• Show Date: 20/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Retford Canine Society

Retford Canine Society

20th March 2022

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this well run and supported show. To my very efficient stewards who kept me on track all day. But a huge thank you must go to all of the exhibitors for the pleasure of your lovely dogs

Large Munsterlander

Junior (4,1)

1. Mr, Mrs & Miss Foreman - Crumpsbrook Geum At Toberworry naf

Handsome 6 month old dog, striking with his darker markings. He has done all his growing and now needing to finish filling his frame. He already gives the impression of strength, and has the squarer outline. Pleasing head, with good width to the backskull, and length to the foreface, dark and mischievous eyes. For his age has enough depth and a good spring to the ribs. Lovely well boned limbs onto lovely tight feet. He is still a little loose in his movement, but time is on his side - BP

2. Mr, Mrs & Miss Foreman - Toberworry Little Lies

Another pleasing youngster, 10 month old bitch, with much to like. She has good overall proportions. Such a feminine head, and gentle expression from her dark eyes. A little more depth than winner but not quite the spring of rib. Holding a firm topline, with moderate hindquarters, which were well muscled. Moved out with good drive

3. Mrs Reader - Toberworry Peacekeeper at Kalimna

Post Graduate (1,0)

1. Mr, Mrs & Miss Foreman - Toberworry Harvest Moon

Alert and keen 3 year old dog, who has many qualities to admire. He has such an appealing head, kind in his expression, you can see the intelligence there, watching all that is going on around him. Strong neck, which flows smoothly into a well held firm topline ending with a good tail set. Nicely boned limbs and well arched toes. Enough depth to the ribcage. He moves with freedom and positive in his footfall

Open (3,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Butler - Sh Ch Toberworry Breaking Dawn At Jendella’s

Fell for this lovely 3 year old bitch, she holds a super outline when stood. She is sturdy and well built with feminine elegance. She is functional and workmanlike, with nothing overdone. Feminine head, with slight rounding to the backskull, and good length to the muzzle. Strong slightly arched neck, lovely depth and correct amount of width to the brisket, well sprung in the ribcage, holding a firm topline. Symmetry in her angulation enabling her to move freely, positive and true - BOB

2. Mr, Mrs & Miss Foreman - Celtaur Aquarius Lake At Toberworry

Mature and smart 6 year old bitch with a pleasing outline on the stack. Not quite the finish of the winner, but thought her to be a balanced, honest and functional gundog who is in excellent muscle tone and very fit for purpose. Very pretty feminine head, lovely dark eye, keen and alert to her handler. Good depth and width in forequarters, firm topline and well boned limbs. Sound on the move - RBOB

3. Mrs Reader - Kalimna April Fool


Junior (1,1)

Post Graduate (3,1)

1. Mrs Robinson - Bushoby A New Daybreak

Pleasing outline to this 5 year old red and white bitch, well balanced with good substance. Feminine head, with parallel planes and depth to the flew, ears well set on. Good length of neck flowing into a firm topline. Good depth to the ribcage and prominent prosternum. Standing on well boned limbs. Hindquarters show a good bend of stifle. Moving out soundly in all directions - RBOB

2. Mrs & Ms Freudenreich - Lockolea Rocket Man

Impressive red and white dog who is coming up 2 years of age. Built on a heavier frame and all male. He has a balanced head, with a lovely lean foreface, gentle stop and depth to the flew. Kind eye, which is of a good colour. Well boned, nice feet large but they are a little flat. Strong through the body, with lovely spring to the ribcage. Strong hindquarters, just not as tidy on the move as winner today

Open (3,1)

1. Mrs Hards - Mellow Molly V Grunsven At Braemoray (imp ned)

Smart and very balanced 2 year old lemon & white bitch. Having the desired substance and strength all through but oh so feminine. When stood presents an impressive outline, with harmonious proportions. She has a balanced head, good length and depth to the flews, correct shape to the eye with a toning colour. Good length of neck which flowed seamlessly into a well held topline. Lovely depth and spring to the ribcage. Standing on well boned legs, with tightly knuckled feet. Her strong hindquarters were put to effective use on the move, as she showed drive, and true in her action - BOB

2. Mrs Robinson - Bushoby A New Moon

Attractive 5 year old tri bitch, build on smaller lines than the winner. She has a shapely outline, but more refined. Pleasing feminine head, Lovely dark eye, parallel planes, depth to the flew, wide nostrils and well placed ears. Deep in the brisket and well developed forechest, holding a firm topline with strong hindquarters. Positive on the move

Basset Fauve De Bretagne

Junior (1,1)

Post graduate (3,3)

Open (2,0)

2 lovely bitches with much to like, splitting hairs!

1. Mrs Ellrich - Malrich Frankincense

Very smart 2 year old red wheaten bitch, loved her outgoing and love of life attitude. Thought her to be well balanced with a pleasing outline on the stack. Feminine head, with dark oval eyes with a hint of mischief. Liked her depth and spring of rib, and well developed in forechest. Standing on well boned limbs and tight feet. Using her strong hindquarters to drive around the ring. – BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Jones - Laserna Fleur De Lys

Another lovely red wheaten bitch just coming up 2 years of age. She is so shapely when stood, slightly longer cast. She has the most adorable head and expression, lovely dark eyes with well placed ears. Clean and straight in front with good depth and spring to the ribcage, holding a firm topline, moderate hindquarters. She has a lovely true action, just not quite the drive of winner today - RBOB


Junior (3,2)

1. Mrs Carrington - Bushwacker Oceans Eleven

Very smart 14 month old tri dog, who is very keen and alert, showing his agility when moving. He has the desired squareness to his profile. Masculine head, with good width to the backskull, dark rather piercing almond shaped eye and well placed hooded ears. A lovely crest to his neck, well filled in forechest, still needing to finish through the body, but holding a firm topline. Moderate in his angulation, and in firm muscle tone. Moving out true - RBOB

Open (2,1)

1. Williams & Wright - Mawali Going Four Gold

Most impressive and very noble in his stature, this 14 month old red & white dog certainly shows off his graceful outline with style. Everything just flows, as he stands foursquare. Well balanced head, lovely dark almond shaped eye, with correct shape to the ears which were well used. Clean neck of good length, flowing seamlessly into a firm well held topline, finishing with a tight well curled tail. Brisket is down to the elbow, standing on fine oval boned limbs and tight feet. Moving with a flowing gait and covering the ground well - BOB

Norwegian Elkhound

Junior (4,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Clarke - Graythor Cosmopolitan

Upstanding 16 month old dog, who liked to make his presence known in the ring, well he caught my attention! A very smart dog with attitude to show himself off. His outline is square when stood in profile, giving the impression of strength and keenness. Lovely wedge shaped head, with dark eyes with an intelligent and alert expression. His strong neck flowing well into a firm well held level topline. Good depth to the brisket and well sprung ribs, and powerful hindquarters. Quite effortless on the move, a fraction closer behind. Clear marking to the coat and at one with the handler - BOB

2. Launder & Preston - Cealdstan After Eight

A real babe at just 7 months old, very raw as you would expect. When stood shows to have the square outline. Balanced in his head shape, inquisitive dark eye and well used ears. Has enough depth for his age with a nice spring to the ribcage. Nicely boned limbs, tending to point his toes out at present. Strong in the topline, centrally placed tail. Getting a little excitable on the move - BP

Post Graduate (3,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Clarke - Graythor Cosmopolitan


2. Mrs Jepson - Laakso Esko

Shapely 2 year old dog, who has a pleasing square outline, with good overall balance. Masculine head, with a nice wedge shape, well placed ears and a dark eye. Strong neck, not quite the maturity in body of winner. Holding a firm topline with moderate angulation. Moving out true

3. Launder & Preston - Skogly’s SF Lorelei

Open (4,3)

1. Mrs Jepson - Bowerhinton Bombette

6 year old bitch, who shows good body proportions when stood, nice and compact. Good wedge shaped to her feminine head, using her well placed ears. Strong neck, good depth to the ribcage, not quite as firm in her topline today. Standing on well boned legs and neat feet. Well curled tail which is carried in a central position. She has a pleasing gait in profile, not quite as precise behind. Shown in a coat of good texture and colour – RBOB


Junior (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Freegard - Mumtaz Obsession

At just 6 months old this black fringed fawn was a little unsettled to start with, but soon relaxed. So very raw but she has all the essentials there. Pretty feminine head, with good length, lovely dark oval eyes. She has a good length of neck, and holds her topline once settled. Still needing to drop and mature through the body as you would expect. Moving out well if a little uncoordinated at times - BP

Post Graduate (3,0)

1. Mrs Matthews - Caryna Haber At Shurma

Loved the graceful and handsome profile to this 3 year old dog. When stood, he is elegant and flowing in his outline. Long and lean head, lovely dark oval eyes, well placed ears with a good fringe. His neck flows seamlessly into a correct topline with a slight arch over the loin. Good depth to the brisket with a fill in of forechest and length to the loin. A lovely free mover when not playing the fool, having the light and lifting strides - BOB

2. Mrs Hare - Caryna Speranta

Litter brother to winner, and another with much to admire. Masculine head, with a dark oval eye, keen and alert to all going on around him. Lovely long and muscular neck, good depth to the brisket, but not quite the fill in of his brother. Holding a good topline to give an elegant profile. Not as free in his movement today

3. Mrs Ward - Caryna Manantena At Backtor

Open (3,2)

1. Mrs Taylor - Swift Igi Of Lanark

Pleasing 5 year old dog, who presents an elegant outline when stood. He has a lean masculine head, lovely dark eye and such a gentle expression with well placed ears with a nice fringe. Good length of neck, deep in the brisket, holding the correct topline with a slight rise, well muscled hindquarters, moving out soundly, just felt today not the lightness of the BOB - RBOB

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Junior (10,4)

1. Craven & Rowbottom - Hespa Ornellaia

My star of the day, just loved her from the tip of her liver nose to the tip of her tail! 10 month old red wheaten bitch who looked a totally balanced picture when stood. She has strength and substance, yet is elegant and feminine. Having a balanced head, with good width to the backskull and length to the foreface, toning round eye. Strong and muscular neck flowing smoothly into a firm topline. Her ribcage is deep with a nice spring to the ribs. Well boned limbs and tight well arched feet. Hindquarters are well angulated and have good width to the thigh. On the move showed to be precise and powerful, delighted to award her BP, and see her go onto win Puppy Hound Group, then BPIS - congratulations

2. Mrs Doughty - Saimon’s Praide Victorious Brabus

9 month old dog, another pleasing youngster with much to like. Not quite as finished as the winner as yet, but time is on his side. Loved his head and expression, with good width to the backskull, well placed ears, lovely dark round eyes, giving a keen and alert demeanour. Strong neck, super bone and tight feet, just needing to finish dropping into himself, strong hindquarters, which he put to good use on the move

3. Mr Simpson - Gunthwaite Hart Stopper At Renescent (ai)

Post Graduate (8,3)

1. Miss McIntosh - Benicloujam Lola Of Chagall

This 2 year old bitch has such an elegance about her, yet still having enough substance and bone. She showed herself off in style moving soundly, with a regal bearing and showing lots of character. Thought her to be of sound construction and most appealing in her outline. Feminine head, toning round eyes with well placed ears. Strong neck flowing into a firm and well held topline, good depth to the ribcage and fill in of forechest. Using her well muscled hindquarters to flow around the ring with correct footfall - RBOB

2. Mrs Hancock - Stasimelsie Mace

Lovely strength to this 3 year old bitch, good substance throughout and well boned, without any coarseness. Feminine head with good width to the backskull, kind dark round eye. Strong and muscular neck leading to a super depth to the brisket and spring to the ribcage. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Moving very true in the rear, not quite as clean in her front action today.

3. Picton & Mace - Priorpark Point and Click

Open (2,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Ashman - Patemeliann Red Tarka At Kitaarka JW

Impressive stature to this 4 year old red wheaten dog, he is solid, masculine and has unexaggerated symmetry. When stood he is all in proportion and in optimum condition. His head has strength, with the flat skull, strong muzzle, lovely dark intelligent eyes, all giving the dignified expression. Strong and muscular neck seamlessly flowing into a firm topline. Deep in the brisket and with a good fill in of forechest. Well presented ridge and crowns. Good bend of stifle and in hard muscular condition. Looked a picture on the move, so free flowing with an easy stride. – BOB, and Hound Group 4


Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Miss Jansons - Nixophel Carnelian Red

Impressive 5 year old, who when stood gives a shapely silhouette. Liked his balanced head piece which has good length, lovely dark eyes with the gentlest of expressions, neat, soft and well carried ears. Good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders, legs well under him, with a deep brisket. His topline shows a rise over the loin, with strong wide hindquarters. Shown with a harsh jacket. At one with his handler on the move, with a long stride - RBOB

Open (2,0)

1. Nichols & Baker - Kensteen Laird Of Islay At Ballygrand taf

4 year old dog with the look of strength and balance, yet has a calm and dignified air about him. He is very shapely in his outline on the stack. Handsome head, long and tapering, with kind dark eyes and neat well placed ears. He has a good reach of neck, deep in the ribcage, with strong flat boned limbs onto well knuckled feet. Topline is held both stood and on the move, with a slight arch over the loin. Strong and muscular hindquarters with a good width of thigh. - BOB

2. Miss Janson - Nixophel Crystal Rose

Pleasing bitch, who has the desired substance yet elegant. Litter sister to PG winner. Feminine head, which is balanced with a lovely dark eye, ears not as neat as winner. Lovely length of neck, deep in the brisket with a nice spring to the ribcage, well boned limbs and compact feet. Good width to the thighs and of good length. In profile has a lovely long stride and very fluid, not quite as tidy in her front action. Shown with a good harsh texture to the coat

Cairn Terrier

Junior (2,0)

1. Felters & Rumens - Birselaw Caol Ila

Just loved this full of beans 7 month old red brindle bitch, she had character by the spade load! Well balanced for one so young and gives the appearance of an unspoilt working terrier. Lovely head with the right amount of width to the backskull, good stop, mischeivious dark eyes and expressive eyebrows. Neck of fair length flowing seamlessly into a level topline and well set on and used tail. Good depth to the ribcage with the correct amount of bone. Moving out with enthusiasm and pizzazz, still needing to tighten a little more in front. Shown with a good double coat and of a harsh texture – BP & BOB & Puppy Group 2

2. Mrs Purvis - Springtime Rose At Mosspur

Alert and confident 13 month old red brindle bitch. Lovely head and expression to this bitch, which is well balanced, neat small ears and lovely dark expressive eyes. Good length of neck, holding a firm topline, slightly longer in the body. With good depth to the brisket and nice sweep to the stifle. A little short of coat, but it is of good texture. Moving out soundly in all directions

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Miss Munday - Lentrica Mystic Warrior

Very smart 19 month old dark brindle dog, with much to like. When stood he has good overall balance and gives the appearance of a workmanlike terrier. Masculine head, neat erect and small ears, lovely dark eyes and a keen expression. Pleasing depth to the brisket, nicely boned limbs and muscular hindquarters. Working well with his handler and he strode out. Shown in good coat and condition

2. Mrs Purvis - Mosspur Time And Again

2 year old wheaten brindle dog, of a nice type and showing himself off to advantage. Pleasing masculine head, good width to the backskull, defined stop, neat ears and kind dark eyes. Good length of neck, with enough depth, keeping a firm topline today preferring the hindquarters of winner. Moving out ok

Open (1,1)

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

There may have only been 2 Dandies, but what a cracking pair they were, loved them both. thank you

Junior (3,2)

1. Miss Butcher - Mishahda Mischief Managed

Super mustard dog just coming up 14 months of age, just loved him. He presents such a balanced picture when stood, shapely with gentle curves. He has a real air of self importance, noble and dignified. Masculine head, which is nicely domed and with strength, low set pendulous ears, and those large dark eyes which you just melt into. His strong neck flows neatly into well laid shoulders. Deep in the brisket with a well sprung ribcage of good length. Good strength to his hindquarters, which were well used as he drove around the ring showing drive from the rear with good width. Would like a little more length to the topcoat, but of good texture and beautifully presented - BOB

Post Graduate (1,1)

 Open (2,1)

1. Miss Sleigh - Danchester’s Can You Hear Me Roar For Bonnybeck(imp)

Stunning 2 year old mustard bitch, who has quality in abundance. Loved her for her size, substance and femininity. So very typical in outline and flowing in her profile. Her head shows good balance, with a well domed backskull covered in a wonderful top knot, strength to the foreface, beautiful large round eyes, with a gentle and intelligent expression. She is well developed in forechest and has depth to the ribcage, which is carried well back. She holds the correct topline both stood and on the move. Shown in good coat. The deciding factor today was the dog was a fraction cleaner in his rear movement, but it was just splitting the proverbial hairs.