• Show Date: 06/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ian Anthony Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bristol & District Dog Club

I would like to thank the Committee for giving me my first judging appointment which had postponed for 2 Years due to Covid.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and thank you also to the exhibitors.

Puppy (4, 1 abs)

Difficult class to Judge as all 3 are Raw Babies in very different stages of development.

1) Breeze; PARKEBREEWAY WYSEMAN – 8 month old Tan & White Male, who stands and demands you look at him. Beautiful Masculine head, dark eye, Soft expression, Excellent length of Neck into well laid shoulders. His topline is correct and his tailset is bang on, his forelegs are straight with good bone and neat feet. well angulated hindquarters, On the move he continues to impress for one so young with reach and drive and a good foot placement. He certainly has a bright future ahead of him. BP. Delighted to hear he went onto PG1 and RBPIS.

2) Bidey; REDCAP THE COURIER - 9 month old Blanket tri dog that also shows promise. just unlucky to meet 1 today. Really liked his head and excels with a delightful melting soft expression. Correct bite and nice leathers, good length of neck into well placed shoulders into a level Topline. Lovely rear angulations with Well let down Hocks into Nice tight feet. This Happy Chappy was a little exuberant on the move today but he showed in glimpses of good sound movement coming and going and nice reach and drive. Time is on his side.


Junior (2, 1 abs)

1) Breeze; DUFOSSE HONESTLY OF PARKEBREEWAY - 15 month old Faded Tri Lady. Lacking a little confidence on the table due to Covid I’m sure will be right given time. Correct head proportions with a soft expression, She presents a clean outline with a lovely flow from neck into shoulders and topline and Well set Tail. good bone and tight feet, strong hindquarters which she uses to advantage on the move.

Post Graduate (4, 1 abs)

1) Breeze; DAVRICARD HUMMINGBIRD OF PARKEBREEWAY ShCM – 5 year old month old Faded Tri Lady, Many of the Same Virtues as the Previous class. Correct Feminine proportions with a lovely expression, Clean neck into well laid shoulders. Topline is correct and tailset is good both stacked and moving, She has a well made body with good spring of rib and good forechest and short loin, nice turn of stifle and well Muscled rear, She has balanced angles fore & Aft which gives her a lovely sound profile movement and she is true both coming and going.

2) Barrow; TIMAMSO MAGIC FLUTE AT MEGANJIN - 6 Year Old Broken Tri Colour Lady, Pushed 1 very hard today, good honest lady with a lovely Stamp, Feminine head with a good eye shape and well set ears, Fabulous length of neck and Shoulder placement onto a lovely firm topline held well on the move and her tail set is good, well made body with good depth to ribbing, well angulated rear, I would prefer slightly more foreleg on this lady to finish the picture, strong hindquarters which she uses to advantage on the move. She moves with Sound parallel movement and really covers the ground freely with a good stride.

3) Bidey; RAIMEX RIO

Open (3, 1 abs)

1) Breeze; CH DUFOSSE DRAGONFLY OF PARKEBREEWAY JW - 3 year old Broken Tri Lady. This lady was in tip top condition today, loved her Dark Eye and beautiful expression. which is well carried on a nicely arched neck of good length, solid topline and super stern. well made body with good ribbing and short loin, super front construction, that is matched precisely by her quarters allowing her the range and stride to cover the ground with consumate ease. BOB

2) Barrow; MEGANJIN MUCKLE FLUGGA - 9.5 Year Old Broken Tri Colour Male - Liked his Balanced head and kind eye. Good reach of neck and shoulders. Level topline, Well sprung ribs and correct tail set so good through the body & well muscled quarters, Good straight front and neat feet. On the move this gent could show youngsters a thing or 3, Sound and true out and back and putting it all in on the go around with a lovely free flowing easy movement which belies his age.