• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Isobel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Mansfield & District Canine Society

Mansfield & DCS (03/04/2022)

Chihuahua (Smooth)

Isobel Taylor

I would first like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge my breed, along with all entries of support. 

I was pleased to find a correct mouth on each one of my exhibits, with many of my entries also being in top condition with musculature. 


(2, 2 abs)


(2, 0 abs)

1 - Moltobello I’m Hot Your Not

15 m/o blue fawn & white dog. Nice head of keen expression. Correct lay of shoulder into sufficient chest with straight foreleg. Excellent rear with well let down hocks. Would prefer tail carriage to be a little less tight, although set well. Maintained a level topline throughout. Well muscled & in excellent condition, outmoving 2 today. Reserve Best of Breed

2 - Moltobello Miss Myrtle of Hulawawas

15 m/o blue tri bitch. Honest girl of nice size. Large flared ears on an expressive head, well pigmented on a dilute. Substantial throughout with good forechest. Tail of correct sickle shape, well angled rear. A little too excitable on the move. Preferred the tighter front of 1. 

Post Graduate

(4, 1 abs)

1 - Moltobello Bootylicious

13 m/o red fawn & white bitch, maturing nicely. Well domed skull with large eyes, ears a touch low set. Good reach of neck into well layed shoulders, straight forelegs with good chest. Level backline and rear of good angulation, moving with sufficient reach and drive. Preferred her tail carriage to her kennel mate, seeing her take Best of Breed. 

2 - Lemaritz Mastermind at Nayelchi

3 y/o red fawn & white dog. Typical head for the breed with good expression. Correct reach of neck into good lay of shoulder, although forelegs a touch east west. Level backline, perfect sickle tail. Hocks well let down but lacking rear angulation & drive. I would prefer a little less weight on him. 


(4, 2 abs)

1 - Moltobello Pride and Joy of Hulawawas

Honest 5 y/o fawn & white dog. Well domed skull with deep pigment, large ears could be used better. Good lay of shoulder with sufficient forechest, front a touch loose. Well set tail of nice carriage although a little long in back. Well let down hocks, just enough rear angulation. Moved well, attentive to handler throughout. Maturity and substance won him the class today. 

2 - Moltobello I’m Sexy and I No It JW

15 m/o blue fawn dog. Beautiful head, my favourite of his kennel mate’s today. Neck of good length with correct lay of shoulder, lacks in forechest. Straight forelegs well under him but elbows a touch loose. Maintained correct topline with well held tail on the move. Excellent rear angulation. Promising youngster who needs time to fill out.