• Show Date: 29/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Joanna MacLaine Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Shropshire Gundog Society

Shropshire Gundog Society 29 May 2022


Thanks to the friendly and welcoming committee for the invitation to judge some of my favourite breeds at this well run show. I understand this is a new venue for them, and it certainly seemed to be a hit with the exhibitors. My 2 stewards Jane & Gail helped keep things in order and running well.

Thanks to the exhibitors for entering and accepting my decisions and chatting to me afterwards.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Puppy – a class of 2 halves here with 2 pups with substance and schooling and 2 who will definitely need more time to mature and develop in confidence, I hope their owners stick with it.

1st Sperant Chocolate Cosmos, BP – Lovely 7mth prospect here, everything coming together as you want. Good size and substance and when stacked presents a lovely outline. Good head with work, nice dark eye and rim, good nose, clean through neck into shoulders, enough forechest and brisket to elbow, ribs just starting to spring. Held topline well and good tail carriage, balanced fore and aft angulation and moved well with drive from short hocks. I liked her a lot.

2nd Faircastle Electra – 11mth black bitch. Slightly larger frame, appealed in head with correct ears and flews, also clean neck into shoulders, more forechest than 1st but she’s a bit older, deep chest reaching to elbow and moderate tuck. Slightly longer cast and not holding her topline 100% of the time and moving a shade wider in front.

3rd Erinnerung Ferran’s Heart

RES Minnie from the Start


1st Faircastle Electra – repeat puppy. More settled here and moved better.

2nd Quintana Head in the Clouds – just turned 12mths and looking well. Lovely head and expression, good strength to neck with slight arch into well laid back shoulder, ribs extend back to short loin but she just dropped her topline a little on the move. Balanced angulation fore and aft and good short hocks to allow propulsion round the ring. Just preferred second thigh on 1st.

Post Graduate

1st Balvenie Eye Candy JW – 19mth bitch. Attractive head piece with dark eye and rim, good nasal bone and well set ears. Excellent forehand assembly with good return of upper arm, enough forechest, well sprung ribs extending back to tuck, short strong loin. Good turn of stifle, short hocks, neat feet. Moved very well with drive and precision.


1st Balvenie Double Diamond JW, BOB – Really liked this 3yr old lad who was somewhat distracted by the Spinone in the next ring. Gave his handler a hard time on the stack, being determined to throw his weight forward. When stacked correctly he presents an impressive outline, good size, strong bone, shortback, correct tuck, excellent rear and well turned stifle, fabulous feet. He is in outstanding condition with clearly defined muscle. Everything fits together correctly and he is good to go over. Topped off with powerful accurate driving movement

2nd Sperant Pamplemousse, RBOB – 3yr old bitch who is really lovely, close decision between her and the dog. Lovely balanced head, with well set ear, dark eye, good flew and good nose. Clean arched neck into lovely forechest and well laid back shoulders. Legs well under her due to correct upper arm and good bone. Brisket to elbow, ribs well sprung and extending back. Short back, correct tuck and level topline. Good sweep of stifle, nice width to second thigh and good feet. Moved with and easy ground covering stride.

3rd Kiltonsyde Lady Cara


Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla


1st Bardantop Witchway Benmorbry, BOB – Attractive junior. Medium sized, lovely harsh wire coat, presents a pleasing outline stacked. Good breadth to skull, slightly rounded, moderate stop and correct skull to muzzle ratio. Good eye colour and shape and a twinkle in her eye. Moderate clean muscular neck into well laid back shoulder, elbows close, straight forelegs and correct return of upper arm. Level topline with slight slope to croup, brisket to elbows, good spring to ribs and strong loin. Correct height to length ratio. Well developed second thigh, moderate hind angulation and good feet. Moved well and accurately round the ring with drive and style.




1st Millpoint Heart and Soul, RBOB – litter sisters who are both lovely and quite different. 1st was carrying a touch too much weight, but was definitely more forward in development and more confident in attitude in this class. Created a lovely outline, balanced and graceful. Lovely head with work in it, good proportions, slight dish, good lips. Long neck with slight arch, clean through throat. well laid shoulders, good chest, brisket to elbows, oval bone, straight forelegs, good feet. Sprung ribs carried back, loin arched, short couplings. Moved very well with drive, used her tail well.

2nd Millpoint Hearts Desire – Very tense in this class on stack and move, a little underweight in condition. Wasn’t displaying the same grace and balance as her sister.

Post Graduate

1st Millpoint Hearts Desire – Far more relaxed in this class, and really came into her own. Presented a much more pleasing picture stacked and moving, which was more positive and accurate.

2nd Tenshilling It’s My Party for Salmonmist JW – Really liked this boy and had thought him my class winner. Attractive balanced outline when stacked, appealed in head and expression, good build and condition, lovely muscle, correct bone and feet, used his tail, but crabbed constantly when moving today.

Dappleline Chance for Anniezu

RES Jilony Bobby Ball at Dorbury



1st Millpoint Simply Scrumptious JW, BOB & BIS – And Scrumptious she is indeed, what a Stunner! From the moment she walked into the ring she owned it, grace, style, attitude in abundance. The best outline, total balance, fabulous condition, gorgeous balanced head, reachy clean slightly arched neck, excellent shoulders, good forechest, brisket to elbow, well sprung ribs, muscular arched loin, strong rear end, well turned stifles. Graceful, balanced curves all through and moved with absolute precision, drive and just screamed look at me, and I did. Delighted she went Best in Show. Well done.

2nd Millpoint Heart and Soul – repeat Junior

3rd Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist JW ShCM

RES Penwest Photo Finish for Dorbury

Judge J MacLaine (Greyspirit)