• Show Date: 19/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Guildford & District Canine Society

Guildford & District Canine Society

19th March 2022

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this well run and supported show. A huge thank you to the exhibitors for the pleasure of your lovely dogs. Delighted to be able to see, my Afghan puppy go onto win ‘Best Puppy In Show,’ and my Whippet veteran go onto win ‘Reserve Best Veteran In Show’.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Puppy (4,1)

1. Rowe & South - Illori Constellation

Quality black brindle bitch coming up 8 months of age. Still very raw, but showing much promise. So balanced in her outline when stood. A feminine head, lovely dark round eyes with a keen expression, well developed cheek muscles and strong foreface. Strong neck flowing into a well held firm and level topline, good depth to the brisket and width in front. Liked her hindquarters, good width of thigh and in lovely condition. Showing good drive on the move - BP

2. Mr & Mrs Hammond - Hammystaff Love Bomb

What a lovely babe, red & white pied bitch at just 6 months and a couple of days old. And her litter sister was 3rd. Both coped with the dusty, noisy surroundings fabulously. Of a different stamp to the winner, but with many fine qualities. She has the most lovely well developed body, strong and impressive but still retaining her femininity. Having a balanced head piece, good width to the backskull, and strength to the foreface. Good width in front and well filled in. Not quite as firm in topline as winner as yet, and in the excitement carried her tail a little higher.

3. Mrs Nolan - Hammystaff Heat Seeker

Junior (2,0)

1. Boggins & Burton - Luthais Loch Tay

Most impressive 17 month old black brindle dog. Was really taken with this young dog, who filled my eye for his overall balance and stature. Masculine head, which showed good depth, strong foreface and under jaw, keen and alert in his expression from those lovely dark eyes. Strong neck, flowing seamlessly into his firm level topline, with short couplings. Lovely in front, straight and true, with good width and depth to the brisket. Well toned hindquarters which have a nice sweep of stifle. Precise and powerful in his movement, with a good tail carriage. – BOB, I understand this win gives him his JW, very well done

2. Rowe & South - Illori Constellation

Repeat puppy

Post Graduate (4,1)

1. Jones & Merrick - Magicgem Queen of Hearts At Rougestaff

2 year old red & white bitch, who had decided today was the day to give her handler a challenging time on the move. But there was no hiding her shape and outline when stood. Feminine head, with strength and depth, lovely dark eye and keen expression, strong under jaw and well developed cheeks. Showing good depth in front, and well boned limbs and neat feet. Short coupled with a good ribcage. Nicely angulated hindquarters. Her movement, when taking her nose off the ground, showed to be parallel and driving

2. Miss Mitchell - Vimaval Red Angel

Lovely 19 month old red & White bitch, such a shame she did not seem to settle today. She has a lovely overall, shape when stood. Pleasing head, with strength and depth all through, lovely dark round eye. Brisket down to the elbow, holding a firm topline, strong hindquarters. Shown in good condition. Today not moving to show herself off

3. Miss Turner - Tidestaff Mystical Magic

Open (7,4)

1. Rowe & South - Illori Akinlana JW ShCM

Solid and muscular 7 year old black brindle dog, in the peak of fitness and bar a couple grey hairs, shows no signs of his age. He is an impressive dog from all angles, and liked to make his presence felt! Lovely head and expression balanced and all in proportion with that piercing stare. Muscular neck, deep in ribcage with a good fill in infront. Well boned limbs and nicely padded feet. His body is short coupled and muscular, holding his topline both stood and on the move. Well turned stifles which he used to drive around the ring, carried his tail a fraction higher today. - ROB

2. Miss Turner - On The Hill At Tidestaff

Brindle bitch coming up 4 years of age. Liked her overall size and femininity, a fraction longer in body. Lovely head, powerful without being overdone, strength to the muzzle, defined stop, dark round eyes, and neat ears. Good depth to the brisket and straight in front. Holds a level topline stood and on the move. At one with her handler on the move, showed to be true fore and aft

3. Miss Mitchell - Chedanstaff Devil Star

Dachshund (Mini Smooth)

Junior (4,1)

1. Mrs Goodge - Breezing in

Lovely 11 month old B/T bitch. Thought her to have a very balanced outline when stood, sturdy yet elegant and feminine. She has a pleasing head, with a lovely dark eye and a kind and intelligent expression. There is a slight arch to her long neck, flowing seamlessly into a firm and well held topline. Good depth to the brisket and showing a well developed prosternum. Clean in her front assembly. Well ribbed back, strong loin with width to the thighs and standing true. Sound on the move, showing parallel rear movement with good width – BP & Puppy Group 3

2. Pearmain & Sherwood- Delandmar Ella Fitzgerald

A real babe at just 6 months, but this shaded red bitch has plenty to admire. Liked her overall, size substance and femininity. Pleasing in her body proportions. Feminine head, dark eye and well placed ears. Strong neck of good length. Lovely depth and well filled prominent front. Well sprung ribcage, ribs are carried well back. Today seemed a little unsettled at times losing her topline. Moving with good drive

3. Mrs Chant - Dayjaris Xmas Wishes

Post Graduate (4,1)

1. Miss Gidlow - Tia Jane of Hulverstone

Elegant 2 year old shaded red bitch. Thought she was clean and sound throughout, and showed herself off with confidence. Her outline when stood was balanced and of good proportions. Lovely feminine head, with a keen and alert expression. Lovely long, elegant neck flowing into a firm and well held topline. Pleasing depth to the brisket, well developed prosternum, standing on well boned limbs. Nicely angulated hindquarters, which were put to good use on the move, sound and clean, driving in her action - BOB

2. Miss Pearmain - Delandmar Hattie McDaniel

11 month old b/t bitch, very smart, elegant and feminine. She has a lovely flow to her outline when stood. Showing strength all through, without exaggeration. Well developed in her front construction, nice tight elbows and well bone legs. Ribs well sprung and carried back to a strong loin. Holding her topline both stood and on the move. Today not quite as coordinated as winner, but showing a good driving action

3. Miss Smith - Brynfaw Grand Illusion

Open (4,1)

1. Miss Gidlow - Tia Jane of Hulverstone

Repeat PG

2. Mrs Strange - Stargang Magic Alfie Moon

Shapely 2 year old red dog. Impressive in his outline, strong and graceful in his bearing. Masculine well shaped head, lovely dark eye and kind expression. Long elegant neck, flowing smoothly into a firm and well held topline. He has a pleasing front assembly, with good ground clearance. Strong and hammy hindquarters. Moving out soundly and true fore and aft, just seemed to lack a little sparkle today - RBOB

3. Miss Smith - Deercroft Summer Encore

Dachshund (Mini Wire)

Junior (2,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Allman - Titch Fuli For Garmichlay

Loved the happy and fun character of this 11 month old bitch. She is balanced in her proportions when stood. Lovely feminine head, with a good length to the foreface, dark mischievous eyes. Good depth to the brisket and development of forechest. Tending to lose her topline today. Showing good drive from her hindquarters. Presented with a good coat texture - BP

Post graduate (3,2)

1. Peek & Peek-Matar - Whiteorchard Tiggy Winkle of Milkwood

Shapely 19 month old red bitch. Nothing is exaggerated and she has a nice flow. Feminine head, which shows good balance and length to the foreface, lovely dark almond shaped eyes, with well placed ears giving an alert and intelligent expression. Elegant, slightly arched neck, good depth, nicely boned. At times lost her topline. Strong hindquarters, a happy and positive mover – BOB

Open (2,2)


Junior (1,0)

1. Dr Helps - Beardswood Gille’s Whisper

A well balanced 10 month old grey brindle bitch. She has the desired strength yet so feminine and elegant. Liked her overall balance and proportions. Balanced in her head, with a good length to the foreface and flat backskull, neat ears and a dark eye with a gentle expression. Good length of neck and depth to the brisket, well boned limbs, flattening her topline at times today. Wide quarters with good muscle tone. A little loose in front action at present, clean and driving from the rear - BP

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Lucas & Dargonne - Packway Ecotrailer

Lovely, elegant 18 month old grey bitch, who has a curvy and shapely outline when stood. She is of a pleasing overall size, with good substance and so very feminine. She has an appealing head, nicely tapering, with a slight rise, neat ears and dark kind eyes. Her strong neck flows well into well placed shoulders. Good depth to the ribcage, and well boned limbs and nicely knuckled feet. Her topline shows the arched loin and with good hindquarters. Moving shows a light and precise gait - RBOB

2. Newman - Packway Petite Trotte

Litter sister to winner, not being quite as cooperative with her handler today. Liked her overall shape and size. Showing the desired curvy outline. Lovely feminine head and dark eye. Clean strong neck, good depth and the topline having an arched loin, good strength to her hindquarters. Not quite as clean in her movement

Open (2,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Everard - Packway Herons Ghyll

Upstanding and mature grey dog who is coming up 3 years of age. Thought him to be so balanced in his profile when stood. Shapely, elegant yet all male and powerful. Balanced in his outline and proportions, whilst standing over plenty of ground. Masculine and handsome head, neat ears and a lovely dark gentle eye. Strong reachy neck, good depth to the brisket and fill in of forechest. Front legs well boned and straight onto well knuckled feet. Correctly held topline stood and on the move. Strong hindquarters with good muscle tone. Moving out well with a ground covering action – BOB & Gp2

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Puppy (3,0)

1. Mrs Davies - Kiromol Jump For Joy

Most pleasing 8 month old bitch, with lots to like. She has all the essentials and shows good proportions. She has enough substance and bone, combined with elegance and femininity. Lovely feminine head, with width to the backskull and strength to the foreface, lovely dark and expressive eyes. Her strong neck flowing neatly into a firm well held topline. Strong hindquarters in good muscle tone. Moving well in all directions – BP

2. Mrs Larkin - Loki Desert Marvel

Another very nice quality youngster, 9 month old dark red wheaten dog. Very solid in his stature, masculine and with plenty of substance, but nothing overdone. A little more compact in outline than winner. Lovely masculine head, dark round eye, with a thoughtful expression. Strong muscular neck, good depth, fill in of forechest, and spring to the ribcage. Well boned and standing on well arched toes. True in his movement

3. Ms Thompson - Sonnypride Honeycombe

Junior (1,0)

1. Picton & Ince - Priorpark Point and Click

Upstanding 15 month old dog, showing strength to his outline when stood. He has a nice flow, a little more moderate in his angulation. Strong masculine head, good length to the foreface, and a round amber eye. Like his depth of brisket and fill in of forechest. Good length to the ribcage and a strong loin, showing a good ridge. Muscular hindquarters. He is true in his movement, but today not as settled as he was losing his topline a little. He was at one with his handler

Post Graduate (3,2)

1. Picton & Ince - Priorpark Point and Click

Repeat Junior

Open (4,1)

1. Mrs Cox - Ch Carlincox Pure Gold JW

What a cracker, she just oozes style and breed type. Loved her size, substance and femininity. A functional workmanlike bitch, but who also has flowing and elegant lines. She has balance and unexaggerated symmetry. Shown in the peak of condition. Lovely feminine head, with a dark intelligent eye, strong muscular neck, deep in the body, well ribbed back with a strong loin. Strong and well bent stifles. She has a ground covering action, to flow around the ring with precise and positive footfall – BOB & Gp1

2. Mrs Ferris - Mirengos Moringa

Strong and handsome 4 year old dog. He has the desired strength yet still looking athletic. He is upstanding in his demeanour and shapely in his outline. Lovely strong bone with strength all through but not overdone. Masculine head, flat skull, strength to the foreface, kind dark eyes. Lovely depth to the brisket and well filled in. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Width to his hindquarters and in good muscle tone. Free flowing in his movement - RBOB

3. Ms Parker - Kiromol As You Like It With Azuli JW


Puppy (7,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Parsons - Ayoubkhan Honeysuckle To Shukriya (Afghan)

Wow, just loved this 11 month old cream afghan bitch, who headed a lovely class of youngsters. When stood she presents a beautiful, shapely and balanced outline. She gives the impression of having a superior and arrogant air about her. Such a feminine head, with a good length to the foreface, lean with a lovely well shaped dark eye. She flows nicely from her neck of good length, to a firm and well held topline, correct croup with prominent hip bones. Balanced in her angulation, and long from hip to hock. Her sound construction was put to effective use on the move, as she has a lovely easy gait with the desired spring to her step – Delighted to award her BP & Hound Puppy group 1, then watch her go onto win Best Puppy In Show - Congratulations

2. Ms & Mrs Gosling - Ayoubkhan Silk Road (Afghan)

Litter brother to winner, another super cream dog with so much to admire. What a showman and muppet he is! Well grown but beautifully balanced, he cuts a stunning silhouette on the stack. Another that flowed from nose to tail. Handsome and masculine head, dark mischievous eyes, low set ears. Good length of neck, firm in topline, correct fall away, finishing with a nice ring tail. well boned limbs and in good condition. Beautifully presented, moving soundly when he put his mind to it

3. Mrs Weymouth - Soufriere Tourbillion At Wollybassets (GBGV)

Junior (2,0)

1. Mr Gray - Quantas-Napoca Olaf Naf Taf (Basset)

Most impressive 14 month old tri dog, he has lovely strength and substance, yet still workmanlike. He has a balanced head piece with the correct parallel planes, with good depth to the flews. His strong and muscular neck flowing seamlessly into a firm level topline. Good spring to the ribcage with a well developed forechest. He stands on lovely well boned limbs and large well knuckled feet. Liked his strong and muscular hindquarters, well bent stifles and short hock to heel. Moving with ease, showing precise footfall and driving from the rear – BAVNSC & Gp3

2. Hills & Thornton - Absolute Afghans Djibouti At Karnak JW (IMP NOR) (Afghan)

Beautifully presented gold with black mask, an upstanding 17 month old afghan dog. Looked a picture when stood. Lovely masculine head, with good length, dark intelligent eye. Good length of neck, firm topline with correct fall away. Good depth to the brisket, showing length from hip to hock. Shame he seemed a little distracted today on the move, but still showed a ground covering stride

Post Graduate (5,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Clarke - Tekalhaus The Excelsior (Dachshund Long haired)

Pleasing outline to this 20 month old shaded red dog, who showed himself off to advantage. Handsome masculine head, lovely dark almond shaped eye and well placed ears, giving him an intelligent and bold expression. Good length of neck, giving him elegance. Firm topline, and well sprung ribs. Strong muscular hindquarters. Moving with power, reach and drive

2. Mr & Mrs Fisher - Shimalma Campari Goes To Ifmaraf (Afghan)

Such an elegant 18 month old black masked cream bitch. Good length to her head with a lovely dark eye and a slight stop all giving beautiful balance. Good length of neck, still needing to drop a little more in brisket, hip bones prominent. She shows a good length from hip to hock with short neat hocks. Immaculately presented, once settled she showed positive and light movement

3. Miss Moulding - Nykarth Quite The Surprise (PBGV)

Open (10,2)

1. Mrs Allchorne - Nelgus Thyme Flies (Basset)

Mature and upstanding 3 year old R/W dog. Liked his balanced outline when stood, showing strength all through. Masculine head, with parallel planes, and a nicely domed back skull, good depth to the flews, his dark eyes giving a really gentle expression. He has a lovely arch to his long neck, deep in brisket with a well developed forechest. Holding a firm topline with a well set on tail. Moving true and positive in his footfall

2. Mrs Sutton - Kindeace Texas Tornado At Damai (Dachshund Long haired)

Elegant 2 year old shaded red dog, with nothing exaggerated. Presenting a balanced and shapely picture on the stack. He has a lovely long and proportionate head, dark eyes with a melting expression. Clean neck of good length, flowing into a firm well held topline. Well developed in the ribcage and prosternum. Hammy hind quarters. Felt he was not giving his all on the move, though true and positive

3. Mr & Mrs Parsons - Joneca Fire Cracker By Shukriya JW (Afghan)

AV Hound – Veteran (7,0)

1. Miss Byron - Padstian Pip In New York (Whippet)

Lovely 7 year old fawn with white trim dog, he has substance but still having the desired elegance and curvy outline. His clean lines just flow from nose to tail. Showing good balance when stood. Elegant long and lean head, and neat rose ears. His long neck flowing seamlessly into his well held topline, which shows the slight rise over the loin both stood and moving. Deep in brisket with a good fill in, graceful underline and strong hindquarters. Moving with an easy stride, and true fore and aft – BV & delighted to watch him go onto win RBVIS

2. Miss Miller - Arpege Alkira (Beagle)

Loved the overall balance and substance of this 7 year old Tan & White bitch. She has a well proportioned head, with a good stop and good strength to the foreface and of course those dark appealing eyes. Neck of good length flowing smoothly into a firm and well held topline. Lovely depth to the brisket and standing on well boned limbs and tight feet. She is a precise and powerful mover

3. Mrs Williams - Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice At Winton VW (Saluki)

Field Spaniels

Junior (2,1)

1. Mrs Channon - Clandrift Glitter In The Air For Thandiwe

Promising 9 month old liver bitch, with a lovely happy and outgoing demeanour. Still very raw as you expect of a field of this age, but she has all the essentials and has a balanced outline when stood. She has a pleasing head, with a good length to the foreface, nicely chiselled and a toning almond eye. She has a good length of neck flowing into a well held topline. Her limbs are well boned, with good sized and tight feet. Still needing to drop into herself. Moving out true fore and aft – BP & BOB

Post Graduate (1,1)

Open (1,1 )

Hound Group

1. Mrs Cox - Ch Carlincox Pure Gold JW (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

See Open Ridgeback

2. Mr & Mrs Everard - Packway Herons Ghyll (Deerhound)

See Open Deerhound

3. Mr Gray - Quantas-Napoco Olaf Naf Taf (Basset)

See Junior AVNSC hound

4. Miss Shepherd - Kidaruka It’s Showtime At Oxana JW (Whippet)

Smart fawn and white dog coming up 2 years of age. He has substance but is so graceful and has the gentle curves to give an elegant outline. He has a well balanced head, which is long and lean, a kind expression from his oval eyes, with neat rose ears. His long neck flowing beautifully into well placed shoulders, having a good fill in of forechest and good bladed bone. Deep in the brisket, with a gentle rise over the loin, strong muscular hindquarters. On the move he is true and has a daisy cutting action

Hound Puppy Group

A super puppy group, quality exhibits

1. Mr & Mrs Parsons - Ayoubkhan Honeysuckle To Shukriya (Afghan)

See AVNCS puppy – going onto win Best Puppy In Show - congratulations

2. Mr Wenman - Wenannou White Thunder (Beagle)

Beautifully balanced 9 month old tri dog, who looked a picture on the stack. Loved his compact outline, having the desired strength and substance. He has an appealing head, which shows good proportions, a gentle stop, dark eyes with a melting expression, framed by long fine ears. Lovely arch to his neck, deep in brisket and well developed forechest. Holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Strong wide quarters which he put to good use on the move, showing reach and drive

3. Mrs Goodge - Breezing In (Dachshund Mini Smooth)

See Dachshund Junior

4. Smith & Coulter - Collooney At Last (Whippet)

So much to admire on this 9 month old, black with white trim bitch. She is the picture of balance and elegance. Such a feminine head, long and lean, with neat rose ears having such a gentle but alert expression. Beautifully arched neck, flowing seamlessly into her forequarters, well let down in brisket, with a good fill in of forechest. Gentle topline and underline. Strong, well bend hindquarters, and short hock to heel. Loved her free and positive movement