• Show Date: 10/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Anglian Collie Association


10TH APRIL 2022

Thank you to the committee for this opportunity to judge some lovely dogs, and congratulations on a well run show with a garden party atmosphere.


Veteran Dog (3, 1) 1. Hull's Lizmark Gold Standard ShCM. Ten year old sable and white in super condition. Nice head and expression and lovely eye shape. Good front, level topline held on the move, excellent hind angulation. Moving well. Best Veteran Dog/Reserve Best Veteran in Show. 2. Vogan's Lenosann Midnight Rascal. Nine year old tricolour, another in lovely coat and condition, ears a tad low set and head not as balanced as (1). Well proportioned body, couldn't match the winner for movement.

Minor Puppy Dog (1) 1. Vogan's Luminous Moon. Well grown for his seven months, lovely clear blue colour, masculine head but would like a bit more stop. Good front, level topline and well angulated. Moving well. Best Minor Puppy Dog/Best Minor Puppy in Show.

Puppy Dog (4, 1) 1. Chaplin's Takhisis Lysander. Nine month old sable, well balanced head, good body proportions and nice outline, coat very well presented, moving very well. Best Puppy Dog. 2. Arrowsmith's Myriehewe Spirit Of Oz. Ten month old tricolour, head a little narrow, well set and used ears, a bit longer cast than (1), well presented. 3. White's Phreelancer Phederal Agent at Mejola.

Junior Dog (3) 1. Beaden's Myriehewe London Calling. Ten month old tricolour, lovely head and expression with well placed ears. Nice outline and movement okay once he settled on the final go round. 2. Milligan & Marley's Alfsden He Lives In You. Fourteen month old tri, stronger head than (1), good outline but longer cast than the winner, in good coat, tends to roll a bit on the move. 3. Lungley's Prince Of Sunlight Handsome Devil (Imp).

Yearling Dog (1) 1. Prince Of Sunlight Handsome Devil (Imp). Fourteen month old sable, 3rd in Junior. Smaller type, well placed ears and eyes, but underjaw needs to develop. Level topline, enthusiastic on the move causing him to fly his tail.

Post Graduate Dog (5, 1) 1. Beaden's Marvalan Spirit Of Rock (Imp Pol). Two year old tri, lovely head and expression, nice outline holding his topline on the move, excellent hind angulation and moved with drive. Reserve Best Dog. 2. Alexander's Ingledene Aramis. Larger type, nice overall proportions, lovely coat and condition, moving well. 3. Ludlow's Tudorlyn Golden Dreamer for Malina.

Limit Dog (6, 1) 1. Singh's Tiganlea Task Master at Trenic. Two year old blue merle, Nice type, good overall outline, well balanced with an excellent topline, moves well and a bit proud of his tail at times. Best Dog/Reserve Best in Show/Best Opposite Sex . 2. Hull's Lizmark Gold Sovereign. Four year old sable, lovely outline and in excellent coat and condition, bit sluggish on the move. 3. White's Camanna Chasingclouds over Mejola.

Open Dog (3) 1. Blake's Corydon Pol Roger. Three year old blue merle, not the biggest but everything in the right place, balanced head into a well arched neck, good front and well proportioned body, coat could be clearer, moving well. 2. Benton & Smith's Brooklynson El Dorado. Five year old sable, unsettled so not showing his best. Lovely head and expression, well balanced and good angulation front and rear. 3. Mellish's Demelewis Truth Or Dare.

Veteran Bitch (6, 1) 1. Hull's Lizmark's Bek's Beauty ShCM. This seven year old sable is nice for type, not the biggest but everything in the right place, excellent coat and condition and super head and expression. Not moving with much enthusiasm. Best Veteran Bitch 2. Benton's Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle. Seven year old sable, lovely head and expression, left her coat at home but that showed her nice outline and she has good angulation, moving very well. 3. Stillwell's Bellawave Caught In A Dream.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1) 1. Vogan's Drofgnal Dazzling Desire. Seven month old tri baby, pretty head with well used ears and nice eyes, nicely balanced and moving well. Best Minor Puppy Bitch.

Puppy Bitch (4) 1. Randall's Ladnar Izadorable. Lovely ten month old blue merle, pretty head and sweet expression, well balanced with a beautiful outline, coat coming in nicely, movement needs to settle but a lovely prospect. Best Puppy Bitch/Best Puppy in Breed/Reserve Best Puppy in Show. 2. White's Mejola Main Event. Sable of almost ten months, pretty head, underjaw needs to develop. Nice outline with a good length of back, moving ok. 3. Hull's Lizmark Diamonds For Ever.

Junior Bitch (1) 1. Newman's Phreelancer Phormal Dress. Thirteen month old blue, pretty head with well used ears, nice outline and well balanced, good topline and well angulated, moving well.

Yearling Bitch (3, 1) 1. Blake's Corydon Clarissa. Not quite two year old sable, lovely head and expession with dark eyes, nicely balanced body with exellent angulation. 2. Mellish's Demelewis Double Take. Fifteen month old tri, good head planes but underjaw needs to finish, nice outline and good angulation, not wearing her best jacket today.

Post Graduate Bitch (7, 3) 1. Smith's Rashel Razzle Dazzle. Six year old blue merle, lovely head and expression, well used ears, good arch of neck into level topline, good angulation front and rear, moved well. 2. Farthing's Aldreen Illusion In Blue for Didek. Three year old blue merle, stronger head than (1), nice outline, moving a bit close behind. 3. Collino's Imaginist Perfect Pitch.

Limit Bitch (6, 1) 1. Randall's Ladnar Inkspot. Beautiful two year old tricolour, very pretty head with well placed ears and dark eyes, excellent neck into good topline, well balanced throughout with excellent angulation, in lovely coat and condition, moving with drive. Best Bitch/Best of Breed/Best in Show. 2. Tipper's Tiganlea Twinkling Star. Three year old blue merle, lovely head and expression, well proportioned body covered in a super coat of a lovely clear colour, moving very well. Reserve Best Bitch/Reserve Best of Breed/Best Opposite Sex in Show, 3. Milligan & Marley's Ladnar Trust In Me for Alfsden JW.

Open Bitch (6, 2) 1. Lister's Ladnar Quickstep at Newarp. Four year old blue merle, nice head and expression, lovely outline with excellent angulation. In excellent coat, just carrying a little too much condition. 2. Newton's Corydon Victoria Rose at Fiorcara JW. Six year old sable, well balanced head, slightly longer cast in body, and a bit short in leg, good angulation and moving well. 3. Mellish's Demelewis Double Dare.


Puppy D/B (6) 1. Russell's Koczkodan Steel My Heart. What a thrill to see a full class of Smooth babies, and this one stood out for me. At not quite ten months this blue merle bitch was an absolute picture, such a pretty head with well placed eyes and ears which she used to advantage. Super neck into a flowing backline, with just the right amount of rise over the loin. Well grown and balanced throughout with enough substance but still elegant and looking every inch a proper Smooth. Excellent angulation, coat of a lovely clear colour and smart on the move. Won this class with ease, and was good enough in my book to go on and take Best of Breed as well as Best Puppy then Best Puppy in Show. Will watch her future progress with interest. 2. Leich's Koczkodan Good As Gold. From the same kennel but a couple of weeks younger this sable and white bitch is a bit rangier than (1), good head proportions, slightly longer in back and tends to flatten over the loin, she has good bone and is well angulated fore and aft, moving with a decent stride. Just needs to fill her frame but has plenty of time on her side. 3. Naulls' Wynele Obsession.

Yearling D/B (3, 1) 1. Howard's Shandlmain's Sofistikate. Seventeen month old tricolour bitch with a good head and expression, underjaw could be stronger, good reach of neck and presents a nice outline standing and on the move. 2. Cowling & Lusty's Blamorder Opulence At Himinnsaga. Strongly built sixteen month old blue merle male, masculine head, with well used ears, good forechest, balanced in body and well angulated. Just needs to tighten up all round. Colour could be clearer.

Post Graduate D/B (1) 1. Brown's Koczkodan's Heart Of Gold. Nine months old this sable male has a well proportioned head, one ear not quite playing the game. He presents a nice balanced outline with good body shape and excellent rear angulation. Coat of nice texture and moving with a free stride.

Limit D/B (2) 1. Benton's Brackenhaye Queen Of Hearts Of Oakestelle. Two year old tri bitch maturing nicely, she has a lovely head shape and keen expression. Good reach of neck, elegant in body and keeps a good topline on the move. Well angulated and moving very nicely. Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Howard's Brackenhaye Heartbreaker At Shandlmain. Litter sister to (1) and stronger all through, nice head but would prefer a slightly better eye, good body proportions, good angulation and moving ok.

Open Dog (1) 1. Howard's Jack Mack's Va Buidhinn Of Shandlmain (Imp Deu). Handsome four year old tri, masculine head, dark eye, well placed and used ears. He presents a good outline and is well angulated. Tends to flatten over the loin. Moving with drive. Best Opposite Sex.

Open Bitch (3) 1. Benton's Oakestelle Venus De Milo. Eight year old blue merle who always gives value for money. She has a well balanced head and good reach of neck, her body is balanced but would just prefer more of her all over. She has good angulation but is a bit light in bone. Moving as well as ever and always owns the ring. Best Veteran. 2. Forbes' Willowhurst Vanity. Another eight year old, these Smooths do last well. Nice head piece with a keen expression, bit longer cast than I would like, good body condition and well angulated, very attentive to her young handler who did a great job. 3. Naulls' Wynele Blu Alice.

Jacky Cutler