• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Isobel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Mansfield & District Canine Society

Mansfield & DCS (03/04/2022)

Chihuahua (Long)

Isobel Taylor (Saffrosa)

I would first like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge my breed, along with all entries of support. 

I was pleased to find a correct mouth on each one of my exhibits, with many of my entries also being in top condition with musculature. 


(3, 3 abs)


(3, 1 abs)

1 - Zuvan’s Cover Girl

Honest 12 m/o white bitch. Good length of muzzle with dark pigment, flared ears. Nice lay of shoulder into sufficient chest with straight foreleg. Level backline, correct sickle tail of good set. Moves & sets slightly under herself in rear, would prefer a touch more angulation. Preferred her front to 2, substance will come with time. 

2 - Kirdanchi La Sylphide

14 m/o fawn & white bitch. Excellent head piece with round, expressive eyes. Neck a touch short and lay of shoulder steep. Correct, straight forelegs. Level backline of good length with well set sickle tail. Lacks in rear leading to lack of drive. 

Post Graduate

(6, 2 abs)

1 - Chihohit Favorite Only You at Kirdanchi 

16 m/o cream dog of nice type. Correct head with saucy expression. Clean neck into correct lay of shoulder, good depth of chest. Perfect sickle tail on level backline, carried well at all times. Well let down hocks on an excellently angled rear. Nicely furnished with good substance, completing the overall picture. Reserve Best of Breed. 

2 - Dorenty’s Fancy That

Dainty & feminine 3 y/o wolf sable bitch with correct expression. Good reach of neck & prominent forechest, forelegs occasionally east west. Well set sickle tail on level back of correct length. Moved out with reach but rear a touch narrow. 


(4, 1 abs)

1 - Dorenty’s Heidi Hi

My star of my day. Ultra feminine 2 y/o cream bitch of excellent type. Expressive head with flared ears. Correct lay of shoulder leading into a straight front. Level backline, correct sickle tail. Well angulated rear, moving with drive fore & aft. Beautifully tempered and enjoying her day, showmanship gave her the edge to take Best of Breed. 

2 - Dorenty’s Myboyclyde

Littermate to 1. Cream dog, excellent head with masculine expression. Great substance with prominent forechest. Well angulated rear with tight feet, moving out well. Furnishings and maturity completed the picture. Just preferred the front of his sister.