• Show Date: 24/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Holly Attwood Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society

My sincerest thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge Pugs at their recent open show and to Essex and East Anglia Pug Dog Club for their supported entry. Many thanks also to the exhibitors for their entries. I was so pleased with the quality entry and my class winners could easily switch places on another day.

Puppy – 2 Entries; 0 absentees

1st Portleycharm To Sir With Love (Mr. M & Mrs. D. A. Barrett)

A lovely 6-month-old young man, with a super jet-black coat. Makes a square outline and his ample bone and short, level topline creates a cobby structure. His legs are well underneath him, with a well sloped shoulder, good return of forearm and moderate angulation behind. His movement is very tidy and controlled for one so young, with correct parallel movement. He has a soft, gentle expression, with a large dark eye, big, open nostrils, and excellent width to his under jaw. Awarded him BPIB and was delighted he went on to take BPIS.

2nd Crydera The Show Must Go On (Miss. White)

A pretty, ultra-feminine, 9-month-old bitch. I loved her sweet expression and well pigmented head, with neat button ears, lovely work on the forehead, well-padded muzzle, and a dark round eye. She has a tight, plush jacket and excellent pigment throughout. In profile, she made a square outline with a nice tight twist to her tail, set high and on her hip. At this stage, she is a bit untidy on the move, particularly in front, but with maturity this should come together.

Junior – 5 entries; 1 absentee

1st Macmoore Stand And Deliver Of Zoant (Mr. A. & Mrs. Z. Monk)

I have admired this dog ringside and he did not disappoint up close. He is of correct size, making a square, cobby outline with good bone, bang level topline, finished with a high set tail. Good angulation both front and behind, making him well balanced and of sound, parallel movement. His head is large, round and masculine. He has a small button ear, dark eyes, full of fire and cheekiness, a very cushioned muzzle and plenty of width to his under jaw. His pigment is jet-black throughout. An exciting young dog who I look forward to seeing mature. Awarded him RBOB.

2nd Cedilla Carry On Cowboy (Mrs. S. J. Mitchell)

Another super dog with a fabulous head. His expression is delightful; soft and solicitous, with beautiful well-defined workings and perfect pigmentation. He has a short, tight fawn jacket, like velvet to touch. He is a slightly larger type than my winner and whilst he still makes a pleasant shape in profile, he has a tad more length to his leg. That being said, he has a lovely lay-back to his shoulder and a good turn of stifle. He moves out well, with good parallel movement.

Post Graduate – 2 entries; 1 absentee

1st Pugistie Pop The Question (Miss. J & Miss. R. Collier)

Stood alone in the class, but an excellent example of the breed. He also personifies the Pug temperament so well, even though this might make hard work for his handler! A lovely sized, masculine boy with the softest fawn coat. He is hard in muscle and presented in good condition. When not trying extra hard for his reward and over-extending behind, he shows a balanced outline and moves out well. He has a large, round head, neat, button ears with a cheeky but gentle expression. He was a strong contender for RBOB but was just pipped to the post for pigmentation on the mask and ears.

Open – 4 entries; 2 absentees

1st Bubbapug Starship Trouper (Mrs. M. Reid)

This 2-year-old fawn boy, epitomises ‘multum in parvo’. I couldn’t overlook his outline; ultra-compact, lots in a small, square package, finished with a tight twist in his tail and a lovely crest to his neck. Once he comes off the table, he becomes super spirited and moves out with purpose, yet keeps his legs well underneath his body creating that typical pug gait with a slight roll. He has a pale, clear, fawn coat, which contrasts beautifully against his jet-black pigment. He does have a slightly heavier over-nose wrinkle than is desired, however, this doesn’t take away from his masculine, yet gentle expression, excellent width to his well-padded muzzle and the neatest, little button ears. Delighted to award him BOB.

2nd Macmoore Jealous Guy At Dimrost (Mr. A. & Mrs. Z. Monk)

A larger fawn boy than the winner, with more length to leg. Presents a balanced structure, with moderate angulation front and behind, level topline, good reach of neck into well-sloped shoulders and a straight front. He has a well sprung chest with good depth, a tight curl to tail, but not set on as high as desired. He has a large, masculine head with excellent pigment, well-defined wrinkles and round, expressive eyes. Moved well, but not as together as my winner.