• Show Date: 10/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cesky Terrier Club

The Cesky Terrier Club

Open Show

10th April 2022

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the hard working committee of ‘The Cesky Terrier Club’ for their kind invitation to judge at this show, it was a wonderful honour and privilege. To the exhibitors, thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of your lovely dogs, I have to say, I was spoilt for choice, with many close decisions. Unfortunately, the hall was a little ‘cosy’ and noisy, so some dogs were not showing at their best, and paid the price of a lower placing. It was great to see so many puppies out and about

Puppy Dog (3,0)

1. Miss Bishop - Pajantick Bertie Wooster

Lovely 9 month old dog, showing plenty of character. Liked his overall size and balance when stood. Having good substance but not overdone. Masculine head, with a good length to the foreface, and a lovely dark eye. Well developed through the body and showing the slight rise to the loin. Good length to the hocks, did tend to fly his tail a little higher. Moving our purposefully - RBPIS

2. Glater & Graham-Glater - Runiks Akreepa Of Aisling

11 month old dog, showing himself off, and having fun. Not quite as mature in the body as winner, and lighter in frame all through. Pleasing head, with a lovely dark mischievous eye. Good length of neck, clean and elegant. At times levelling off in topline. Strong and muscular hindquarters. Enthusiastic on the move.

3. Miss Fairfield - Moraira Ace

Junior Dog (0,0)

Novice Dog (1,0)

1. Glater & Graham-Glater - Runiks Akreepa Of Aisling

Repeat Puppy Dog

Post Graduate Dog (4,2)

1. Mrs England - Ashleyheath’s Koruna Kash

Elegant 5 year old dog, liked his overall balance and shape. Lovely head piece, well placed ears, and a dark eye. Good length of neck, enough bone, cylindrical through the ribcage and holding the correct topline. Good length to the hocks. A little erratic on the move today, but showed nice drive from the rear

2. Mrs Goundry - Komidion Rimsky Korsakov At Sarminja

Such a shame this 2 year old dog was so unsettled today. You can see he has a lovely outline. He has substance yet retains his elegance. Masculine head, with good length to the foreface, and a dark eye. Nicely boned and showed the slight rise to the loin. Strong and muscular hindquarters. Not showing himself off on the move

Limit Dog (3,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Sametova Bacary

Lovely masculine elegance to this 2 year old pale dog, nothing is overdone. Looked a picture of balance when stood. Showing the correct rectangular outline, and proportionate length of leg. Thought his head masculine and with good ratios, with a good length to the foreface, dark kind eye, and neat ears. Muscular neck, with a nice lay of shoulder. He has the desired spring to the ribcage and brisket is down to the elbow. Topline shows a gentle rise, and has strong hindquarters. He moves with good width and power from the rear, not quite as tidy in his front action today. Beautifully presented

2. Mr Pearson - Placido Musical Mission At Winoski

Another cracking young dog, at 3 years old and looking most appealing in his stature and outline. Built on a slightly heavier frame than winner, being all dog but in no way overdone. Lovely head piece, those dark eyes and well placed ears giving him an alert and kind expression. Good spring to the ribcage and holding a correct topline and tail set. Nicely boned limbs, today preferring the hindquarters of winner. Moving out cleanly and holding his shape.

3. Miss Halling - Grancek Slavny Sandor

Open (5,1)

Delightful class to judge

1. Mrs Tobijanski - Ch Janski Bugurovski

Oh so very smart, this 4 year old dog is looking in the peak of condition, with quality in abundance. He is so solid and masculine, as well as being strong and muscular yet agile with elegance. He has a balanced head, with a good length to the foreface, slight stop, neat well placed ears and nicely furnished. He has a lovely elegant and muscular neck which flows seamlessly into his forequarters. Nicely filled in forechest and ribcage down to the elbows, and showing the cylindrical shape. Length and strength to the loin, with a correct rise. Standing on well boned limbs and rounded feet. Strong and wide quarters. Moving with precision and freedom in his action. Put down is super coat and condition. Delighted to award him ‘Best Dog.’ In the challenge for BIS think he had had enough of this showing lark as he was not holding his outline as well he was previously, but it was splitting hairs!

2. England & Burrage - Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx

Fabulous dog, now at nearly 9 years of age, and still very much holding his own with the youngsters. He is built on a lighter frame that the winner, so elegant yet masculine. Everything is in proportion and unexaggerated. Typical in his outline and so full of breed type. Lovely head, dark eye and well placed ears. Long elegant neck, good depth and spring to the ribcage. Correct topline and underline. Strong in his hindquarters. Moving with lovely drive from the rear. Just felt today he was not quite in the peak of condition, though still well muscled and in full bloom. Again, just knit picking. Delighted to award him ‘Reserve Best Dog’

3. Mrs Taylor - Oural du Champ d’eole (Imp Fr)

Veteran Dog (2,0)

It is a real credit to the breed and the owners that the Ceskys look so fabulous in the veteran classes

1. Mrs Tobijanski - Ch Janski Kalliope Jones (Re-Imp)

This young whipper snapper will be 10 soon and does not look a day over 4! Liked his overall size, shape and substance which he carries well combining with elegance to present a shapely silhouette. Balanced head, with an alert dark eye. Muscular neck, strong well boned legs, with the brisket down to the elbow. Good length to the ribcage and loin. Well held topline both stood and on the move. Liked his width of thighs. Moving out cleanly in all directions. Put down in super condition. BVD & RBVIS

2. Mrs Marrett - Idefix Day Break At Gayteckels Pd’H

Pleasing 8 year old dog, a fraction taller than winner, presenting a shapely and typical outline. Masculine head, with a good length to the foreface, a kind dark eye and high set neat ears. Clean neck of good length. Nicely boned limbs. Holding a correct topline with a slight tuck up. Strong and muscular hindquarters. Showed good drive but not as clean in his action as winner today.

Good Citizen Dog (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Sametova Bacary

Repeat Limit Dog

Puppy Bitch (5,1)

1. Dukes & Rodgers - Runiks Akreepa Of Dragons

What a poppet, loved her cheeky nature, full of fun and a zest for life. At 10 months old, she is still has a lot of maturing to do, as you would expect, but everything is in the right place. Her outline when stood shows to be rectangular and balanced, elegant and shapely. Pleasing in her head proportions, with a slight stop, high set neat ears and a mischievous dark eye. Elegance through her long neck, nicely sprung cylindrical ribcage, with a slight rise to the loin. A little loose in her movement at present, but showing a good brisk side gait. Sympathetically handled – BPB & BPIS

2. Miss Halling - Wherrypoint Gloria

Another pleasing youngster, only 7 months old showing balance in her outline. Not quite the elegance of winner as yet. Her head is well proportioned with a kind expression. Good body ratios, with enough depth, and correct topline. Rather unsettled in her movement today

3. Mrs Kirk-Ashby - Moraira Alena

Junior Bitch (0,0)

Novice Bitch (2,0)

1. Mrs England - Komidion Queen’s Rhapsody

2 year old bitch, who is at her first show. Found it all a little unsettling in the noisy hall, but when concentrating she presented a pleasing and balanced outline. Liked her size and elegance. Feminine head with a good length to the foreface. Clean and elegant neck, with a good shoulder placement. Medium length to the ribcage and strong loin. Once she got going, she moved with lovely drive and power with positive foot fall

2. Miss Ellison - Placido Oriana

9 month old bitch, who was 4th in the puppy class. Giving a lot away in this class in maturity. A fraction longer cast in the body than winner. Pleasing feminine head, with a kind dark eye and well placed ears. Good length of neck, cylindrical body shape and strong muscular hindquarters. Rather distracted on the move by something outside, but showing good drive

Post Graduate Bitch (4,1)

1. Mrs Pratt - Proxima Centauri

22 month old bitch, she has a little more substance to her all through, but still presented a balanced profile when stood. Winning the class on her more precise movement today. Keen and alert in her expression. Lovely elegant neck, flowing to well placed shoulders. Good depth to the brisket and well boned limbs. Topline was well held and leading to strong hindquarters. She strode out on the move, with a lovely brisk gait and true in her fore and aft action.

2. Mrs Marett - Gayteckels Musical Melody

Liked this 2 year old pale bitch on the stack, she presented an elegant rectangular outline. She has balance to her head, and length to the foreface. Long elegant neck, with the correct amount of depth. A little out at the elbow. Good length to the ribcage and with a slight tuck up and showing a slight rise to the loin. Held her shape in her side gait, not as clean in her front action, but driving nicely behind

3. England & Burrage - Ashletova Gone With The Wind

Limit Bitch (4,0)

Lovely class

1. Mrs Tobijanski - Janski Little Witch

Headed a lovely class. But just fell for this 2 year old bitch. She has a lovely flowing outline, graceful and elegant, yet workmanlike with the desired amount of substance. Stacked she presents a beautiful picture. Lovely head of correct proportions, slight stop, and dark eye. Strength and elegance to her neck of good length, well placed shoulders and nicely boned legs. Her body has the correct cylindrical shape, the underline with a slight tuck up and the topline slight rise to the loin. Loved her ‘hammy’ hindquarters, wide and muscular with a strong and longer hock. She is precise and powerful in her movement, with a good tail carriage, but in the challenge seemed to have run out of steam and paid the price today

2. Mrs Kirk-Ashby - Komidion Rhythm At Moraira

Another lovely bitch with so much to admire. Liked her size, shape and femininity. She is so balanced and full of breed type. Well proportioned head, good length, correct ear placement and a kind dark eye. She flows from nose to tail when stood. Her elegant neck is strong and muscular, with a good amount of depth to the brisket and gentle rise to the loin. Not quite the hindquarters of winner. Moving out with style and a brisk action

3. Dukes & Rodgers - Placido Musical Miricle At Runiks

Open Bitch (5,0)

WOW, what a class, quality right down the line, any of them could easily have won, thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of going over them all.

1. Mr & Mrs Fewings - Komidion Passionato

So ultra feminine and oozes breed type and quality. Lovely elegant and mature 5 year old bitch, who pulled out all the stops in the end to top this super class. She did not do herself any favours to start with, being ‘not to bothered,’ but on the final spin around the hall she came alive and showed her beautifully held outline and brisk movement. When stood presented a picture of balance and elegance but still workmanlike. Lovely long and lean head, showing the desired blunt triangle, high set neat ears, and a dark kind eye. There is a flow to her clean long neck. Well laid shoulders, nicely fitting elbows and the correct amount of depth to the brisket. Her topline flows gently to a strong slightly longer loin. Strong and muscular hindquarters finishing the picture. So positive in her movement, good width behind, true in front, and with a good tail carriage. Presented in superb coat and condition. Delighted to award her BB & BIS

2. Mrs Tobijanski - Ch Janski Sodovuvitch

Another ‘wow’ bitch, so very close up to winner, of a different stamp, but just loved her. So very feminine and has quality in abundance. Her silhouette when stood is classic Cesky, no mistaking her sex or breed. Super head, with a lovely expression, well proportioned and gradual tapering to form the blunt wedge. Strong and elegant neck seamlessly flowing into a correct topline. Forequarters are shown to be well laid and muscular, with good depth and fill in of forechest. Good length to the ribcage and loin. Liked her wide and muscular thighs giving her a nice bum! Her footfalls are precise and clean in the action, just lacking a little drive today which cost her. Presented in tip top condition and coat, a real credit to the owner – RBB & RBIS

3. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Komidion Prima Donna Of Sametova

Veteran Bitch (2,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Ch Komidion Night Music At Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW

This bitch is a real testament to the superb longevity of the breed. At coming up 12 years young she looked absolutely fabulous. She has the vigour and drive of the youngsters. When stood she has a lovely flowing profile. Being typical in outline and sound in construction. Feminine head of good proportions, long muzzle, slight stop and well set on ears, being alert and keen to all going on around her. Good length of neck, elegant and muscular, with just the right amount of depth and spring to the ribcage which is carried well back with a strong loin. Muscular hindquarters, which were put to very good use on the move to show a brisk and vigorous action. Delighted to award her BVB & BVIS

Good Citizen Bitch (1,0)

1. Mrs Marett - Gayteckels Sister Act

Keen and alert 5 year old bitch, who has much to appreciate. Liked her overall balance and substance yet retains her feminine elegance. Her head is nicely proportioned and has the desired blunt wedge shape, with a lovely dark eye and well set ears. Strong neck of good length, brisket to the elbow, and well boned limbs. Ribs carried well back giving her the rectangular outline and the slight rise to the loin. Strong and muscular hindquarters. Works well with her handler and shows a lovely side gait, brisk, and power from the hindquarters, with a good tail carriage.