• Show Date: 12/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Midland Terrier Society

I was delighted to accept the invitation to judge nine breeds of terriers at this prestigious show. The Officeholders and Committee put on a superb show at their new Kennel Club Building venue. There was a lovely, vibrant, friendly atmosphere and even the lunches were rather special. Thank you to my stewards, who started with Joe Ashe and appeared to change regularly throughout the day. A special thank you to the exhibitors for entering top quality dogs for me to judge. I know at least three were champions, others had CCs.



1. Hughes, Kempton & Pearce’s Knowlelion Clowning Around NAF TAF. A promising puppy. Both handler and puppy bitch were very new to showing and very nervous. Nice length of head, well proportioned, with flat skull. Good ears and mouth. Nicely bodied. Correct hard, dense wiry coat. I hope they both gain their confidence and have a good future. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

OPEN (2)

1. Edington-Hall’s Wendaire Kissed by an Angel JW ShCM ShCEx. What a super, outstanding bitch, real king of the terriers! Lovely outgoing and confident temperament. Good length of head, well proportioned, with flat skull. Powerful and strong jaws, but still feminine. Well placed ears and correct eyes. Moderate length of neck with well laid shoulders. Short, strong back and well-muscled hindquarters. Stifles well bent and hocks well let down, giving great propulsion. Her grizzle coat not at its best on the day, lacking undercoat. However, her construction and movement made up for it. The handler told me later that she had won Best in Show at this show before, well deserved. BEST OF BREED.



1. Bishop’s Pajantick Bertie Wooster NAF. A very promising puppy with a good mouth. Black in colour but has two years to change. Good length of head, with black nose. Correct cylindrical type body rising slightly to well arched loin. Strong, muscular hindquarters enabling him to move with propulsion when settled. BEST PUPPY.


Neither Cesky very outgoing on the day.

1. Burrage’s Sametova Bacary. Breed type was more evident in this dog. Correct, well- proportioned head with slightly arched skull. Super ears carried close to cheeks. Elegant neck into lovely well laid shoulders. Nicely shaped cylindrical type body, rising slightly over loin. Well-muscled and presented in good coat. Moved OK. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Pearson’s Zvonenka Hamentashen at Winoski (Imp Cze). Not showing her best on the day. Correct head and good ear placement. Nice tail set, carried well.

OPEN (5)

1. England & Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx. What a showman and show off! Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Absolutely wonderful and matched the breed standard exactly. Super head and ear set. Straight, strong-boned forelegs. Lovely body, well sprung ribs, with rise over the loin, producing a well-muscled, rectangular outline. Presented in top condition. Moved like a dream, briskly and vigorously, with plenty of propulsion. I was disappointed he did not do better in the ‘big ring,’ but there were lots of top-quality dogs there. BEST OF BREED.

2. Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova. A very nice bitch. Good head, shoulders and straight forelegs, giving a lovely rectangle profile. Propulsive movement. I felt the different tail set and carriage detracts. Good textured coat.

3. Taylor’s Oural Du Champ D’Eole (Imp Fra).

4. Pearson’s Placido Musical Mission at Winoski.

5. Halling’s Grancek Slavny Sandor.


Thank you for presenting such lovely top-quality Smooths for me to judge. I was spoilt for choice.


1. Griffiths’ Yoxella Well in Touch. A super young bitch and what a showman! Perhaps longer than some, but allowable for a bitch. Beautifully balanced and on tip toe. Super tail set and carriage. Moved very well with drive.

2. Brookes’ Zetamaz I’m Your Man. Another very nice puppy, which appeared longer on the leg. Nice head with stop apparent. Nicely muscled and bodied with a super topline. Very good small, round, compact feet. Moved well.


1. Griffiths’ Yoxella Whoa Black Betty. Litter sister to the above winner and more mature. Very balanced. Super head with flat skull. Nicely bodied for age. Lovely feet. Moved very well. Excellently presented and handled. I was pleased she did so well in the ‘big ring.’ BEST PUPPY & FOURTH BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

2. Arustamyan’s Chipstead Puzzle of Lorecon. Another nice type of Smooth Fox Terrier, but preferred head of 1. Well-made and presented. Unfortunately, he decided not to move very well.


1. Brookes’ Zetamaz Rainbow Quest. Very nice, well-muscled, masculine dog. Lovely body with short back. Good feet.

2. Martin’s Tamedale Fenella. Nice bitch with a good head. Straight forelegs and small, round, compact feet. Longer in body and smaller.

OPEN (2)

1. Wilberg’s Ch Kanix Quickstep. A very worthy champion. It was a pleasure to judge her. Well balanced, handled and presented to perfection. So pleased she did the breed proud in the ‘big ring.’ BEST OF BREED & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW.

2. Brookes’ Zetamaz Carbon Copy JW ShCEx OSW. One of my favorites and always looks great. A lot of letters behind his name, but not the big ones in front yet! RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



1. Hughes & Ford’s Alkinra Had to Be (AI). Very nice young bitch puppy, of good bone and substance for her age. Correct long, lean head with flat skull and high set ears. Short level back, good bend of stifle and low set hocks. Wiry coat coming through. Moved well with drive. BEST PUPPY & BEST OF BREED.



1. Gibson’s Dapperdax Holly. Correct head, with flat skull. Well balanced and compact body. Well-muscled hindquarters with well-turned stifles. Movement good. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

OPEN (2)

1. Mathias’ River Spirit of Dapperdax. Good breed type. Seven years old and appeared to have lost his harsh, weather resistant coat, unless he had been stripped out. Nice head with correct ear carriage. Moved well with drive. BEST OF BREED.

2. Mathias’ Amadayus Pandora of Dapperdax. Preferred the head and ears of 1. Presented well, nicely muscled, giving a good outline. Correct dense, harsh coat. Moved well.



1. O’Boyle’s Plantocracy Hermione at Ruffagga. A lovely friendly temperament. Wedge shaped head with kind feminine expression. Coat presented in excellent condition. Movement not at it’s best today and would have preferred more defined markings on the chest.

2. Watkins’ Ruffagga Bewitching Girl. Temperament let her down on the day. Unfortunately, I could not touch her which was a great shame. The handler said she had been strange all day. She had a good wedge-shaped head and super ears, correct markings and moved well. A great shame.

OPEN (3)

Hard to choose between these half-brothers.

1. Warner’s Talanors Time for Fun. I have seen this chap on a number of occasions who always does his handler and breeder proud. Masculine wedge-shaped head of good proportions, strong neck and shoulders, well-muscled all through with good depth, producing an excellent outline. Nice feet. Good tail carriage. Moved well. BEST OF BREED.

2. Plant’s Plantocracy Bold Bruce JW. Another super Manchester. Nice wedge-shaped head with narrow, flat skull. Super ears carried well above the line of the head and hanging close to head above eyes. Good topline with well sprung ribs. Strong quarters. Moved well. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



1. Bettis’ Nunneley Hopscotch Over Ornella. A lovely friendly puppy. Correct head with slightly domed skull and wide between the ears. Dark eyes and well-set ears. Long muscular neck, leading to good shoulders. Correct length of body, with broad, deep chest coming. Muscular thighs with well bent stifles. Hard, wiry coat coming on well. Moved with vigor. Presented and handled well. I will follow her career with interest. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.


1. Crang’s Lushell Gwyn Cariad. Not in the best of temperaments today. I believe she was in full season. I found her hard to assess.

2. Robinson’s Tippi Hedren in Green. Both handler and dog were a delight. The bitch had a lovely outgoing temperament but appeared to lack a lot of the breed features. A different presentation may have helped. Movement was also hard to assess.


Lovely to have so many Sealyhams entered in one class.

1. Forkes-Rees’ Pakynhyl Treak Cliff. Had many of the breed features, being balanced and of an oblong shape. Correct head and skull, with slightly rounded ears carried correctly. Nice body with broad and deep chest. I would have preferred a harder, wiry, weather resistant coat.

2. James’ Nileda Mister Joe. Another nice type with good head and ears. Good overall shape and movement. I found the tail carriage over the back distracting.

3. Devonshire’s Jolihem Lene Joe Badger.

4. Lee’s Ornella Chocolate Orange.

5. Robinson’s Tippi Hedren in Green.

OPEN (2)

1. Bell’s Ch Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson at Letara. Oh, what a ‘naughty boy,’ with typical terrier attitude not working with his handler but doing what he wanted to do. Thankfully, he got better as the show went on, as he nearly threw his chances away. Presented to perfection and a dog in his prime. I judged him as a puppy and thought he was nice, placing him well. I am so pleased he has developed into a top winning champion. So pleased he did the breed proud in ‘the big ring.’ BEST OF BREED & BEST IN SHOW.

2. Devonshire’s Kenaiteen Cascade. A nice type of bitch, having most of the breed attributes. Good ear and tail set. Moved well with drive.



1. Mathias’ Dalys Brenhines Cymru at Dapperdax. Nicely balanced, smart, feminine bitch. Correct ‘brick’ shaped head with flat skull. Well set ears carried forward and close to cheeks. Short backed, well-muscled. Moved well with reach and drive. Wiry, hard, close coat. BEST OF BREED.

2. Cassidy’s Perrisblu The Patriot. Very much a masculine dog. Appeared longer on leg, therefore not so balanced as 1. Head OK, but not so well shaped as 1. Very well presented with a super wiry, hard, close coat.

OPEN (1)

1. Hughes & Pearce’s Knowlelion Real Deal. A smart, well-shaped dog. Head OK. Well laid shoulders and straight, muscular forelegs. Correct coat. Did not move as well as the Best of Breed. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



Two lovely, promising puppies, who will go through life constantly changing places. Both had a balanced, square appearance and outgoing, friendly personalities. Nice heads with slightly domed skulls. Well set eyes with correct expression and sharp pointed ears not too close nor too far apart. Compact bodies, level toplines, strong, muscular hindquarters and good tail sets. Both well presented.

1. Steemson’s Bellevue Jump for Joy at Bocans. Pretty young bitch with nice expression. Neat well-set ears, dark eyes and good mouth. Lovely front and shoulders. Short backed and nicely balanced. Coat coming through nicely. Moved well. BEST PUPPY.

2. Szulzycka’s Newvoldemort First Class. She decided not to move so well, but I am sure she could. Lovely coat texture.


1. Lewis’ Inspe Starshine Fella. Lovely friendly temperament. Not presented the same as the two puppies. But a good all-round West Highland White Terrier. Head OK with fairly large, black nose and well-set ears. Compact body with level topline.


1. Szulzycka’s Newvoldemort Prada. Nicely maturing bitch and well balanced. Correctly proportioned head of good width, slightly domed skull, super expression and small, erect well placed ears. Compact body with level back, good shoulder placement and deep chest. Strong, muscular hindquarters. Hocks bent and well set under the body, providing free, easy movement with drive from the rear. Presented very well, with harsh, white outer coat and softer undercoat, finished off with a super skirt. BEST OF BREED.

2. Davison’s Smash Victoria Secret (Imp Swe). Well presented, showing good head, neat ears, with slightly domed skull. Strong neck merging into well laid shoulders and straight front legs. Ample bone and correct compact body. Nicely muscled hindquarters.

3. Mitchell’s Inspe Dream a Little Dream.

OPEN (4)

1. Bradbury’s Fourastay Fontayne JW. Another good-looking Westie that caught my eye when he entered the ring. Well balanced and square. Nicely presented head, showing correct shape. Deep chest, level back and powerful hindquarters. Loins broad and strong. Stifles and hocks well flexed giving excellent movement with drive. Good tail set. In super condition and coat. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Davidson’s Hopecharm Midnight Cowboy for Braxquin. Good head with correct slightly domed skull. Lovely small, pointed ears. Good eyes, showing that sharp, intelligent expression. Straight front. Correct neck length. Level top line, muscular thighs and hocks well bent. Super harsh coat. Moved freely and well. Judged him as a puppy.

3. Mitchell’s Lynnsto Pandora’s Box.

4. Pearson’s Braxquin One in a Million for Winoski.

Felicity A. Snook