• Show Date: 20/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: James Kelly Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Woolwich Bexley & District Canine Association

Woolwich, Bexley & District Canine Association 20/03/2022


Puppy 4/3

1)Anderson & Foster - Zakova Sundance 7mths Black d Merry, sturdy, sporting; well balanced and that’s exactly what I see. Nice square muzzle. Gentle expression but very on the ball.

Well laid shoulder and good upper arm, giving good reach of movement. Deep enough brisket and ribs going well back. Nicely rounded hindquarters moderate angulation giving good drive. Won the class by his enthusiasm and stamina. BP

2)Hutton-Baber - Esqueen Following Star at Babtonkelpie (Imp Pol) 10 mths b Blue Roan

Totally feminine compared to 1 who is totally masculine. It was a fine line between these 2 quality puppies. She has the perfect expression. Prettiest of heads. Balanced construction. Good angulations and return of upper arm. Lovely tight feet. Beautifully presented. Just preferred the drive on the move of the boy.

PostGrad 3/3

1)Cassidy – Manchela Speechless at Cassoz 17mths d Caught my eye straight away when I looked.

Blue Roan Masculine but not coarse, refined and elegant. Good head shape, and carriage. Nice flow of neck into well laid shoulders level topline and good tail set. Nice tight feet. Moved out well fore and aft and with drive. Happy see him win the Gundog Group. Congratulations! BOB

2) Brown – Reemif Blue Velvet 1yr b Blue Roan Petit nicely constructed girl with a gentle expression. Good shoulders and straight front and complimentary hindquarters. Just needs to gain a bit of confidence to capture the eye.

Open 2/1

1)Bavin & Austin – Rojoys Chase The Dream JW ShCM 7 yo b Blue Roan Very elegant refined lady with the best of heads & expression. Really flies around the ring. Just not as well muscled as the dog in PG

Irish Setter

Puppy 3/2

1)Tuite – Porschet Kiss For a Rose 11mths b Pleasing head properties. Nice eye shape. Good arched strong neck flowed into shoulders and topline. Hindquarters should follow in time. Hopefully movement will settle as a wee bit uncollected at the moment. BP

Post Grad 2/2

1)Richardson – Bluesprings Now I’m Here at Forestfire 2yo d Fine upstanding dog plenty of character. Won the class on his movement true fore and aft and flowed around the ring effortlessly. Good head properties long and lean, could have been slightly more parallel top and bottom of muzzle. Good flow from strong elegant neck into nice topline and hind quarters. Good chest and brisket. Coat well presented. BOB

2)Williamson – Bluesprings Sunday Girl 3yo b Lovely headpiece and neck. Body good proportions. Well laid shoulder and upper arm. Ribs well back and strong loin. Well angulated stifle. Straight hocks. Would have preferred a tighter foot. Moved well. Sister to dog, both a lovely type.


1)Williamson – Blue Springs Picture This JW 3yo dog Upstanding dog good reach of neck. Nice should/upper arm angulation. Arched neck flowing into slightly sloping topline. Very similar comments to his sister in PG. Presented in good musclular condition. Moved well.


Puppy 2/2

1)Perren & Welsh - Evaluna Chasing rainbows with Hookwood 7mths b b&w Very collected puppy. Well balanced. Good bone. Pleasing head piece. “A series of graceful curves” well yes everything flows. Excellent eye shape no haw and well set fine ear leathers. Graceful neck into well laid shoulders. Well off for hindquarters which gave a good drive on the move. Found out later that I gave her sire BOB and he went BIS a couple of years ago. BP

2)Horn & Vowell – Droveborough Lincoln 7mth d b&w Another super puppy by the same sire. No wonder I liked him. Quality well made youngster. Lovely bone. Good head shape.

Nice straight front legs not over angulated rear end. Understandable totally raw so can’t wait to see him mature.

PostGrad 4/3

1)Brooksmith – Nightgold Pipkin 2 ½ yo b l&w Very easy on the eye. Well balanced. Head good proportions fine leathers and good eye shape. Moderately angulated front & back. Moved effortlessly. Maybe a touch more in bone would have been nice but pushed very hard for top honours today. The open dog just showed better.

2)Barham – Droveborough Mocha Mayhem b young tall bitch. Not fully matured yet. Good depth of chest and length of rib. Nice strong hindquarters. Good tight feet.

Open 3/3

1)Horn & Vowell – Droveborough Smooth Mover JW nearly 4 o&w Fine upstanding dog that owned the ring when he entered. Nice head planes and eyes. Fine leathers correct length. Strong clean neck flowing into well laid shoulders and good topline. Tail well set and carried correctly. Nice return of upper arm and well angulated stifles. Straight hocks and nice feet.

Powered around the ring and covered the ground. Well deserved BOB

2)Golding – Medogold Ruby in the Smoke at Rheydt 2 ½ yo b l&w Nice quality well proportioned bitch. Moderately angulated brisket well down. Good length of rib strong loin.

Just didn’t do it for me on the move as much as the dog.


Puppy 2/1

1)Bellamy – Bochilbarley Goblet of Fire 7mth d Well I could have definitely taken this one home. Gently handled. Ok so a bit raw but time for everything to come together. Overall well balanced. Head shape nicely moulded nothing out of place. Good lower jaw, nothing snipey or weak. Clean neck just the right length. Well laid shoulders and v g upper arm. Good body length into good broad hindquarters which should develop nicely to give strength. Correct tail set. BP

PostGrad 3/1

1)Taite – Gamerights Troyte 4yo d Well boned dog. Nice strong arched neck. Well laid shoulder. Nice length of body and good well angulated hindquarters. Nicely constructed but just too much of him for me.

Open 2/2

1)Phipps Baker & Baker – Never Say Never Oasis of Peace(ATC Aw01900CZE) 2 ½ yo b How lovely I thought when I first saw her. An excellent example of the breed. Beautifully balanced. Nothing exaggerated. Good headpiece. Correct eye shape. Nice ear leathers correctly placed. Neck clean and flows into nicely laid shoulders with good upper arm. Good long sprung rib cage. Firm loin. Nice padded well shaped feet. Moved beautifully strided out covering the ground with ease. What’s not to like; best of luck in the future. BOB

2)Bellamy – Bochilbarley Blue Moon 5yo d Good quality male with nicely shaped head and decent length of neck. Constructed well just a bit too much of him for me.

Gordon Setter

Puppy 1/1 Poynter – Hernwood Copper King 9mth d How do you get a puppy to be this well schooled? Didn’t put a well padded foot wrong. Excellent classy head piece. Strong but elegant. Clean chiselled nice muzzle and skull ratios. Good ear leathers. Strong clean neck. Well constructed front nice bone good feet.Hindquarters match very well and look like they’re going to develop well. Nothing weak here. But also not in any way coarse. Coat in great condition and tail feathering correct. Really liked this one and only pipped by the bitch for maturity in the next class BP

Post Graduate 7/5

1)Boxall – Laurelhach Renaissance 14mth b of good quality. Feminine and classic head. Good depth to muzzle. Nice ear and good eye. Strong elegant neck into clean shoulders and good return of upper arm. Excellent front overall. Nice well padded tight feet. Ribs going well back correct wide strong loin. Good well done hindquarters and straight hocks. Moved beautifully. Liked her a lot and delighted to hear she gained the points for her JW on the day.

2) Poynter – Hernwood Copper King as before

Open 2/1

1)Britton – Graylacier Portreath 5yo d Mature male. Well off for bone. Head a tad broad. Presented in good coat and good condition well muscled. Overall just a little bit too much of him. Moved well.

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy 11/6

1)Walker - Dexbenalla Double Oh Seven ESS 7mth d Fabulous Springer puppy. Nicely defined head and foreface. Neck of correct length arched clean, flowed into well laid shoulders. Good length of body creating a nice overall shape well balanced. Well off for hindquarters good broad thighs, nice straight hocks. Just loved his balance and lovely easy movement. I hope he develops well and look forward to seeing him mature. Best AVNSC Puppy

2)Salvatierra - Sierrasalva’s Fiesta – SWD 6mth b Absolutely loved this puppy. So beautifully balanced and lovely front assembly. Head in correct 3:2 proportions. Lovely oval eye.

Nice tight feet and moved so well. I am sure will mature along the same balanced lines.

Post Graduate 5/3

1)Moon - Deanway Proper Charlie 19mths Spaniel (Sussex) Very happy chap full of spirit. Distinctive movement, true fore and aft. Good shape head wide skull, good nose and soft kind expression. Strong neck. Good body and length and strong hindquarters. A nice fit dog not carrying too much weight. Reserve Best AVNSC

2)Thorogood - Anbrook Don’t Stop Me Now at Harrifield Spaniel (Clumber) 2 yo d white/orange markings Strong large square head. Nice Ear length and dark eye. Good bone very well done for ribs and strong muscular loin. Excellent hindquarters. Moved well.

Open 6/6

1)Sladden – Tyrbechgyn Believe You Will At Canemamans JW Bracco d 3 yo Upstanding male Bracco that owns the ring. Stands four square all the time. Shows all the breed characteristics, that strong noble yet powerful head. Well sculpted and with good leathers. Carries his head beautifully. Strong neck of moderate length into well laid shoulders and flows into a nice topline characteristic of the breed. Moderate stifles, good straight hocks

Moved with ease in profile showing good reach and very true fore and aft. Best AVNSC

2)Beasley - Wansleydale Amaretto 5 yo b English Setter. Blue Belton What a lovely breed this is that epitomises a classic Englishness like no other. Elegant and gentle. Lean parallel lines in the head not broad or too narrow. Clean neck into nice front assembly. Moved freely and with good head carriage.