move. Good bone and better feet than 1st.


Spaniel Welsh Springer

Puppy 1st Nyliram Telling Tales BP & RBOB, PGrp2 – 9mth pup who appealed for balance. Presented to advantage displaying a lovely head with defined stop, small vine leaf ears and sparkling eyes full of expectation. Clean neck into shoulders and body and coat developing well. Balanced angulation, good bone and neat feet and stylish mover holding her topline well.

2nd Laithmoor’s Felka – very much a baby at just 6mths and a little overawed in the busy noisy hall. Sympathetically handled to get the best from her and she moved well once she got going. Well-proportioned and balanced.

Jnr 1st Nyliram Telling Tales – Repeat Puppy

2nd Brent Oyster Bay – Attractive young bitch whose head needs to develop, and she is a touch longer cast and not so strong in topline, both appearing to dip slightly in the middle and be a touch bum high, but time will correct that. Nevertheless she has a lovely coat, was in excellent condition, has good bone and feet and moved OK.

Limit 1st Tigerrock Magic Woundabout JW – Lovely lad who was also feeling a little unsure today in the hall. Very well put together, domed skull, dark eye, good ears, clean neck through shoulders to strong topline, balance front and rear angulation, good bone and neat feet, moved well.

Open 1st Sh Ch Crimicar She’s Electric with Tigerrock JW BOB – Such a lovely bitch, quality and style with a lovely balanced profile. Appealing head with gentle expression, well defined stop with chiselling below eyes. Muscular neck, set into shoulders, straight well boned legs and neat round feet. Deep brisket with well sprung ribs, strong muscular rear, excellent second thigh, moderate angulation and short hocks. Moved smoothly with drive, covering the ground easily.


AV Import

Open 1st Ansona Jazzmin BAVImp – Attractive Slovak, with some more maturing to do. Lovely head and expression, clean neck into well laid shoulders. Good topline held on stack and move. Moderate forechest, brisket to elbow, ribs sprung and extend back to short loin. Moderate angulation and neat feet. Moved well.



Puppy abs

Jnr 1st Gunalt Wavelength – Quite an immature bitch, but she is a junior so has plenty of time. Handler needs to relax and so will she, she was tense when stacked and moving, so wasn’t giving her best. Correct top and underline, enough muscle, moved OK, feet could be better.

Limit 1st Silverkelvin Jupiter Over Magdala BNSC Grp4 – Mature lad who knows his job and does it well. Presents a balanced picture, with clean neck of good length into well laid shoulders. Brisket to elbow and well sprung ribs extending back to short strong loin. Good forechest, straight front with ample bone and good feet. Good moderate angulation and well developed muscle and second thigh which propelled him round the ring with style.

2nd Gunalt Wavelength – Repeat Jnr.

3rd Glaneils Count On Me

Open 1st Hernwood Summer Lovin RBNSC – Stylish Gordon Setter male. Deep skull, defined stop, long muzzle, large nose and dark eyes with intelligent haughty expression. Good jaw with muzzle of good depth and correct flew. Lean neck, fits smoothly into long shoulders, straight legs and elbows close to body, deep brisket, well sprung ribs and correct top and underline. Good bone and oval feet. Muscular rear which allowed movement with drive.

2nd Oakswarren Pure Magic (AI) – Pretty Vizsla bitch, moderate size, good rich colour. Lean head, median line and moderate stop. Oval eye of good colour, correct ear set. Clean arched neck, into well laid shoulders, close fitting elbows and straight front. Brisket to elbow, moderate forechest, well sprung ribs extending back and slight tuck. Good body condition and muscle, moderate rear angulation. Moved well.

3rd Erikachen Daithi of Wrightpaw JW ShCM

RES Eald Village Scandal JW


AV Gundog Puppy

1st Elfindrew Devil’s Advocate of Asteleah – Really liked this young lady who was RES in her breed class. Lovely outline, quality bone, appeals in head and expression, correct topline with slight slope from withers to middle of back and rise to croup, body developing well with chest to drop and ribs to spring, good angulation, correct elastic skin and short dense coat. She does need to really tighten up her feet, which will hopefully happen when teething settles down.

AV Gundog Veteran

1st Milltimber Island Mist – Golden Retriever

2nd Sh Ch Rhapsody in Blue JW ShCM ShCEx – Lovely head to this vizsla girl, good forehand assembly, not quite holding her topline today, good legs, feet and angulation and moved well with a tail that never stopped.

3rd Karlejay Gump Kin Ya Imagine ShCM - GWP

RES Annaside Moonbeam VW - Cocker

AV WCF Post Grad Stakes

1st Pantycelyn Highland King at Northdrum – Jack Russell. What an appealing dog full of cheek and mischief. Excellent head, moderately wide flat skull, well defined stop, strong muzzle, dark eye and confident expression. Clean strong neck into well placed shoulders, good forechest. Well boned straight legs with elbows placed well under body and good feet. Oval well sprung ribs and moderate tuck. Correct height to length ratio. Correct topline and short loin. Powerful rear which propelled him on a free stride.

2nd Crosscop Shadow Dancing – Whippet. Powerful elegant looking dog, lovely long lean head, alert expression. Arched neck into well laid shoulders. Correct return of upper arm, good legs and strong pasterns. Well filled front, deep brisket, well sprung ribs and sweeping tuck. Well muscled back, arched over loin, strong well developed hindquarters. Moved fluidly with power on a long easy ground covering stride.

3rd Flyenpyg Pawtato Pie by Wrightpaw NAF TAF – Labrador Retriever

RES Titanbears Vainglorious – Newfoundland

VHC Muirfauld Photo Finish – Lhasa Apso


Judge J MacLaine (Greyspirit)