• Show Date: 30/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Counties Gundog Club

Border Counties Gundog Club

30th January 2022

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge this well supported and run show. To my very helpful and efficient stewards, without them the show does not go on! But most of all to the exhibitors for the pleasure of your lovely dogs, and braving the weather

Flat Coated Retrievers

Puppy Dog (2,1)

1. Miss Flynn - Finhamspride Puma

Really super happy and outgoing 10 month old black dog. Loved his exuberance and full of beans attitude. Stood, he has uninterrupted flowing lines from nose to tail. Lovely one piece head, long and balanced with a clean dark eye, with a hint of mischief! Found him to be well developed in the body, with good depth and good length to the ribcage. Standing on well boned limbs with tight rounded feet. A sound and free mover - BP

Limit Dog (4,1)

1. Miss Flynn - Finhamspride Kovu Among Rodsdream

Appealing 3 year old black dog, who showed his fun side hoping from foot to foot in anticipation. Liked his overall size and balance, nothing is overdone. Elegant head, with good length to the foreface, gentle stop, and kind dark eyes. Clean neck flowing smoothly into a firm topline. Good depth to the brisket, and spring to the ribcage. Pleasing rear angulation with a good width of thigh. True and driving from the rear, just a little exuberant in his front action today

2. Mr Blair - Pick Pocket

3 year old black dog, pleasing in his outline when stood. Attentive to his handler, giving a kind and gentle expression from his dark eye. Clean through the neck, holding a firm topline, enough depth to the brisket, ribs carried well back, not quite the forechest of winner. Well boned limbs. Moving out true fore and aft, today preferring the extension of winner. Shown in gleaming coat

3. Mr & Mrs Ross - Islstrom All Black

Open (5,2)

1. Miss Stevenson -Sh Ch Plainfire’s The Captain Of My Heart Is Steelriver (Imp CHE) ShCEx

Very smart, upstanding black dog, coming up 5 years of age, loved his showmanship and outgoing demeanour. He cuts a fine silhouette on the stack. Masculine head, long and lean with a kind dark eye. Clean neck of good length flowing seamlessly into well placed shoulders. Liked his depth and forechest, holding a firm topline. Strong muscular hindquarters. Showed good drive. Wish we had a bigger ring for him to show his full potential on the move – Best Dog

2. Mr & Mrs Ross -Go With The Flow Ebony In Harmony At Qlocontrail (Imp NL) JW ShCM

5 year old black dog, from a slightly smaller mould than winner, but with lots to admire. Well balanced in his proportions. Lovely moulded head, kind attentive eye. Good length of neck, firm topline, with depth to the brisket. Well turned stifle. Moving out true and cleanly, today not the drive of winner

3. Mr McCormick - Steelriver Sun’s Up

Puppy Bitch (3,1)

1. Mr, Mrs & Miss Whitaker - Jetstarski I’m On Fire

Lovely 9 month old liver bitch, showing lots of promise. When stood she has a well balanced and proportionate outline. She has substance, body and bone whilst retaining her femininity. Moulded head piece, eye tones with coat. Well developed through the body, showing depth to the brisket. Her hindquarters had a good width of thigh. Enthusiastic on the move, just needing to tighten in front

2. Miss Stevenson - Blacktoft Caress Of Steelriver

Another nice youngster, 11 month old black bitch. Just not quite as forward in development as winner at the moment, but it is all there. Lovely feminine head, good length of neck, body just needing to finish filling her frame, but time will be her friend. A happy mover

Graduate (3,2)

1. Miss Flynn - Rodsdream She Doesn’t Mind

Loved the exuberance of this 18 month old black bitch, so full of the joys of life. Pleasing outline on the stack, presenting a balanced picture. Long lean head, eye dark with a hint of mischief. She has a flow to her topline. Nicely sprung ribs, and strong hindquarters. Today not as tidy in her front action, but shows lovely drive in profile.

Limit (2,1)

1. McNeil, Boyd-McNeil - Kazval Maid In Manhattan For Glenlokhen

Shapely outline to this 2 year old black bitch. Most feminine of heads, with good length to the foreface, nicely moulded and a kind gentle eye. Moderate all through with nothing overdone. Holding a firm topline, enough depth, nicely boned limbs onto neat tight feet. Showing extension and drive in profile, just a little close today behind

Open (4,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Ross - Islstrom Aila

Just fell for this 2 year old black bitch. So nice to go over, honest, and workmanlike but elegant and athletic all rolled into one. When stood her silhouette shows balance and symmetry. Lovely moulded head, with an intelligent dark eye. She has a flow from nose to tail, with a good length of neck, firm topline and well set on, and used tail. Super depth and development of forechest, short strong loin and nice rear assembly. Showing her precise and powerful movement. Shown in gleaming coat. Best Bitch & BOB

2. Ms Wright - Lacsar Tequila Mockingbird (IKC)

Lovely overall balance to this 2 year old black bitch. From a slightly larger mould than winner, but so shapely in her profile. Pleasing head and expression, with a good length of foreface. Lovely neck flowing into a well held topline. Brisket well let down, with ribs carried well back. Liked her quarters, wide and muscular. Well boned limbs onto tight feet. Not quite as clean on the move as winner today

3. Mr, Mrs & Miss Whitaker - Evening Mist Black Brianta (Imp CZE)


Open (2,0)

1. Graham & Yarrow - Bonapartist Pickpocket

Super 2 year old O&W dog, who looked a picture on the stack, so sound and typical. Liked his size, substance, and masculinity. He has a well proportioned head, with parallel planes and correct ratios. Kind and intelligent dark eye and well set ears. Liked his overall proportions, giving the cobby outline, with well sprung ribs. Moderate in his angulation and in good muscletone. Moving with a typical brisk gait, showing to be true in all directions. At one with his handler - BOB

2. Greham & Denwood - Bonapartist Orchid Of Lyndfil

Another nice example of the breed, with lots to like, just coming up to her 4th birthday, this O&W bitch, not quite having the presence of her kennel mate today. Showing the cobby outline when stood, Feminine head, with alert expression. Good depth to the ribcage and holding a firm topline. Feet not quite as tight, and not the precision in her movement today

German Longhaired Pointer

Open Dog (1)

1. Ms Thomson - Ir Sh Ch/Lux Ch Sarscottah Arris Ir Jun Ch

Upstanding and giving the impression of strength this 5 year old dog has an impressive air about him. Unfortunately, today his mind was elsewhere. He has a well balanced head, with a good length to the foreface, inquisitive dark brown eyes, and well placed ears. Liked his flow from nose to tail, with a strong muscular neck, firm topline and well set on tail. Enough depth, and well boned limbs. Deciding to play the fool on the move, but showed enough to be sound

Open Bitch (1)

1. Ms Thomson - Ir Sh Ch/Cz Ch Sarscottah Charizma Ir Jun Ch

Very smart 5 year old bitch, who once settled showed herself off to advantage. She has the desired strength but also elegant, no mistaking her gender. She has a pleasing outline when stood. Feminine head, with a kind dark eye. Strong slightly arched neck. Brisket down to the elbow and ribs nicely sprung. Well boned limbs onto compact feet. Good width of thigh. On the move flowed on a long stride. - BOB

Field Spaniel

Graduate (1,0)

1. Mrs English - Sonnetend Wake Up And Dream At Wireduck

Fell for this black bitch who is 2 years of age, but today did not seem to want to show herself off. Such a shame as there is so much to like about her. On the stack, she is well proportioned and balanced. Lovely feminine head, with chiselling and good length to the foreface. Good length of ribcage, strong hindquarters, and tight feet. Being a slouch on the move today and losing her topline, but true in her action

Open (4,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Sanderson - Winfarthing’s Nice One Cyril At Walwal (Imp Can)

Upstanding 2 year old liver roan dog. He presents a pleasing outline when stood, with a good flow from nose to tail. Refined head, with chiselling and raised eyebrow, eyes toning with the coat. He has a good length of neck flowing into a firmly held topline and well set on tail. Enough depth and spring to the ribs, muscular hindquarters. Moving with good drive - BOB

2. S Shipton - Broomeece Fire Cracker Over Mishules

2 year old black dog, from a different mould to winner, heavier in frame and substance. When stood liked his outline. Masculine head, with a lovely dark kind eye, nicely chiselled. Well developed through the body, deep in brisket and forechest. Well boned limbs. Not quite as clean in rear movement as winner and proud of his tail

Hungarian Wireharied Vizsla

Open (2,1)

1. Dr & Mrs Davidson - Throstlenest Helios

Liked this 2 year old dog for his size and stature, he is of medium size and is robust without being coarse. He has the most delightful head and expression, kind and intelligent, with the right amount of furnishings. Nicely bodied, with brisket down to the elbow, holding a firm topline, falling away a little at the croup. Moderate in his angulation. Moving out true and at one with his handler - BOB