• Show Date: 06/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club

Thank you to the Officeholders and Committee for inviting me to judge your club show. I consider it to be a great honour to be asked to judge a breed club show. Thanks to my stewards for their assistance. Thank you to the exhibitors for their entries. A special thank you to the owners of the champions for entering their lovely dogs for me to assess.


1. Withers’ Pajantick Dark Nite. Well-developed 7-month-old brindle dog with good bone and muscle. Good mouth with strong teeth. Nice head of good width. Correct ears, eye shape and colour. Nice bow of forequarters creating the ‘wrap around’ front. Well laid shoulders. May appear a little long in back at present, but when he bodies up this will be resolved. Correct slight rise of topline. Well-muscled hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Coat coming through well. Played up a bit when moving, but still a young terrier puppy.


1. Saletti’s Heremone Bear. Was very impressed with this chap’s movement. He covered the ground with ease, with plenty of drive from the rear. Wheaten in colour but had super dark points and large black nose. Strong male head of good width. Brown eyes and rose tipped ears, all of good shape. Strong neck of moderate length, onto well laid shoulders. Wide and strong chest with ‘wrap around’ front. Well boned and muscled. Good depth of body and strength of loin with correct rise to croup. Excellent coat with harsh outer coat and soft undercoat.

2. Bailey’s Zippor Brendan. A nice type of dog, similar age to the winner. Coat quality let him down on the day. Good outline shape and bone. Height to length is good with a nice breadth of thigh and good hind angulation. Just lacking some of the points of No 1.


1. Roger’s Jeonty Dameron Anakin. Wheaten male. Nice masculine, strong head with good expression. Eyes are a good colour and correct shape. Ears small and well placed. Height to length is proportionate, with correct topline and good bend of stifle. Coat spoilt the first impression. Enjoyed his day but looked hard work.




1. Hannington’s Ch. Boudivella Osca. I fell in love with this chap as soon as I saw him and thought he was gorgeous. He certainly did not look 7 years old. I was not surprised to be told later that he had done a lot of winning at home and abroad. I see he is used by the club as an example of what a Glen should look like. A very worthy champion and appears to be at his peak at present, structurally and coat wise. Beautiful conformation and movement. His coat is a lovely ‘eye catching’ colour with harsh outer coat and soft undercoat, completing the picture.

2. Samuel’s Jeonty Yippe Kiaye. Lovely temperament and a nice black nose. Of a reasonable shape and size. Unfortunately, he had a haircut before he came.


1. Tobijanski’s Zippor Magic Molly. Just under a year old. Feminine, but had enough substance to be a Glen. Nicely balanced head with good length of muzzle and super ears. Well laid-back shoulders and strong neck. Excellent forequarters with good ‘wrap around’ forelegs. Correct topline rising to the loins. Well-muscled throughout. Good turn of stifle and parallel pasterns. Well set tail, carried gaily. Moved very well around the ring. Compact and strong feet. Coat coming through nicely.

2. Hannington’s Mo Stor Ailin of Tatler Jacks Clann at Boudivella. Not quite so mature. But adequate substance and well-muscled. Good well-proportioned head, with nice eyes and ears. Correct topline. Good height to length ratio. Low tailset. Good angulation. Moved out well, showing off her conformation. Coat developing.

3. Griffith’s Amhard Ruby Icon. Brindle with good head and nice ears. Correct brown round eyes. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders. Harsh texture to topcoat. Moved better when settled.

4. Saletti’s Jojase Aisling Pixie.


1. Samuel’s Jeonty Spirit of Naboo. A good general type, with feminine head and expression. Eyes well shaped and ears mobile. Coat not so good at the moment, lacking harshness. Movement perfectly OK when settles.


Absent. Due to being in the Birmingham National Terrier Group.


1. Sage’s Ch Wickholm Breaking Dawn. A really super, lovely bitch, excelling in shape and length. A very worthy champion. Correct head, with good width and rose tipped ears, used well. Good length of body to height with well sprung ribs. Correct topline, strong loin with good angulation. Well-muscled and moved very well. In super harsh coat. Over 6 years old, handler and bitch flagged a bit in the challenges. But a lovely bitch.

2. Forbes’ Ch Jeonty Dreams a Dream with Karensbrae. Another nice champion, with all the attributes of one. Good well-proportioned head. Eyes well shaped, ears small and mobile. Shorter coupled, that made her appear shorter in body. In super coat of harsh texture. Moved very well, with animation, gliding effortlessly around the ring.

3. Kirkwood’s Jeonty Letty Be Magic. Brindle sister of the above but quite a different type, but nice. Lacking in coat on the day.

BEST IN SHOW: Hannington’s Ch. Boudivella Osca.

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Saletti’s Heremone Bear.

BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW: Sage’s Ch Wickholm Breaking Dawn.

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Withers’ Pajantick Dark Nite.

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Hannington’s Ch. Boudivella Osca.

Felicity A. Snook