• Show Date: 01/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jo White Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

Many thanks to the committee for asking me to judge at their show. I had a really enjoyable day and I would like to thank all the exhibitors for accepting my decisions graciously.

ROUGH COLLIES – P (3,1) 1 Mellish’s DEMELEWIS DOUBLE TAKE. Almost 12 mths tri b. Flashy girl who just exudes femininity. Clean head with a good underjaw, correctly placed dark eyes and ears bang on top giving a sweet expression. Great reach of neck and length of back finishing with a super long tail. Well angulated both front and rear and side gait really showing off her front reach. BP & RBOB. 2. Wray-Ramsden’s TAKHISIS MIDSUMMER DAWN. Just 6 mths s/w b. Another flashy young lady with a shapely, appealing outline. Slightly larger eye and shorter head than 1. Stands four square. Good length to height ratio and strong rear movement. Unlucky to meet 1 today. J(4,1) 1 Milligan & Marley’s ALFSDEN HE LIVES IN YOU. 12 mths b/m d. No mistaking he’s a boy. Alert to his handler. Correct dark eye with well placed ears. Good bite and underjaw. Strong neck and well off for bone. Good rear angulation. A bit uneven on the move today. 2. Hanson’s JARDS RING PRESENCE. 14 mths s/w d. Love this boy’s size. Strong wedge shaped head. Dark well placed eye and good ear carriage. Strong neck in to well laid shoulder and level topline. Moves with ease just fond of his tail which spoiled his outline on the move. 3. Bartram’s AMBARTR ETERNAL SPIRIT. PG(8,5) 1 Ross’s ERJON ELEGANT ANNIE AT SAMSHERNIK 5 yrs tri b. Well presented lady with fitted coat. Head handles well, good ear set and flat skull. Eyes a bit round for me. Best mover in the class. 2 Whitaker’s SILUTO MISTERIOUS GIRL. 4 yrs tri b. Elegant feminine outline. Well presented. Sweet dark eye and balanced head but would prefer better ear carriage. Straight front. Good bone. Not moving as well today as I’ve seen her before. 3. Regan’s PHREELANCER PHIRST SONG. O(6,1) 1 Benton & Smith’s BROOKLYNSON EL DORADO. 5 yrs s/w d. A dog I have judged before. Always scores on sound movement, keeping a strong level topline and good front and rear angulation. Balanced wedge shaped head with lovely dark correctly set eyes and neat ears giving a soft but masculine expression. Good strong neck on well laid shoulders, good spring of rib and correct fitted jacket. Always alert to his handler. BOB. 2 Hanson’s NL/BEL CH AMBARTR PLANCEE AT JARDS NL JR CH JW’17 NL WN’18. Almost 5 yrs s/w b. Well presented girl. Shorter head and larger eyes than I prefer. Correct bite. Feminine outline and correct fitted coat. Well arched neck and firm back. Shows well for her handler. Good mover. 3. Wright’s PELIDO DAVID WEIR.

Jo White (MEJOLA)