• Show Date: 20/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jacky Cutler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North Staffs Canine Society


20th March 2022

Congratulations to the committee on finally getting their first ever show off the ground after the trials and tribulations of the last couple of years. Well organised and a pleasure to judge for you.

Gt Dane

Puppy (1) 1st Cubitt's Zebeldanes Paint It Black. Upstanding elegant eight month old black bitch puppy, well balanced feminine head into a good reach of neck and strong back with well sprung ribs and although very immature in outline she is very promising and moves with confidence. Pleased to award her BOB and BP and congratulations on taking  Puppy Group 4.


Puppy (1) 1st Horton's Auchenharvie Bunny Mambo. Nine month old dog puppy with a fabulous head, dark eyes and plenty of substance. Well grown for his age with good bone and stands on good feet. Enough angulation and very nice for type. Pleased to award him BOB and BP, then thrilled to see him take the Working Group and Working Puppy Group. Will watch his progress with interest.

Junior (1) 1st Broadbank's Nyandor Never Say Never. Well balanced bitch just over the year old, strong but feminine head with dark eyes. Good body proportions, moved ok once settled but tends to pace unless corrected. RBOB.

Open (1) 1st Broadbank's Bevanray Shirley at Nyandor. Almost five year old bitch with a well proportioned head, although a bit too much wrinkle, excellent bone and substance, a tad over angulated behind for me. Moved well holding her topline.

AVNSC Pastoral

Puppy (4, 1) 1st. Goodwin's Lisjovia White Lady avec Montmusique (Pyrenean Mountain Dog). Eleven month old bitch who is feminine but has strength and substance. She has a broad head with a lovely expression, well off for bone and moves well holding a good topline with a strong rear end. Pleased to award her BP. 2nd. Ashbrook's Saari De Karthanyys (BSD Terv). Very pretty head on this seven month old Terv bitch, with dark eyes and well used ears. She has an excellent front and holds her topline on the move. 3rd. Flounders' Kalkasi Just Imperial At Lakamoni NAF.

Junior (1) 1st. Goodwin's Lisjovia White Lady avec Montmusique.

Post Graduate (1) 1st. Johnson's Kastina Delilah (GSD). Two year old black and tan bitch with a beautiful feminine head, well used ears, dark eyes, well proportioned body without exaggeration and a flowing topline which she held on the move. Enough angulation and moves true, with a flowing side gait. Happy to award her BAVNSC.

Open (3, 1) 1st. Flounders' Sketrick Papagena at Lakamoni (AI). (Pyrenean Mountain Dog). Five year old bitch with a strong but feminine head, dark eyes, a good front and balanced body with decent length of leg. Plenty of substance and a powerful mover. RBAVNSC. 2nd. Goodwin's Lisjovia Adagio Avec Montmusique JW (Pyrenean Mountain Dog). Two year old bitch of smaller type than (1), needs to fill her frame but has the make and shape to finish well. She has a pretty head and holds her topline on the move.

AV Pastoral Veteran (1) 1st. Boyle's Monsolana Madam Blues Over Barrenclough ShCM (Imp Rus) (Rough Collie). Seven year old blue merle bitch with a pretty head although her ears are a tad low set. Her coat is a lovely colour and she has a good overall body shape and excellent angulation.


1. Johnson's Kastina Delilah (GSD). 2. Richardson's Lizoni Va Va Voom (Collie, Smooth). Promising eight month old tricolour bitch with a pretty head and well placed ears and eyes, nice outline and balanced body shape. 3. Lawrence's Hoscar Ellis's Eddie (Lancashire Heeler). Handsome three year old black and tan male with a broad head and well used ears. Balanced body holding his topline and well angulated fore and aft, moving with a brisk easy action. 4. Smith's Rashel Razzle Dazzle (Collie, Rough), Six year old blue merle bitch with a pretty head and expression, good body proportions with a well fitting coat.


1. Richardson's Lizoni Va Va Voom (Collie, Smooth). 2. Goodwin's Lisjovia White Lady Avec Montmusique (Pyrenean Mountain Dog). 3. Lee & O'Callaghan's Gemette Galaxy Nite Over Elanmore (Shetland Sheepdog). Eleven month old tricolour bitch with a pretty head and well used ears. Good outline and moved nicely.

Thank you to the exhibitors of the following breeds for having me as a late replacement judge. I enjoyed judging your dogs and thank you for accepting my decisions with good grace.


Puppy (1, 1)

Junior (3, 2) 1st Knight's Buzzbrook Pussy Willow. Twelve months on the day and behaving as her age would suggest! Lively black spotted girl with a sweet expression, Good dentition and balanced head. Well balanced body but carrying a bit extra weight, Moved well once handler had got the measure of her, Settled in the challenge to take BOB and BP.

Post Graduate (1) 1st Burke's Hafwenna Painted Black. Two and a half year old black spotted male. Well marked and good overall type. Good angulation and stands on excellent feet. Movement a bit erratic and he just lost out to the junior winner in the challenge and had to settle for RBOB.

Open (1) Burke's Hafwenna Painted Black.

Japanese Spitz

Puppy (1) 1st Jones' Llwynis State of Grace. Pretty nine month old bitch with the prettiest of heads and darkest of eyes giving a lovely expression. She has a good forechest and excellent angulation front and rear. She moved very well holding her topline. Pleased to give her BOB and BP.

Post Graduate (1) 1st Jones' Masami Skye O Llwyni. Nine year old bitch in excellent order for her age. Sweet expression but eyes a tad full, she has a good overall body shape and good topline. Moved well.

Open (3, 1) 1st Jones' Glamglows Perfect Senorita of Llwyni. Twenty month old bitch with a very pretty head, lovely eyes, well used ears. She has neat feet and holds her topline on the move. RBOB. 2nd. Jones' Ch Llwyni Simba Stop N'stare JW ShCM. Six year old male with a strong head, Good overall proportions but not moving as well as (1).

Tibetan Terrier

Puppy (1) 1st. Green's Verony Like A Charm, Eight month old black bitch with a lovely head with dark eyes, reverse scissor bite, good body shape with coat coming in nicely. Moving well. BP.

Post Graduate (1) 1st. Green's Verony Mystic Charm. Two year old black bitch with a lovely head and expression, Correct proportions with excellent turn of stifle and moving with drive. BOB.

Open (1) 1st. Green's Verony The Usual Suspect. Four year old black bitch in good coat and condition with a lovely head, Moved well holding her topline just felt the PG winner had the edge on the day. RBOB.

Jacky Cutler