• Show Date: 06/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: J A Norris Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bristol & District Dog Club


This felt like a ‘reunion’, after 2 years of pandemic ‘isolation’ it was a joy to just say ‘Hi’ to so many across all the groups, some I have known for 40 years or more!  Congratulations, as the sole remaining General Canine Society in Bristol, this was a happy well run show, with a lovely atmosphere.  And, like most societies now, if it is to continue long term it desperately needs new young blood on the Committee.  However, it also highlighted the desperate need for a financially viable larger space for this and other shows in the South West.  We had four lovely sized rings, smaller would not have been practical, but it also meant with an excellent entry either judges rushed and did the dogs a disservice, or those second in the ring had a long wait.

There was a happy hubbub of chatter throughout the day, but it also echoed and worried a few dogs - I forgave as far as possible.  All dogs were beautifully presented, clean and not one ‘bad temper’.  Our dogs have personalities, and I like to see that in the ring, so there was no penalty for not being a ‘statue’, but flamboyant handling will not win unless with a beautifully correct dog which is also the best in the class.

I very much appreciated the lovely entry, it was a joy and a privilege to have hands-on such quality dogs.  As time was of the essence, I preferred to save time not writing reams, rather than taking less on the dogs, so if these notes are brief I hope you will understand.

Afghan Hound

Puppy (1, 1 abs)

Post Grad (5, 1 abs)

1    Medley’s Altside She’s Hot, she presented such a classic elegant, balanced outline which won her the class as construction is ever my priority, but of course I would have preferred more animation on the move, and more substance .

2    Godber-Ford’s Affyneeta Desert Wind, a lot to like, just not the elegance of neck to shoulder of winner.

3    Godber-Ford’s Affyneeta Mountain Breeze

Open (5, 2abs)

1    Finch & Hopper’s Zandahar Xtraordinary Me At Zinzani JW, BOB, superb upstanding male, classic outline, and free, easy, flowing action, light on his feet.

2    Godber-Ford’s Affyneeta Dionysius, again just not quite the front assembly to fill my eye, free easy moving.

3    Godber-Ford’s Affyneeta Toskcan Sun

Bassett Hound

Puppy (1)

1    Unsworth’s Enguerrand’s My Montague, a nicely made puppy who needs to settle and grow into himself.  Best Puppy

Post Grad (0)

Open (2)

1    Turner’s Ch Lauralee Dont Stop Me Now of Devonhound, excellent balanced shape and make, sound mover and the best eyes I have seen yet on a Basset.  An easy Best Of Breed.

2    Grimshaw’s Malrich Hey Jude, another nice one, but not quite as good in front for me.

Dachshund Mini Smooth,

Puppy (2)

1    Rudkin’s Dynastydax Alfreda, smart puppy, well schooled, balanced correct outline, true moving,  easy Best Puppy,  

2    Wilkinson & Wakeham’s Liquorice Twist Surprise, needs time, and needed to settle today, not quite as true moving behind.

Post Grad (6, 2a)

1    Beach’s Beachdax Queen of Hearts, stood away in this class for make and shape, moved true.

2    Rogers’ Mymnyddstud Red Hot Gossip, honest type, steady mover.

3    Small’s Dayjaris Tiger Feet At Devondax

Open (6, 2a)

1    Beach’s Riowood Arizona, correct, sound, true moving and balanced,  Best of Breed today on maturity.

2    Beach’s Lodargeo Volcano, not quite as correct in front.

3    Beer’s Stargang Candy Stripes at Lowrider

AVNSC Miniature Dachshund

Puppy (1, 1a)

Post Grad (5, 1a)

1    Wallace’s Ralines Just Jiles, Mini Long, won on his elegant outline and movement. Best AVNSC Miniature Dachshund

2    Cox’s Cheritondax Chardonnay, Mini Long, not the length of neck of winner which just spoils the outline.  

3    Stevens Urishay Ambrosia By Sidburyhill, Mini Long

Open (3, 1a)

1    Cox’s Dolyharp Sweet Harmony, Mini Long, she just was unhappy and hunched hiding her true outline.  

2    Kilroy’s Blackvein Princess at Janacop, Mini Wire, much to commend her but just cut up underneath a bit too much for me.

AVNSC Standard Dachshund

Puppy (5, 1a) little to choose between all 4 in this class,

1    Effer’s Cishelvine Miss Tyfication (TAF)  Wire haired, well made, puppyish on the move, but at this stage just the most together.

2    Starks’ Adnerbs Not On Your Nellie Gobannium, Smooth, a really nice bitch but today ‘messy’ in front action.

3    Jones’ Adnerbs Oops A Daisy, Smooth

Post Grad (5, 1a)

1    Small’s Almaznyi Laretz Ershalaim at Devondax (imp), Smooth, lovely outline, balanced and good moving.

2    Wills’ Kasalane Ostiriato Sea Over Cishelvine (TAF), Wire, lots to like, but a tad faster on the move would show him off to advantage.

3    Wills’ Kasalane Symphony, Wire

Open (4)

1    Stark’s Adnerbs Won Vision Of Gobannium JW, Smooth, oozes type, quality, correct construction and sound movement, just what a Smooth should be, Best ANSC Standard

2    Wills’ Cicelane Magnus,Wire, honest type, but not quite the front angulation I seek.

3    Small’s Ulybka Fortuny Zlatovlaska at Devondax, Smooth.

Ibizan Hound

Puppy (0)

Open Dog (1, 1a)

Open Bitch (3, 3a)

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Puppy (1, 1a)

Open (4)

1    Raymond’s Sofala Stellar, I liked her for her shape, balance and lovely movement. BOB

2    Smith’s Diamondridge Daiane Del Rio at Ungowa, just preferred the elegance of neck of winner.

3    Timms & Henderson’s Carlincox Golden Aura JW.


Puppy (5)

1    Richards-Healion’s McBrock Fortune Teller for Clynecourt, very close decision between the first two, I liked them both for make, shape, movement and balance, just my size too.  Winner was just a bit more finished at this stage for me. Best Puppy

2    Hooper’s Veredon Veuve Cliquot, another day I could easily reverse this decision!

3    Perkins’ Zeglynn Hello You

Junior (2, 1a)

1    Perkins’ Zeglynn Arnies Cute Helper, looks good stacked, but doesn’t quite hold it together on the move.

Post Grad (6, 1a)

1    Colquhoun’s Wolfcastle Dream Easy, larger than I like, but couldn’t deny this class for make shape, balance and easy movement.

2    Perkins’ Southgrove Keep It Movin at Zeglynn, more my size but not the shape or movement.

3    Colquhoun’s Kidaruka A Mothers Prayer

Open (5, 1a)

1    Lawrence & Woodward’s Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn JW, just what I like for size, make, balance and movement. BOB

2    Perkins’ Dejare Dutch Masterpiece at Zeglynn JW ShCM, a really nice upstanding dog, with all the right attributes,  I just preferred the elegance of the winner.

3    White’s Turelove Love In A Mist at Iscaglades

AV Hound Import Register

Open (0)


Puppy (1, 1a)

Junior (3, 2a)

1    Baker’s Silverbriar Surayya (Basenji), a really nice girl, just needs time to mature and finish

Post Grad (6, 3a)

1    Baker’s Silverbriar Safiya (Basenji) sister to Junior winner, looking a more finished picture, true movement. Best AVNSC

2    Farrar’s Henissy Farthing (Harrier) a good-looking balanced bitch – when she stood still, but so full of herself she was difficult to really assess.  

3    Farrar’s Evforce Miss Havoc at Henissy

Open (3, 1a)

1    Farrar’s Henissy Fanfare (Harrier) a rather larger upstanding male, but superb to look at for shape and balance and lovely on the move.  

2    Farrar’s Henissy Fancy (Harrier) another who needs to settle to show herself off.

AV Hound

Puppy(6, 3a)

1    Stark’s Adnerbs Not On Your Nellie Gobannium (Smooth Dachshund)

2    Pedley-Biggins’ Roys Rocket (Whippet)

3    Barrow’s Redcap Knucklebones at Meganjin (NAF) (Beagle)

Veteran (10, 3a)

1    Barrow’s Meganjin Muckle Flugga (Beagle) an honest type, sound and shapely.

2    Farrar’s Frenzy at Henissy (Harrier) such a shapely hound, deserved place despite not showing her all to advantage!

3    Richards-Healion’s Anywhere And When at Clynecourt ShCM (Whippet)

Hound Group

Group 1    Silverbriar Safiya (Basenji)

Group 2    Ch Lauralee Don’t Stop Me Now Of Devonhound (Basset)

Group 3    Zandahar Xtraordinary Me At Zinzani JW (Afghan)

Group 4    Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn JW  (Whippet)

Hound Puppy Group

Puppy Group 1    Parkebreeway Wyseman (Beagle)

Puppy Group 2    McBrock Fortune Teller for Clynecourt (Whippet)

Puppy Group 3    Dynastydax Alfreda (Mini Smooth Dachshund)

Puppy Group 4    Cishelvine Miss Tyfication (TAF) (Wire Dachshund)

Mrs Jo Norris, Judge