• Show Date: 08/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Taunton & District Canine Association

Taunton & District Canine Association

9th January 2022

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this friendly show. Also to my two very efficient stewards who worked hard all day, thank you Stewart and Jenny. A huge thank you to the exhibitors for their entry. I had some really super dogs to judge and close decisions to make.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Open (2,1)

1. MS Collier - Belatarr America

Upstanding 2 year old male, who has an appealing outline on the stack, shapely, robust and balanced. Such a gentle expression, from those toning eyes, Slightly rounded skull and nicely furnished. Good depth to the ribcage, and standing on well boned limbs. Good texture to the coat. Keen and alert to his handler, moving out with good drive - BOB

Hungarian Vizsla

Open (6,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Challis - Highforce Future Legend For Vizslanya JW

Mature and distinguished 5 year old male, having unexaggerated symmetry to give lovely balance. Liked his size, substance and masculinity. Pleasing head, with good width to the backskull, showing the median line, good eye colour to give a gentle expression and squared off muzzle. Well developed in forechest with prominent breast bone. Having depth to the brisket and ribs carried well back. On the move is so positive and true with a ground covering action - BOB

2. Mrs Carter - Facanvadasz Banu

Honest and sound 14 month old bitch, quality youngster with much to admire. Feminine head, well proportioned. good eye shape and colour. Clean neck of good length flowing smoothly into a well held topline. Good depth to the ribcage. Correctly angulated hindquarters with good muscletone. Moved out purposefuly - RBOB

3. Mr & Mrs Challis - Vizslanya Csibe - BP

Italian Spinone

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Mrs Longstaff - Kevardhu Life of Rylea

20 month old bitch, preferring her overall substance, just needing to finish filling her frame. She is a fraction longer in body than 2nd. Feminine head, with correct divergent planes, lean skull with good length to the foreface and a kind eye. Strong neck flowing into the correct topline with a slight rise and fall. Good spring to the ribs, just needing to drop a little more. Well boned limbs and a nice sweep of stifle. Well presented and handled. Moving with good drive in profile. - RBOB

2. Mr & Mrs Moore - Scodinzolare Picil

Slightly more refined 20 month old bitch. Liked her overall proportions, giving a square outline. Pleasing head piece, with divergent planes, human like eyes, and large spongy nose. Good depth to the brisket and development of forechest. A little more fall and rise to the topline, and a little straighter in rear angulation.

Open (3,1)

1. Mrs Kruglow - Amberellie Rosanna

Very balanced 16 month old bitch. When stood shows a square outline and unexaggerated in her proportions. She has an appealing head, with a lovely kind expression from her tight eyes and expressive eyebrows. Strong neck, flowing into the well held topline, nicely sprung ribcage. Hindquarters showing a good width of thigh and bend to the stifle. Showing free flowing movement - BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Moore - Scodinzolare Perla D’Oro

4 year old bitch with a little more range to her outline than winner. Feminine head, well furnished with correct divergent planes and lean skull. Strong muscular neck, deep in brisket and well sprung ribs. Topline has a little more fall and rise. Not quite the rear angulation of winner.

Large Munsterlander

Open Dog (2,0)

1. Mr Disney - Sh Ch Wonglepong Wills Faramir

Strong and powerful 6 year old male, who certainly has a presence about him. Solid and muscular in his stature. Showing good overall balance when stood. Lovely head, with good width to the backskull which is slightly rounded, dark intelligent and mischievous eyes!. Strong slightly arched neck flowing into a well held topline. Having width in front and well boned limbs. Strong and muscular hindquarters. Positive on the move fore and aft - BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Prowse - Quilesta Simply Invincible Mit Mermilmar

3 year old dog, lighter in stature all through than winner, and today was a little distracted from his job. He has a kind expression from his dark eye. Clean slightly arched neck, enough depth to the brisket and holding a firm topline. Moderate in rear angulation with tight feet. Moving out with correct footfall

Open Bitch (3,1)

1. Mrs Caile - Kamaze Cosmic Diamond

Keen and alert 4 year old bitch. She has a balanced and unexaggerated profile when stood. Feminine head, with good length and a dark eye. She has just enough depth and spring of rib, holding a firm topline and well carried tail. Strong hindquarters, which has width to the thigh and bend of stifle. Moving out well - RBOB

2. Mr & Mrs Prowse - Mermilmar Miss Mimosa

2 year old bitch, not really settling in the hall today. Liked her head, very feminine and proportionate with a gentle expression. Muscular neck, width in front, nicely boned onto tight feet. Still needing to drop a little more in brisket, holding a firm topline. Moderate in rear angulation. Moving out ok

English Setter

Open (3,1)

1. Taylor & Atyeo - Samelen Come Back Special

Balanced blue belton male, 3 years old and looking the finished article. Mature and in full bloom. Thought him to be elegant any typey but with good substance and bone. Macsuline and handsome head piece, with a kind expression. Good length of neck flowing into a well held topline. Good depth to the brisket, well boned limbs with a nice sweep of stifle and width to the thigh. Shown in full coat and moving out well - BOB

2. Harris & Hoeksema - Bridgella’s First Edition With Konakakela JW ShCex OSW

Lovely 4 year old orange belton dog, who pushed the winner all the way, very much liked both of these boys. Melting expression, good length of neck, flowing into a firm topline and well set on tail. Shown in full coat. Moving out well. Today just preferring the width of quarters of winner. - RBOB

Irish Setter

Puppy (5,1)

1. Mrs Hadfield - Covarney Time After Time For Marzanne

A very promising youngster, at just 10 months old this bitch has such an elegant and racy quality to her. She oozes breed type. Most feminine of heads, with a good length to the foreface, dark gentle eye. Long neck flowing smoothly into a firm slightly sloping topline. Good depth for her age, and long from hip to hock. Her movement is free flowing and easy. Presented in a rich chestnut coat – BP & Puppy Group 2

2. Rutherford & Prangle - Clonageera Touch Of Class TAF

Another lovely youngter, 8 months old and showing great maturity through the body, if not in mind! When stood has a flowing outline, presenting an impressive outline. He has good substance and bone yet retains the racy and elegant quality. Balanced head, with a lovely dark eye and very expressive eyebrows. Well developed forechest and depth to the brisket, holding a firm topline, well boned limbs onto tight feet. Good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Not quite as clean in movement today as winner, but shows good drive

3. Mrs Hall - Glennara Cherry Cola

Graduate (6,2)

1. Miss Prangle - Heathclare Just Fizz

Elegant and racy and so very feminine, this 2 year old bitch is just right for balance and construction. She has a beautiful head, well balanced and with dark kind eye. Good length of neck flowing into a firmly held topline, lovely depth and development of forechest. Nicely angulated hindquarters. A free and positive mover

2. Mrs Purves - Grousehill Penny Lane

Shapely outline to this 2 year old bitch, not making it easy for her handler today. Pleasing head and expression, lengthy neck with a smooth transition to her slightly sloping topline. Not quite the depth and forechest of winner. Good length from hip to hock. In her underwear today but she moved out purposefully and with correct footfall

3. Mrs Beresford - Jetsetter Wind Of Dreams (IMP RUS)

Limit (7,3)

1. Mr & Mrs Beldham - Redclyst Charlie Brown At Bowringlee

Smart 3 year old dog, he has a pleasing outline on the stack, shapely and flowing, racy yet with substance. Masculine and well proportioned head, nice rounding to the back skull, very expressive eyebrows, and lovely dark eyes. His clean neck flowing seamlessly into a firm slightly sloping topline with a well set on tail. Depth and spring to the ribcage. Good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Precise in his footfall, just not quite the reach and drive of winners today. Beautifully presented in a rich chestnut coat

2. Mrs Hadfield - Covarney Estee Avec Marzanne JW

3 year old bitch, so feminine and elegant. Lovely head, such a soft and gentle expression. Clean neck of good length, deep and well developed in forechest, strong hindquarters which she used to power around the ring, at times a little too excitable making her untidy in front

3. Mrs Rouke - Zakhan’s Dream Believer

Open (7,4)

Loved all of these dogs, of different types, but full of quality

1. Mrs Hadfield - Staratlanta Get A Wiggle On To Marzanne

4 year old dog, mature and in full bloom. He has a very confident air about him, and once settled showed himself off with style. He has good substance but still retains the elegance and racy qualities. Masculine and balanced head, lean and expressive. Lengthy neck flowing seamlessly into a firm and well held slightly sloping topline, finishing with a well set on tail. Super depth and forechest. Well angulated hindquarters and long from hip to hock. He has a ground covering action and when not playing the fool is a joy to watch. Presented in full coat – BOB & Gp2

2. Pym, Bott, Milligan-Bott- Thendara Marshmello JW

Another super dog, coming up 4 years of age, of a different stamp to winner, but oozing quality. Just lost out today as not as settled in his front movement. Liked his body proportions and overall balance. Lovely head, kind and expressive. Good length of neck, firm and strong topline. Liked his depth to the ribcage and strong loin. He has width to the thigh and a well bent stifle. A free mover, with a lashing tail - RBOB

3. Mrs Rouke - Zakhan’s The Red Le Baron

Field Spaniel

Post Graduate (8,5)

Such a shame there were so many absentees

1. Mrs Bowen - Clandrift Destiny

Shapely 2 year old liver bitch. Liked her overall proportions on the stack, showing good balance. She has such a feminine head, well chiselled and dark well shaped eyes and low set ears to give that noble appearance. Neck of good length, deep in the brisket, good flat boned limbs. Correct proportions of ribcage. Lacking in furnishings today. Moving out with a happy demeanour

2. Adams, Hird & Hird - Irisbel English Rose

A real sweet babe, this liver bitch is just 6 months old and really enjoying her day, which is lovely to see. Showing the correct proportions when stood. A little bum high at the moment. Feminine head, with a dark eye. Lovely bone and substance for her age. Good depth and spring of rib. Wide hindquarters, which she put to good use to bounce around the ring! When settled showed good driving action. - BP

3. Mr & Mrs Johnson - Irisbel Coming Home To Sylvidae

Open (7,5)

1. Adams & Lewis - Irisbel Cherish You

Beautifully presented 2 year old black bitch. Looked a picture on the stack. Pleasing head, with the desired chiselling and leanness below her dark eyes, all giving a gentle and noble expression. She is well bodied with a good spring to the ribcage and level in topline, which was held both stood and on the move. Well boned limbs with tight rounded feet. Hindquarters have a good width of thigh. Presented with a glossy flat coat and well feathered. Today a little hesitant to be gone over, but came alive on the move, showing a happy and driving action - BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Johnson - Sonnetend Silk Stockings For Sylvidae

Liver bitch just shy of 2 years of age. Not quite the body and bone of winner, but presenting a pleasing outline when stood, with the correct proportions. Lovely feminine head, good length to the foreface, chiselled and lean under the eyes which are almond shaped and dark in colour, and the typical raised eyebrows. Good length of neck flowing seamlessly into a well held topline. Enough depth to the brisket and nicely sprung ribs. A little sparse in feathering today. Moving out true fore and aft, showing good drive from the rear. - RBOB

AVNSC Gundog

Post Graduate (4,1)

1. Coppin, Davies-Jones - Pixiesrock Queen Of Hearts At Elwistone (Chessie)

2 year old bitch, who is showing good balance when stood, to present a strong and workmanlike outline. She has a balanced head, with a kind and intelligent expression. Strong neck, deep in chest and well developed in forechest, forelegs straight and well boned finishing on nicely rounded feet. Deep and well sprung in the ribcage, with a strong loin. Muscular hindquarters. Shown with a good coat texture. Moving out purposefully.

2. Mrs Edworthy - Maycourt Heartbreaker (Curly Coat)

Another lovely young dog, 15 month old, black CCR who has an imposing presence. One I have seen before and very much liked, but not as settled today in the hall. He has super strength, and is well proportioned giving a pleasing outline. Lovely head, showing the wedge shape, with dark oval eyes with such a gentle expression. Good length of neck, deep in brisket, with a firm topline. Moderate in his rear angulation. Shown with a super tight curl to the coat. Moving with enthusiasm, not quite as clean behind as winner today

3. Middleton & Laroche - Emmroche Dazzler (Lagotto)

Open (5,0)

A lovely class

1. Mr & Mrs Bradley - Stangate Stage Debut (AI) (Irish Water)

Top quality 22 month old bitch, just loved her. She oozes breed type, upstanding and full of quality. When stood her silhouette is compact, with strength yet retaining her femininity. She has a balanced head shape, proportionate with strength to the foreface, dark almond eyes which were kind and alert. Clean neck with slight arch, leading to a firm level topline. Her ribs are of barrel shape and carried well back. Well boned limbs onto rounded feet. Hindquarters show to have a good width of thigh and well bent stifle. Found her to be immaculately presented with tight crisp ringlets. A pleasure to watch on the move, free and easy in her strides with the typical slight roll to the gait. BAVNSC & Group 1

2. Coppin, Davies-Jones - Dallendor Jocasta (Chessie)

Smart 5 year old bitch, and unlucky to meet winner. She has the desired strength, bone and muscle tone but retaining her femininity. Good width to the backskull, and proportionate in length. Muscular neck, well placed shoulders with a well developed forechest and well sprung ribs. Correct topline for breed, and a slight tuck up. Strong hindquarters which she put to good use on the move. Driving around the ring with powerful ground covering strides - RBAVNSC

3. Miss Courtier - Maycourt Stairway To Heaven (Curly Coat)

AV Gundog Veteran (14,5)

A really lovely class to judge, super oldies who are all a real credit to you, wish I had more placings

1. Mrs & Miss Jarman - Acquelin Double Fara Flare (Cocker)

Oh my what a cracker, fell for this 9 year old blue roan cocker dog. Not showing his age at all in either looks or movement. He has a typical cocker outline. Masculine head, with a nicely squared off muzzle, chiselled under the eyes which are dark and gentle. Loved his body proportions and well sprung ribcage, well boned and neat feet. Shown in super coat and condition. Moved like a dream, a merry cocker indeed

2. Miss Prangle - Heathclare Que Sera Sera ShCM (Irish Setter)

Such an elegant and racy 8 year old bitch, the smattering of grey only added to the distinguished appearance. Feminine head, with expressive eyebrows over her dark eyes. Long and clean neck, flowing into a firm slightly sloping topline. Racy but with depth to the body. Strong and well angulated hindquarters. Shown in gleaming coat and condition. Moved out purposefully

3. Miss Clunie - Warrentor Maplemoon (Golden)

Gundog Group

1. Mr & Mrs Bradley - Stangate Stage Debut (AI) (Irish Water Spaniel)

Beautifully balanced, and oozed breed type. She showed herself off with confidence and style. Loved her shapely silhouette, which showed her sound construction. Presented in super condition and was an animated mover, with reach and drive

2. Mrs Hadfield - Staratlanta Get A Wiggle On To Marzanne (Irish Setter)

A stylish and eye catching dog, who loved the big ring showing off his precise and ground covering movement, head up and tail lashing

3. Mr & Mrs Challis - Highforce Future Legend For Vizslanya JW (H Vizsla)

Sound and well put together dog, who excelled on the move, a joy to watch his free flowing and precise footfall

4. Mrs & Miss Mills - Trendlewood Day Dreaming (Labrador)

2 year old yellow Labrador bitch, workmanlike with enough substance. Lovely head, with dark eye and pigmentation, well placed ears. Clean and muscular neck flowing seamlessly into a well held firm topline. Good depth to the brisket and well sprung ribcage. Well boned limbs onto tight feet. Liked her hindquarters which showed a lovely width of thigh and bend to the stifle . Moving at one with her handler, showing to be true fore and aft.

Gundog Puppy Group

1. Morris & Finlayson - Finhamspride Clio (Flatcoat)

Beautiful 9 month old Flatcoat bitch, loved her substance, yet being workmanlike with flowing lines. She has the typical one piece head, well moulded with a dark eye with a hint of mischief. Good length to the neck, firm topline held both when stood and on the move. Well developed in forechest and brisket, with well boned limbs and strong hindquarters. Moving in a free and easy manner

2. Mrs Hadfield - Covarney Time After Time For Marzanne (Irish Setter)

Showing like an old pro, presenting a lovely silhouette when stood, with a slight slope to her topline and gleaming coat. Moving with a ground covering action.

3. Mr & Mrs Challis - Vizslanya Csibe ( Hungarian Vizsla)

Youngster with a real noble bearing, liked her size, substance and femininity. Well balanced when stood, nicely developed forechest and firm in topline. Moving with correct footfall

4. Mrs Kibby - Trimere Taylor Maid At Pinhays Naf Taf (English Springer)

Coming together nicely at just 7 months old. Moderate all through, nothing exaggerated. Pleasing head, with length and strength to the foreface, and a kind toning eye. Good length of neck flowing smoothly into well placed shoulders. Lovely depth and rib for one so young. Holding a firm topline and well set on tail. Moving with reach and drive, just needing to tighten a little more.

AV Graduate Stakes (44)

1. Miss Pringle - Heathclare Just Fizz (Irish Setter)


2. Mrs Carter - Facanvadasz Banu (H Vizsla)


3. Coppin & Davies-Jones - Pixiesrock Queen Of Hearts At Elwistone (Chessie)