• Show Date: 11/06/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ellen Charlish Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Dundee Canine Club

Dundee Canine Club Open Show- 11th June 2022

I would like to thank the committee of Dundee Canine Club for my first judging appointment. They all stayed in excellent spirits despite the challenging weather conditions I was delighted with my entry and it was a pleasure to find all dogs with correct dentition and in great condition all with good natures. Thank you to all exhibitors who made my day very enjoyable and accepted all results in a very sporting manner. I also have to thank my fabulous steward who was very efficient and kept the ring running superbly.


Class 221- Special Yearling (3,2)

1. Cairn’s Lamarg Silver Showtoff- A lovely young bitch who really caught my eye today. Her lovely calm and confident Weimaraner demeanour stood her in good stead to deal with the challenging weather conditions and shows her nice expression and eye. Her head is of good proportions and fits her overall balance. She is lovely to watch on the moves with a level top line and free gait that covers the ground effortlessly. I look forward to following her progress in what I am sure will be a successful showing career.

2. Maclaine and Dickson’s Greyspirit Mystique CPW22- Another lovely girl who wasn’t so keen on the weather today and unfortunately didn’t always show herself off to her best. She also moves well with a good tail carriage but did not quite have the freeness of 1. I also look forward to watching her progress through the classes.

3. Jamieson’s Greyspirit Keep Me Waiting

Class 222- Post Graduate (5,1)

A very difficult class to judge and the placings could have easily changed.

1. Sayer and Wallwork’s Braefell Bumblebee- Very feminine bitch who has a balanced frame and moved well. Nice ears and head of good proportions. Liked her depth of chest and has well sprung ribs. She has good hind angulation which gives her good drive and she carries her tail well.

2. Duffy’s Almoor Lady Gaga- A different type to 1 but another nice bitch who is of good substance. I liked her well proportioned head. Good length to height ratio and good deep chest. She too moves well, has a good top line and carried her tail well. Shown in good, hard condition.

3. Jamieson’s Greyspirit Keep Me Waiting.

Class 223- Open (5,3)

1. Alcorn’s Sh Ch Gunalt Hendricks- An impressive dog who ticks all the Weimaraner boxes. He has a lovely masculine head with a pleasing eye and expression. Lovely feet. Excellent movement that is powerful and effortless. Thrilled to award him BOB and then watch him continue to have a fantastic day culminating in Best in Show, many congratulations!

2. Maclaine and Dickson’s Greyspirit Purdue Jw Shcm Shcex CJW17 CW22- A lovely girl with a lovely expression and of good proportions all round. Good length of neck and depth of chest. Liked her strong front and firm loin and abdomen. Has a good top line, moved well and good tail carriage. Very well muscled and in good condition.

3. Duffy’s Almoor Lady Gaga.


Class 224- Special Yearling (2,1)

1. Rossiter and Mosedale’s Kimifleur Black- What an absolutely stunning dog! He has a beautiful eye which lends to his lovely kind expression. He doesn’t want to be any bigger but overall, he is balanced and everything in good proportions. Graceful neck leading on to good front and nice deep chest. Short couple and well sprung ribs. Delighted to award him BOB.

2. Duncan’s Lithespirit Karens Comet- Preferred his overall size to 1 however he was lacking a bit of oomph today (I think this was mostly weather related). Another nice head and neck, liked proportions of his head and nice thin leathers. Short coupled and has good slightly arched loins. Good slightly sloping pasterns and nice feet. Moved well once he got going.

Class 225- Post Graduate (1,1)

Class 226- Open (2,3)

1. Mackay and Mackay’s Fluerfield Steals the Dream SH CM- A lovey gent who belies his 8 years! He is in fabulous condition and is sound on the move with a good top line and lovely tail lashing as he goes. Good depth of chest with plenty heart room. Short coupled with slightly arched loins and good rear angulation. He is a series of graceful curves as the Pointer should be.

2. Wallace’s Sonstraal Only One Wish- A very pretty bitch who wasn’t so keen on the weather today. Lovely, graceful neck and also has a good depth of chest and rib cage which gradually falls away to strong loins. Well let down hocks. She was at her most happy on the move as she went round with a lovely lashing tail and was a joy to watch.

English Setters

Class 227- Special Yearling (1,1)

1. Welsh’s Goldbirch Burning Desire- A very pleasing young bitch who is just right for her age with some maturing still to do, amazing coat for her age. Pretty head with a good frame and top line which holds on the move. Moved well once she got in the swing of it. She came in a bit quiet but her handler did a lovely job of gently encouraging her and giving her an enjoyable experience in the ring.

Class 228- Post Graduate (1,1)

1. Yule’s Rowanmyle One Bewitched- What a lovely peaceful soul! She has an elegant neck which leads into a good strong front. Feet tight and arched. Short coupled and has a good length of thigh. She moves well and has plenty drive with a nice tail carriage. Lovely kind expression and pretty head with good flews.

Class 229- Open (2,2)

1. Vallance’s Rowanmyle Was A Skellum- A magnificent dog who catches your eye the moment he enters the ring. He is a joy to watch on the move as he powers round with his lashing tail. He has a beautiful head with a lovely dark eye and kind expression. Good chest with plenty heart room and definitely fit for purpose. Shown in fantastic condition. Delighted to award him BOB

2. Yule’s Rowanmyle One Bewitched- As previous class.

Judge- Ellen Charlish (Harelferg/Farepoint)