• Show Date: 24/09/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Emma Martin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Great Yarmouth Gorleston & District Canine Society

Gt. Yarmouth, Gorleston & DCS Premier Open Show on Saturday 24th September 2022.

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this show and my very competent steward, Matthew, for keeping everything running smoothly. I also extend my thanks to the exhibitors across all four breeds for bringing their dogs under me today.

German Wirehaired Pointers

Puppy (1)

1st Jenkins & Warner’s Tickencote Teach Me Tonight For Gerstenfeld.

Wow! This pretty 9 month old bitch is clearly a star in the making and already showing much promise! She has the correct body proportions having slightly more length than height and is perfectly balanced throughout presenting a strong but not coarse picture with a pretty head and expression. A lovely broad skull with correct moderate stop and kind eyes furnished with fabulously bushy eyebrows, her ears are good and she has complete and correct dentition, good return of upper arm, deep chest, nice elbows, well ribbed and good bend of stifle finished with beautiful tight feet. On the move she showed drive fore and aft maintaining a good topline. A correct, harsh coat lying close to the body completes this little dog. I was very pleased to hear that she topped a quality Puppy Group and was ultimately awarded Supreme Best Puppy In Show. Congratulations!

Limit (1)

1st Jenkins & Warner’s Glenquin Artemis For Gerstenfeld

I found this bitch to be strong and well muscled with a lovely head and correct mouth and ears, well proportioned body, good angulation and nice feet. She moved soundly but sadly lacked the desired thick and harsh coat.

Open (1)

1st Jenkins Ch Kimmax Koming Home At Gerstenfeld ShCM

A beautiful well made and balanced bitch with excellent length of back, correctly sloping shoulders, good fore quarters, deep chest and well sprung ribs with good hind angulation showing well muscled thighs. She has a kind and intelligent expression set on a pretty head with correct dentition, ears and furnishings. She wears an excellent coat and moves out smoothly covering the ground with ease. BOB, well done.

Hungarian Vizsla

Puppy (2,0)

1st Porter-Manning & Porter’s Roughshoot Quintessential.

Sweet little 10 month old bitch with a pretty head with correct median line and moderate stop, good eyes, ears, mouth flowing into a moderately long, clean neck followed by well laid shoulders and proper fore assembly. Correct length of back with a level topline which was held well on the move for one so young. Needs to drop in brisket but this will come with age, and does not detract from her overall quality. She is well ribbed and has the correct slight tuck up beneath her loin, good feet with short dark, nails and russet coloured coat. I liked her a lot. BP & PG2.

2nd Savage’s Roughshoot Quantum Theory At Silvestre.

Litter brother to 1 and heavier all through. This boy has a handsome, masculine head with correct median line, eyes, ears and mouth. He is slightly longer cast than 1, has good depth and stands on strong legs with hocks well let down. Needs to settle on the move but has plenty of time on his side.

Special Yearling (3,2)

1st Winkworth &Woodcock’s Oxanaember Thai Pumpkin

15 month old bitch who wasn’t entirely happy today. Sweet head with a kind expression, correct ear set and good neck. Level topline, good ribs, moderately angulated hindquarters and good coat. Moved well coming and going.

Open (1)

1st Porter-Manning & Porter’s Wallaroo Hawk Eye JW

This is a cracking dog who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. He presents a pleasing outline that doesn’t disappoint on closer inspection. He has all of the correct body proportions throughout, a level topline which is held at all times and a stunning head with kind eyes. He has a moderately deep chest with the standard prominent breast bone, is well ribbed, good tuck up and stands on strong legs with correct upright pasterns. Moved effortlessly around the ring and didn’t put a foot wrong.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Puppy (1)

1st Cooper’s Hazean Donetsk To Deifstock (IKC).

I just loved this 7 month bitch of excellent type, she commanded the eye as soon as she entered. Pretty head with a moderate stop and medium eyes with an inquisitive and intelligent look, correct ears and complete dentition framed with desired eyebrows and beard. Well-muscled and extraordinarily well balanced throughout for her age. Moderately long neck flowing into well laid shoulders, excellent front assembly with elbows close to the body and good strong forelegs. Good length of back and topline held both standing and on the move. Already showing well developed second thigh with moderate hind angulation and well let down hocks which allowed her to move true. Best of feet with short dark nails and wearing a lovely russet jacket which was harsh and close fitting. Handled to advantage and topped 2 classes today with her outstanding performance. BP and PG4, well done.

Limit (3)

1st Cooper’s Hazean Donetsk To Deifstock (IKC). As above

2nd. Howard’s Zoldmali Latin Lover.

I thought this 3 ½ year old dog might be my winner in this class but he didn’t show himself to advantage today. Darker than 1, he has a lovely masculine head with correct stop, eyes, ears, mouth and furnishings. He has good proportions all round and possesses a good depth of chest, level topline, well developed thighs, good feet and a harsh, well fitted coat. I just preferred the more positive movement of the class winner.

Open (2)

1st Coopers Deifstock Desert Rose.

I have admired this medium sized bitch before but today she did everything in her power to throw it all away. Fortunately she redeemed herself at the very last moment, and it was worth the wait! She has a pretty look about her with a kind eye set into a moderately broad head, standard V shaped ears and correct and complete dentition finished with wonderful eyebrows and beard. She is built on a strong frame though is not coarse in any way and is still feminine with a wonderful length to height ratio, well developed chest, well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm over straight forelegs and slightly sloping pasterns with excellent feet and harsh coat. Displaying a level topline and good hind assembly with moderate angulation and well let down hocks enabling her to drive from the rear on the move which once settled was a joy to behold. BOB.

2nd Howards Lanokk Szivos JW

This gentleman pushed 1 hard and gave a faultless account of himself remaining in tune with his handler at all times. Excellent proportions and still in tip-top condition for an 8 year old veteran. Beautiful head and kindly eye, very good dentition and ears. Well muscled neck. Loved his length, coat and movement. Just preferred the angulation of the winner. Well handled.


Special Yearling (2)

1st Porter-Manning & Porter’s Wallaroo Wish Upon A Star

2 young bitches of different types both at that raw adolescent stage, I feel they could change places on another day. This 18 month old bitch has the correct eye with an alert expression and good ear set/length with complete scissor bite dentition, is well ribbed and has excellent length of back with slightly sloping croup, moderate hind angulation and well let down hocks. Moved well when settled. Won this class with her overall shape and length. BOB.

2nd Coleman’s Smilek Sweet Caroline.

Pretty 12 month old bitch who is a fabulous pale silver colour with the sweetest of heads. She has good eyes, ears and mouth. Stands on straight, strong forelegs and has moderately angulated rear assembly allowing her to move effortlessly with drive, this is her strength and she didn’t put a foot wrong. Excellent feet. Splitting hairs, I just preferred the shoulder placement and length of 1 today.

Emma Martin (Teufel)