• Show Date: 27/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

Cheltenham & District Canine Society (27/02/2022)

My thanks to the committee for their invitation to judge at this very popular show and to my very pleasant and capable stewards who ensured my ring was run like clockwork.

Golden Retriever Puppy Dog (7,0) – Really liked the first 3, all at very different stages of development.

1) Haines’, Leighsham Tullamore. I felt very blessed to have started my day so positively by having the opportunity to judge this striking mid gold dog. He immediately impressed for his obvious balance, clean lines and excellent breed type. Masculine head with the kindest of expressions emphasised by dark eyes, well developed back skull for age with the potential to develop further. Strong neck that flows through into well laid shoulders with a long, well-angled upper arm. Strong bone and neatest of feet. Plenty of depth for his age with ribs reaching well back and a good length of foreleg. Strong topline with a flat croup and correctly set tail. Plenty of breadth over his quarters with well bent stifles and short, firm hocks. On the move, he is personality plus! He exudes an endearing confidence, going with such style using his tail while retaining his excellent shape when viewed from the side. Steady and true both going and coming for one so young. Presented in top class condition. He never stopped showing and it was impossible to ignore him from start to finish. Delighted to award him Best Dog and that my co-judge agreed to send him through as BOB & BPIB. I was later notified he went on to win the Gundog Puppy Group. I will follow his career with great interest, congratulations!

2) Kipps, Wheatcroft Rainbow. This 8 month old pale chap was just looking slightly rangier than 1 at the moment but still greatly appeals for his balance of angulation and clean outline. Typical head with dark eyes, kindest of expressions and excellent pigmentation. Strong neck of good length. Good bone and feet. Plenty of leg to grow into, just needing to body up which I am sure will come with time. Strong topline, short loin which flows into a correct croup and tail set. Wide thighs, well bent stifles and firm hocks. Moves on a very easy stride from all angles while holding his topline and uses his tail well.

3) Garget & Morriss’, Goldmarker Coming Home to Garvin (AI).

Golden Retriever Junior Dog (2,0)

1) Williams’, Eveninghill Detroit Red. This mid-gold dog is going through a teenage phase, needing to body up which he has plenty of time to do. Pleasing head and expression with dark eyes. Balanced angulation both fore and aft, decent depth of chest for age with strong bone and good feet. Short back, with a good croup and correctly set tail. Sound mover from all angles. A pleasing style of dog who just needs time to grow up.

2) Wards, Mitchnel He Who Laughs Last. This young pale dog is well bodied up with a strong topline and well-made forehand. He possesses strong bone and deep brisket for age. Moves steady and true from all angles. Preferred the head and overall rear assembly of 1.

Golden Retriever Post Graduate Dog (7,1)

1) Williams’, Berrymeade Coeur Blimey at Busheyhall SWGC. A very honest mid-gold dog whose overall balance and sound movement won him the class. Typical masculine head with good breadth of skull and well set ears. Dark eyes and good pigment. Strong topline with deep brisket, good length of leg and well sprung ribs. Plenty of width over his quarters, he uses his tail well on the move. Excellent coat and hard condition.

2) Wallington’s, Wynrita School Daze. Done this one well before. Rich gold, well off for bone with such lovely balance of angulation. Masculine head with kind expression complimented by dark eyes and pigment. Excellent forehand with well developed forechest. Well sprung ribs with a superb topline which includes a flat croup and correctly set tail. Good overall rear angulation with short hocks. A good mover all round, going on an easy stride when viewed from the side with true front and rear action. Felt he could be trimmed to better show off his attributes and would definitely benefit from less weight which spoilt his overall outline and proportions today.

3) Smiths, Thornywait Iluminati at Goldmarker

Golden Retriever Limit Dog (2,0)

1) Collis’, Merrimoor Outlander at Dorwinion. Liked the obvious strength of this gold chap. Classic head with such a kind expression, correctly set ears and the darkest of eyes. Well off for bone with the neatest of feet. Balanced in angulation but would prefer a touch more in front and in the rear. Super level topline, deep brisket and good length of foreleg. On the move he was true and steady from all angles holding his topline.

2) Edwards’, Glanwye Cheating Lights. This pale boy did not have the maturity of 1. Masculine head with a kind expression. Nice bone and excellent feet. Needs to spring in rib. Possesses a decent amount of rear angulation. Another sound mover.

Golden Retriever Open Dog (2,1)

1) Clarke’s, Haydengold One More Knight JW. This mature gold male possesses such excellent breed type on first appearance with good proportions. Excellent strength through his muzzle and skull with such kindness in his dark eyes. His fore and rear angulation is balanced. Well developed body with a deep brisket, good length of foreleg and level topline with a flat croup. Moves out well, retaining his shape. Just preferred the angulation of the puppy. RBD, congratulations!

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Puppy (0,0)

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Junior (1,1)

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Post Graduate (1,1)

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Open (2,1)

1) Cooper’s, Deifstock Desert Rose. Liked the obvious robustness and athleticism of this bitch. Pretty head while still retaining strength through her skull and muzzle. Good reach of neck, plenty of forechest. Deep brisket, well sprung ribs with a strong topline and short loin. Excellent breadth over the pelvis, wide thighs and short hocks. Once settled, she was sound both going/coming and showed a ground covering stride when viewed from the side. In very good coat. BOB, congratulations!

Lagotto Romagnolo Puppy (1,0)

1) Gilder & Blunden’s, Mikette Maledictus. A very smart baby. Liked her for size and overall type. She possesses a typical square outline with proportionate bone that gives her the desired robust appearance. Head of correct proportions with a big nose, just needs to develop with age. Moderately angled forehand with good length of shoulder. Strong back with very slight slope towards croup. Long second thigh with broad hocks. Needs to firm up on the move but shows excellent footfall from the side. Pushed my Junior all the way, I was delighted to award her RBOB and BPIB and to also hear she went Puppy Group 2 behind my winning Golden Retriever, congratulations!

Lagotto Romagnolo Junior (3,0)

1) Blunden’s, Mikette Winter Solstice. Another good one for type and size. Square outline, with a pretty correctly proportioned head, well developed skull and big nose. Good length of foreleg and ample depth of brisket for age with plenty of room for further development with age. Correct angulation both fore/aft with a strong topline and short loin. Strong through her quarters with rustic presentation which added to her robust charm. True both going/coming and showing a smooth action when viewed from the side. BOB, congratulations!

2) Slater’s, Regun Nara. Liked this bitch very much for type, slightly more coat than 1. Very pretty head with obvious balance of angulation and proportions. Good maturity through her body and strong topline. When she relaxed she showed such smooth and tireless movement. Needs more confidence.

3) Wardle-Spenceley’s, Bransbubble On A Whim.

Lagotto Romagnolo Post Graduate (2,0)

1) Lightfoot’s, Gaesten Dannys Delight at Joydon. Very pretty bitch of good size, slightly longer cast than my previous class winners. Such a feminine expression but would prefer a touch more breadth of skull. Correct forehand. Excellent maturity in body, with breadth of rib behind her elbows. Slightly longer in loin with excellent angulation behind. A real show girl on the move, going with a tireless action. Just pipped to the post by my other class winners on their slightly squarer proportions.

2) Wardle-Spenceley’s, Bransbubble St Francis. This substantial boy took time to get into his act together. Liked his obviously masculine head with a big nose and correct shade of eye. Mature through his body with decent angulation fore/aft. Preferred the overall refinement of 1.

Weimaraner Puppy (6,2) – A very mixed class and all dogs in this entry would’ve benefitted from a bigger ring.

1) Martin’s, Deifstock Déjà vu for Teufel. A well grown, powerful dog with strong bone. Really liked his moderately long masculine head with moderate stop, round eyes and kind expression. Well developed body for age with a deep brisket, needing to spring in rib with time. Correctly tucked up underline. Would prefer him a shade longer in back. Slightly sloping croup with correctly set tail. Good bend of stifle and firm hocks. Once settled, he went on an effortless stride from all angles. BPIB, congratulations!

2) Matthews’, Silvermews Shamini. Just needed to settle. Pretty head with plenty of room to develop. Good development of body for age with good angulation both fore/aft and good length of body. A little overawed by her surroundings but showed a smooth action on the move.

3) Rockstro’s, Silvermews Celinka.

Weimaraner Junior (5,2)

1) Brown & Filby’s, Desjiem Dujardin. Liked this bitch for her correctly proportioned outline. Pretty, correctly proportioned head with an aristocratic expression and well sized leathers. Good lay of shoulder with decent upper arm. Deep brisket just needing to body up and spring in rib with age. Strong topline, short loin. Very good rear angulation with short, firm hocks. Holds her outline well on the move with good reach and drive. RBOB, congratulations!

2) Martin’s, Deifstock Déjà vu for Teufel.

3) Poultney’s, Bissellwood Boadicea.

Weimaraner Post Graduate (6,1)

1) Kelly’s, Kalimor Amazing Grace at Vansant. This bitch appealed for her obvious strength and power while retaining her femininity. Correct skull to muzzle proportions of moderate length with correct stop. Long, correctly set ears. Reachy neck onto good shoulders and upper arm with decent forechest. Deep brisket with well spung ribs, would prefer her a shade longer in back. Slightly sloping croup with excellent rear angulation and wide thighs. Parallel action both going and coming with a ground covering action when viewed from the side. BOB, congratulations!

2) Davies & Brown’s, Wystry One Mint Julep. Longer cast but finer all through than 1. Ultra-feminine head with round eyes and long ears. Moderate, but balanced, angulation both fore/aft. Covers plenty of ground and sound from all angles.

Weimaraner Open (2,2)

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)