• Show Date: 27/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gerri Staples Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

27th Feb 202

I’d like to thank the Miniature Schnauzer and Schnauzer exhibitors for their entries and giving me the opportunity to go over their dogs. Also my stewards that kept everything moving, and the organisers and committee for making me welcome at their well run show.

Miniature Schnauzers

Puppy 5 (3 Abs)

1. HOLLAND Stokinpaws Atmospheric. 11 month female. Nicely balanced in profile. Feminine head of correct proportions, dark eyes with quizzical expression. Correct dentition. Neat ears and ear set. Slightly arched neck flowing into well laid back shoulder and return of upper arm giving good angulation. Plenty of forechest, rib and depth for age. Rear angulation in balance with front. Coat of good harsh texture. Moved freely and straight going and coming, with balanced reach and drive in profile. BP.

2. PARKER & MACDONALD Violis Struts Her Stuff. 6 month female. Still very much a baby. Not quite as clean in profile as 1. Correct head proportions with lovely dark alert expression. Correct dentition. Nicely laid back shoulder into level topline. Good depth of chest reaching to elbow. Well presented with lovely harsh coat. Moved well out and back, but preferred the balance of 1 on the move.

Junior 1 (0 abs)

1. NEWMAN & PARKER Risepark Spritzer. Well presented 14 month female. Balanced in profile. Feminine head with correct planes, dark eyes with alert expression. Good flow from neck into well set shoulder. Decent depth to chest and rib. Front and rear angulation balanced. Lovely harsh jacket. Unfortunately a little nervous on the move after being spooked by activity outside the ring

Post Graduate 2 (0 Abs)

1. PARKER & MACDONALD Violis Wait N’See. 20 month male. Well turned out and nicely balanced, and square in profile. Masculine head with good head planes, nice dark eyes with alert expression. Correct dentition. Slightly arched neck flowing nicely into well laid back shoulder. Enough forechest and depth with spring of rib. Short loin and well coupled. Lovely harsh jacket. Nice angulation at the rear and balanced with front. Moved well in profile, but was a little loose at the back going away in the challenge. RBoB

2. MELLOR Lyzahro White Here White Now. 2 year old male. Another well balance male, almost square in profile. Masculine head of good proportions, dark eyes with keen expression. Nicely set ears. Good pigmentation. Correct scissor bite. Elegant neck well set on to laid back shoulder. Correct angulation front and rear. Strong forechest with good depth, but not quite the spring of rib of 1, and slightly longer in the loin. Moved well, was balanced in profile, and out and back. Gave 1. a close run.

Open 5 (2 Abs)

1. GUDGIN & CAMPBELL Dayporium The Conjurer at Jennayr. 2 year old male. Nicely turned out, mature and well conditioned. Almost square in profile. Masculine head of correct proportions. Nice dark eyes with keen expression. Elegant arched neck flowing smoothly into well laid back shoulders. Correct angulation with plenty of forechest, depth and spring of rib. Firm top line, leading to well muscled and angulated rear. Moved smoothly with reach and drive in profile, clean and straight moving out and back. My clear winner today. BoB. Delighted to see him get Group 3 later in the day.

2. URYU Jokerland Work Of Art. Well presented 2 year old male. Balanced in profile but lacked the substance and was much finer in bone than 1. Dark eyes with alert expression, correct scissor bite. Arched neck flowing into shoulder and topline. Decent depth of chest to elbow. Moved well in profile.

3. MELLOR Habanera Eldzh Hope for Lyzharo.


Puppy 3 (0 Abs)

1. LEWINGTON Taru Leebren Grand Calvera. 9 month well conditioned female. Square in profile. Feminine head with correct heads planes, good length with medium stop. Alert quizzical expressive dark eyes. Lovely arched neck flowing well into laid back shoulder, and good return of upper arm to give correct front angulation. Plenty of forechest with depth. Firm top line, leading to well angulated rear. Crisp harsh jacket. A bit happy on the move, but was balanced front and back, moved well when settled. Would have liked to see less hair on wrists and hocks as it was throwing off the appearance of her movement. But was happy to give her BP and BoB. Delighted to see her go on to Puppy Group 3 later in the day.

2. MORGAN Leebren Midnight Star Gazer at Hexenmeister. 9 month female. Slightly longer in profile than 1. Correct head of good proportions with nice dark oval eyes. Well laid back shoulder and decent forechest. Nice harsh jacket. Moved well with balance front and rear.

3. DAWS & TOMS Minnienoom Navigator

Post Graduate 3 (0 Abs)

1. DIXON Elnajjar Dawn Walker. 2.5 year old male. Square in profile with nice harsh coat. Dark eyes and head of good proportions. Neck nicely set into laid back shoulder. Decent amount of forechest. Balanced front and rear in profile, but a little loose coming forwards.

2. WALKER Miccosukees In Cahoots With Kathalan. 2 year old female. Slightly longer in profile than 1. Dark expressive eyes in feminine head with good head planes. Good lay back of shoulder but a little short in upper arm. Moved well in profile and out and back.

3. LADNER Miccosukees Summer Sky at Dalhambury

Open 3 (1 Abs)

1. LADNER Dalhambury Kazanjian Red. 4 year old male. Square in profile. Dark eyes with keen expression. A slightly longer neck would have given a nicer top line. Decent forechest with depth. Short through the loin and well coupled. Harsh jacket. Move well in profile

2. PEFFERS Bel/Nld Ch. Miccosukees Playboy. 6 year old male. Almost square in outline. Dark eyes, head of good proportions. Crisp coat. Didn’t have quite the front assembly of 1., and a little longer through the loin. Moved well with balance.

Gerri Staples