• Show Date: 24/07/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Elaine Bogart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Counties Hound Club


Post Graduate 1

1st Johnson, Miss CM Viridas Pink Floyd 3 year-old white/ black male. Tall aristocratic looking boy. Head long and lean with the desired Roman nose and keen expression. Fair neck into decent shoulders, he has good depth to his chest although quite narrow in front. Back well ribbed with a decent fall away and long tail carried well. Fair angulation in rear, although standing under himself. Moved reluctantly, possibly due to the rain, and wide in rear. Would benefit from better muscle tone. BOB


Special Yearling 1 

1st Taylor-Smith, Mrs H Taorminensis Oriana (Imp ITA) 15 month-old elegant bitch. Kind expressive oval eyes, lean fore face with lovely chiselling. Strong arched neck flows smoothly into correctly placed shoulders, forelegs straight and well knuckled feet. Straight top line and correct underline. Moderately bent stifle with well muscled rear. Coat sleek and close. Moved around the ring with a springy trot. BOB


Puppy 5 (3)

1st Barret, Ms K Stranwith Ixxia 11 month- old well grown bitch. Feminine head, dark eye with a soft keen expression. Lovely small folded ears well held, aquiline nose and super moustache. Strong neck that fits smoothly into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest with ribbing well back. Forelegs straight with bladed bone and compact well knuckled feet. Super angulated rear, strong and powerful, with great length from hip to hock. Coat is thick and harsh. Moved well for one so young. Presented in super condition. Very promising.

2nd O’Brien, Miss A Dunsborough Gralyn Sam 8 month-old raw youngster with a lot to like. On the stack he presented a balanced outline with good angulation fore and aft. Typical expression with dark eyes and neat ears. Decent length of neck into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest with a well ribbed back. Super coat. Pleasing profile movement. Well handled. 

Special Yearling 3 (2)

1st Barret, Ms K Stranwith Iago 11 month-old male. Litter mate to puppy winner - another promising puppy. Strongly built without exaggeration. Classic head with dark eye, slight Roman nose and that desired far away look. Strong muscular neck fitted smoothly into well placed shoulders, correct return of upper arm, super feet and well sprung pasterns. Deep chest and plenty of infill for age. Attractive top line and typical fall away. Excellent hindquarters, broad and powerful. Super harsh coat. Moved with an easy and active gait, holding his top line on the move. One to watch. BOB & BP.

Open 7(6)

1st Nichols & Baker, Miss D F & Mrs P M Kensteen Laird Of Islay at Ballygrand TAF 4 ½ year- old male. Attractive head, strong neck with a well angulated front. Good depth of chest, well off for bone and lovely well knuckled feet. He has strength in his loin. Front and rear angulation is nicely balanced. Great length from hip to hock. Presents a lovely outline when stacked. Moved with enthusiasm, showing drive. RBOB


Open 3(2)

1st Spacey, Mrs K Inchydoney Memories North Star at Hallimans ShCEX (Imp Fra) 5 year-old brindle and white male. Masculine head with dark eye, good length of muzzle and strength to underjaw. Strong neck into clean well laid shoulders, forelegs long and straight, well sprung pasterns and compact well knuckled feet. Good depth of chest and ribs well back. Balanced angulation fore and aft with width to second thigh. Strong parallel hocks which he used to cover the ground well. Shown in excellent condition. BOB


Special Yearling 1

1st Ashby, Ms Y Regina Alessandra 12 ½ month-old tan bitch. Pretty, expressive head, large ears, strength to underjaw and correct dentition. Muscular neck into decent shoulders, correct top line and underline. Forelegs straight and parallel. A little unsettled at times on the move, not always carrying her tail high. 

Open 1

Ashby, Cappelaere & Samways, Ms Y, M & Miss C Kurriera Krystal Amethyst 5 year-old rich tan bitch of noble bearing. Standing she presents a super balanced outline. Beautiful wedge shaped head, long skull with lovely chiselling. Long, muscular neck with a graceful arch that flows into well laid shoulders. Deep brisket and well ribbed back. Well conditioned body, level top line and smooth underline. She has strength to her rear quarters, with good width to second thigh. Short and glossy coat, shown in super condition. Free and flowing movement. BOB