• Show Date: 05/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gabrielle Sloane Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North & South Shields Canine Society

North and South Shields Canine Society Open Show

5th March 2022

Irish Setter

Puppy (0,0)

Junior (0,0)

Post Graduate (4,2)

1st Dodd’s Bardonhill Any Dream Will Do – Three year old dog, mature and fully furnished, handsome head with correct planes, good stop and lovely finish to foreface showing a soft, intelligent expression. Good length of neck in well set shoulders, going cleanly into topline. Shoulders well laid back, just would prefer a little more sternum. Good depth of chest, strong spring of rib into muscular loin. Nice width to upper thigh and lovely short pasterns however not the turn of stifle of the Best Of Breed winner. Very happy mover, a shade loose at the front however good width and stability at the rear, tail was carried a little high on the move today.

2nd Holehan-Green’s Loganrish Taste Of Diamonds –Two year old very feminine bitch giving away a lot on maturity, coat will complete the picture which I’m sure will come with time. Pleasing head with nice finish to foreface, correct eye shape and ears set on low, into a clean neck . Longer cast with good angulation both fore and aft, shorter in return of upper arm than one but with adequate spring of ring and strong loin, lovely width through both upper and lower thigh just would prefer a little more length to croup. Nice turn of stifle into neat pasterns and stood on lovely neat feet. Would benefit from a larger ring to really get into her stride.

Open (3,2)

1st Holehan-Green’s Loganrish Let’s Go Crazy – Three and a half year old dog, fully mature and in his prime with lovely coat quality. Pleasing, masculine head with dark eye, raised brow and good chiseling. Strong muscular neck of lovely length setting smoothly into super forehand with well laid back shoulder, good return of forearm and strong sternum. Clean topline, correct depth of chest and spring of rib. Slightly longer in pastern but stood on neat feet with well arched toes, and in lovely muscular condition which was highlighted on the move. Although not the most exuberant of movers, he was sound and collected, true at the front with good width at the rear covering the ground efficiently with reach and drive. Best Of Breed and so pleased to see him go on to do well in the Gundog Group receiving Group 4

Gabrielle Sloane (Ferasheen)