• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chippenham & District Canine Society

Thank you to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this very well-run show. I heard there were very late changes of judges and some committee members were unable to attend the show. Despite this, everything worked like clockwork. My stewards worked hard, and I had some excellent exhibits to judge.



1. Brian’s Rocvilla Theory of Love at Sebriville NAF. A very promising seven-month-old bitch puppy, with a super temperament. Head in proportion to body. Muzzle to skull also in correct proportion, with clean skull. Moderate sized ears set wide and high on skull. Excellent mouth with undershot jaw and six incisors in a straight line in lower jaw. Square body, good bone and muscles. Moved well when settled. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.


1. Robinson’s Robinsteck a Star Is Born. Square built with strong bone and good muscles. Well-shaped head. Round, strong, muscular neck of ample length. Strong hindquarters and good angulation. Very nice side gait. BEST OF BREED.



1. Bodman’s Stelamah Victorious Nico at Acara. A well grown dog of good size. Strong boned throughout, giving the impression of being noble, majestic and powerful. Well-muscled and level top line. Correct length of tail and carriage. Good double coat with excellent undercoat.


1. Franklin’s Shinglebay I’ve Gotta Be Me. A well-proportioned mature bitch with a lovely gentle temperament. Well balanced, broad, large head but still feminine. Dark eyes, showing no haw and well-set ears. Wide nostrils. Good reach of neck flowing into powerful, well laid shoulders. Straight front, well-muscled. Deep chest and fairly broad. Good spring of rib, broad in body and held her top line well. Presenting a very attractive profile when standing. Shown in good double coat and condition. Correct feet. BEST OF BREED.

2. Lyon’s Shinglebay Mr Bojangles. Litter brother to the above and masculine in appearance. Also having the sweet natured temperament. Although I just preferred the appearance in head of 1st, he is breed typical and acceptable in head and expression. Well built, with straight front, powerful and muscled. Good overall profile. Presented in good double coat. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.


What a treat to have four Bullmastiff puppies to judge.


1. Warren’s Yakee Tantalum of Copperfield. One of the stars of the show, who went on to be BEST RESERVE BEST OF BREED IN SHOW, being 7 months old, at his first show. I fell in love with him. Well grown, powerfully built, showing great strength even at this age. Large, square, broad skull with well filled cheeks, with short muzzle and dark eyes. Wonderful ears set on wide and high, giving square appearance to skull. Very undershot. Strong, well arched neck. Wide and deep chest, with sloping muscular shoulders. Straight back, well-muscled hindquarters and moderately bent hocks. Handled to perfection and moved very well. Will watch his showing career with interest. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. John’s Omfero Princess Rochie. Another very nice type with many of the same attributes, but the female version. Good, well-proportioned head and nice ears. Well built and muscled, straight back. Good movement.

3. Tye’s Boston.

4. Holzherr’s Crimlisk Nightfury.


1. Popp, Myers & Morgan’s Optimus Thomas Morse of Penychen. Caught my eye as soon as he came into the ring. 20-month-old fawn of good size and depth. Well balanced and proportioned square head, with well filled cheeks, dark muzzle, dark eyes and nicely placed ears giving square appearance of skull. Correct mouth showing enough width of muzzle with good open nostrils. Excellent bone and muscle. Wide and deep chest, well-let down. Straight back, muscled hindquarters and moderate bend of hocks. Moved with power and purpose. A nice example of the breed. BEST OF BREED.

2. Warren’s Copperfield Dubbley. A different type. Well proportioned square head, with well filled cheeks. Good front and developed chest. Appeared shorter and thicker in body than 1. Straight topline, well presented in good condition. Not feeling that confident on the day.

3. John’s Coubymoor Major Tom.

4. Bratchie & Baillie’s The Love and Hope is Dvariskiu at Skookumbull (imp LTU)

5. Boston.


1. John’s Asborn Daisy Duke. A nice example of a fawn bitch approaching 3 years old. Feminine, beautiful head with dark eyes, correct ear placement, open nostrils and a super level mouth. Strong, powerful neck, correct front, good pasterns and tight feet. Straight back, moderately bent hocks and presented in good condition. Moved extremely well, with power and purpose. Enough bone and substance for a bitch.

2. Bratchie & Bailie’s Essenceera Turn the Magic on at Skooklumbull JW. Dog of good size and outgoing temperament. Square skull with ears of correct size and black muzzle. He has a strong neck leading into excellently placed shoulders and a deep, broad chest and good bone. Presented a well-balanced outline, well ribbed and bodied with a firm, level topline. His rear is well angulated providing strong, powerful movement.

3. Warren’s Copperfield Dando at Heronsview.

4. Boston.



1. Lafford’s Lateagain Wild Heart Avec Sariandobes. In good condition and lovely colour, with all the defined markings. Well-proportioned head, with flat skull and ears set high on head dropping close to cheeks. Good bone for size and age. Forechest developing well. Brisket down to elbow, good topline and rear angulation. Excelled in free movement with good stride.

2. Goodall’s Maighread’s Bonnie Rosheen to Mianna. Appeared to be a different shape, but still promising. Well developed for age, with good bone and muscle. Well-bent stifles and moved OK.

3. Tyler’s Jojavik Bombs Away at Asteri.


1. Evan’s Lateagain Heart of Fire. Litter brother to the previous winner with much the same attributes. Quite mature for his age. Correctly proportioned head, flat skull and a very good mouth. Good neck and shoulder placement. Forechest well developed and square body. Hindquarters developing well, with nicely bent stifles. Providing a well-balanced dog. Correct markings. BEST PUPPY.


1. Thorn’s Grafmax Lucy in the Sky. Her movement won her the placing of BOB, moving freely with good reach in forequarters and driving power in the hindquarters, covering the ground with ease. Complete dentition, with good scissor bite and strong teeth. Well-proportioned head with flat skull. Forechest developed nicely for a bitch. Good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Square body nicely boned and muscled with well-bent stifles. BEST OF BREED.


1. Groves & Lafford’s Lateagain Satisfaction JW. Well balanced dog with lovely confirmation. Good head and length of muzzle. Lovely long, lean and muscular neck, flowing into well angled shoulders. Good forechest, square body, short and firm back, well-muscled hindquarters with well-bent stifles and good tail set. Tight, well arched feet. Good bone and nicely muscled, producing an excellent outline. In super condition. Moved out well with good reach and drive. I felt my Limit winner moved very slightly better in the challenge. Defined colour. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Thorn’s Garfmax Sergeant Pepper. Another nice dog, who was very masculine. Good square body with plenty of bone and muscle. Very good defined markings and moved OK.



1. Burchell-Whittle’s Matera’s Noble Heart. Lovely temperament, being good-natured and friendly. Excellent coat for a puppy. Good colour and markings in all the right places. Well bent stifles. BEST PUPPY.


1. Sayer’s Tickbern Takin Liberties at Takodabern. Seven-year-old bitch. Good general appearance of a strong working dog, well boned and striking colour, producing a nice outline of a Bernese Mountain Dog. Good head with correct markings. In good bone and muscle for a bitch of this age. Constructed very well, with well bent stifles, resulting in good movement with reach in front and drive from behind. BEST OF BREED.

2. Manix & English’s Waldershelf Fame N’ Fortune. Masculine head with dark eyes. Very good mouth. Correct body proportions. Jet black colour with correct rich reddish-brow markings. Presented in well-muscled condition and well bent stifles, resulting in very good movement with drive and purpose. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



1. Newton’s Shlarra Some Kind of Miracle. Waw, what a stunner! Very mature for eight months old, presented and handled to perfection. Confident, elegant and graceful. She fits the standard so well. I was delighted she went on to be BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. Very feminine, well-proportioned head, beautifully formed. Well set ears which appeared a little large, but I expect head will grow to match them. Good depth of chest and nice body proportions. Nicely angulated front and rear with sound, strong top-line, straight front with good feet, correct neck leading into a lovely shoulder placement, well ribbed back, belly well drawn up, lovely outline standing and moving, she moved out well with reach and drive, covering the ground with ease. BEST PUPPY & BEST OF BREED.

2. Newton’s Primus Make a Wish. From the same kennel, but quite a different type of puppy bitch. Younger and smaller. She has all that is needed, being well grown, nicely boned and muscled, but no competition for her kennel mate on the day.


1. Joaquin’s Droolakiss Pretty in Pink. A very ‘laid back’ four-year-old bitch, who looked older than she was. Presented a very nice profile, having all the essentials. Good head and body. Moved OK, but with no animation. Easily beaten by the puppy winner. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



1. Ellis’ Giant Schnauzer, Dasval Little Big Man. Stood alone, but what a showman! Expertly handled, adding to his performance. Powerfully built, with a square appearance. Strong head, of good length. Powerful muzzle ending in a blunt wedge. Large black nose. Oval eyes with bushy eyebrows and well-set ears. Good length of neck set on good shoulders. Broad, deep chest. Back strong and straight. Well-muscled hindquarters, producing correct angles when not over stretched. Free, easy movement. Good reach of front legs and propulsion from the rear. To finish the picture, the coat was presented well with harsh and wiry topcoat, correct length to enhance the structure. BEST A.V.N.S.C. WORKING.



1. Brian’s Boxer, Rocvilla Theory of Love at Sebriville NAF. See above.

2. Goodall’s Dobermann, Maighread’s Bonnie Rosheen to Mianna. See above.


1. Ellis’ Giant Schnauzer, Dasval Little Big Man. See above.

2. Crowther’s Siberian Husky, Kobuk Foxtail Lily. Very feminine, striking, attractive colour and markings. Appeared longer in body and head than some. Good dentition and temperament. Good head, reach of neck, straight front legs and holds topline on the move. Nicely angulated rear. Moved OK.


A lovely class of real quality veterans.

1. Franklin’s Newfoundland, Shinglebay High Hopes ShCM. A lovely example of an eight-year-old Newfoundland, looking so good for her age. Excellent dentition for an ‘oldy’. Well presented in full coat. Excellent overall balance and condition. Good hindquarters, giving nice movement with reach and drive. She looked lovely in the ‘big ring’.

2. Tinker’s Siberian Husky, Mult Ch Raindrop’s on Roses at Lolotea (Imp Pol) JW. A very worthy champion, of an attractive colour. Eyes of different colours, acceptable in this breed. Construction and movement excellent as one would expect in a champion.

3. Norman’s Siberian Husky, Skimarque Anna Pavlova.

4. Tinker’s Siberian Husky, Esquimaux a Kind of Magic JW.

BEST WORKING: - Ellis’ Giant Schnauzer, Dasval Little Big Man.

RESERVE BEST WORKING: - Popp, Myers & Morgan’s Bullmastiff, Optimus Thomas Morse of Penychen ShCM.

GROUP 3: - Tinker’s Siberian Husky, Multi Ch. Zalatana Kiss my Paws at Lolotea JW (Imp Pol). Another worthy champion.

GROUP 4: - Forsey’s Alaskan Malamute, Muzoku You’re my Obsession. A nice example of the breed.

BEST WORKING PUPPY: - Newton’s Great Dane, Shlarra Some Kind of Miracle.

RESERVE BEST WORKING PUPPY: - Warren’s Bullmastiff, Yakee Tantalum of Copperfield.

PUPPY GROUP 3: - Evan’s Dobermann, Lateagain Heart of Fire.

PUPPY GROUP 4: - Forsey’s Alaskan Malamute, Owyhee N Blackrock Feel the Noize for Muzoku (Imp USA) TAF.

BEST RESERVE BEST OF BREED WORKING: - Warren’s Bullmastiff, Yakee Tantalum of Copperfield.

Felicity A. Snook