• Show Date: 11/06/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Edward McKenzie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Dundee Canine Club

Dundee Canine Club


Thank you exhibitors for enduring the wild conditions. Strong group with some worthy winners.

The ring left a lot to be desired. The long grass having been mowed the night before and left, meant it affected movement particularly in the smaller dogs having to dodge and jump over the piles of grass.

I took this into consideration on the day.


Cairn Open (3, 2 abs)  

1, Saltmarsh & Lamb’s, Bireslaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon Shcm Vw, Very alert and sprightly 8 yr old dog. Strong jaw, broad skull, level top line, well sprung ribs,

moved well. BOB

Skye PG (2,1) , 

1, Esgia Glen Scotia of Borcho, 3 & 1/2 year old cream girl who has really come on since I last saw her. Feminine head with correct ear set, long neck, deep chest, long low level back, moved around the ring with ease. Presented to perfection, BOB

Open (1)

1, McLeod’s, Junger Edelweiss Me Mosel and I at Esgia, 7 & 1/2 yr old cream drop ear, an old favourite of mine. Masculine head, long neck into broad shoulders, love his length of back, well angulated and moved well but today just had to give way to his daughter.

Jack Russell Sp Yearling (3,2)

1, Clayton’s, Northdrum Happy Feet, 14 mth old girl with sweet head and expression. Dark eyes, flat skull, well laid shoulders, level back, deep oval chest, strong hind quarters, moved well, pushed hard for best of breed.

Open (3,2)

1, McCluskey’s, Ray of Light Delle Syrenuse of Chadbrook, 16 month broken coated girl, her tail never stopped wagging! Pretty head, flat skull, dark eye. Strong neck into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs, correct bend of stifle, moved around the difficult surface with ease. BOB

Airedale PG (2,1)

1, Bain’s, Unique In All Ways of Malton Shcm, 5 yr old girl. Long flat skull, dark eyes, correct set ears, muscular neck, well laid shoulders, short level back, well sprung ribs, good bend of stifle, moved freely around the ring. A little frisky initially probably due to the wind but settled well enough to take BOB

Open (1)

1, Graharm & Graham’s, Thistleaire Touch of Frost Jw, 4 yr old girl with correct long skull, well set ears, level back, well sprung ribs, hind movement a little close.

Border Open (5,2)

1, Mulligan’s, Cromlechs Seren, smart 4 yr old girl, correct otter head, dark eye, correct length of neck, straight front, long body, good hind quarters, moved well, BOB

2, Tierney’s, Etterbern Platinum, 12 month old girl I just loved, beautiful head and expression, strong neck, correct shoulders, good hind angulation, well set tail. I am sure she will give the big girls a run for their money when she matures.

3, Malcolm’s, Sweet Ebony Princess at Liatch

Scottish Open (2)

1, MacKay’s, Carisco Don’t Stop Believing, 4 yr old dog, flat skull, neat well set ears, strong neck, into sloping shoulders, broad chest with well rounded ribs, level top line, moved well BOB

2, MacKay & Kirk-Gellatly’s, Whitwitch No Mercy, 17 mth girl, in good coat and condition, still immature but good head, short level back, moved well.

Lakeland Open (5,3)

1, Clayton’s, Nisyros Cappaccino, very nice 4 yr old boy, with well balanced head, dark expressive eyes, arched neck into all laid shoulders, strong short back, good bend of stifle, well let down hocks, free easy movement, I liked him a lot, BOB.

2, Clayton’s, Sunnily Tennacious at Northdrum, Pretty little 17 mths girl, good head and expression, short back, well set tail, unsettled on the move but very promising.

SFT G (2,1)

1, Robertson’s, Nisyros Hot Diamond at Azrams, 22 mths white girl. Very alert, flat narrow skull, dark eyes, strong jaw, good length of neck, laid back shoulders, deep chest, short back, high set tail, moved with ease.

Open, ((2,1)

1, McGlaughlin’s, Nisyros Crossfire at Azrams, 3 & 1/2 yr old white and black boy, well boned, fantastic head and expression, laid back shoulders, straight front, deep chest, correct high tail set, when he got moving in the group ring he just did it for me and took the group. BOB

WFT G, (1)

1 & BOB, Brocolitia Little Light, 10 mths boy who was full of fun and puppy nonsense, impossible to asses on the move. Good head with dark eyes, strong jaw, correct set ears, good length of neck, straight front, strong level back.

SCWT Sp Yearling, (4,2)

1, MacGregor’s, Kirktonhill A Touch Of Snow, 17 mths girl, very pretty and feminine head, strong jaw, good dentition, long arched neck, well laid shoulders, good bone, well sprung ribs, good bend of stifle, powerful hind quarters, good reach on the move, well presented BOB

2, Coupar’s, Kirktonhill Snow Crystal, litter sister to 1 and much the same remarks apply. However she was very unsettled on the move and the ring didn’t help. She just needs time.

PG (4)

1, K a Touch of S

2. Delaney’s, Milljoy A Drop Of Golden Sun, 3 yr old boy in good coat and condition, masculine head, arched neck, laid back shoulders, well sprung ribs, correct length of back and tail set, good hind angulation, moved well.

3, Macaulay’s, Keridown Western Star.

Open, (4,2)

1, Delaney’s, Braelochyen Ice Quartz With Milljoy, 6 yr old girl, Good head, strong jaw, arched neck, level top line, high set tail, well off for bone, moved well.

2, Macauley’s, Keridown All Night Long.

PRT PG (1)

1, Young’s, Chadbrook Chances Legacy, 12 mths girl, good head and expression, good length of neck, sloping shoulders, straight front, level top line held on the move, correct tail carriage.

Open (2)

1, Young’s, Chadbrook Affirmation, 22 mth broken coated girl, feminine head with keen dark eyes, good length of neck, well angulated front and rear, level back, moved well. BOB

2, McCluskey’s, Chadbrook Elka, pretty and very happy little 5 yr old girl, wedge head, dark eyes with keen expression, correctly set ears, good length of neck, strong back and loin, moved well.

AV Sp Minor Puppy, (3,1)

1, Young’s, Itus From Michel at Chadbrook, 7 mths Weals terrier boy, good head and earset, strong jaw, good dentition, arched neck, short back, well let down hocks, moved well for his young age.

2, Nicol’s, Upend Country Lad, 6 mth old Border, otter head, with dark eye and alert expression, level back, correct tail set, moved well.

AV Sp Puppy, (7,4)

1, Clayton’s, Sunnily You Love Me, 9 mth Lakeland girl. Pretty head, alert expression, correct ear set, arched neck, well laid shoulders, strong hind quarters, moved well.

2, K Snow Crystal.

AV Terrier, G (4,2)

1, K A Touch of S

2, K Snow Crystal

AV Terrier Open (2,1)

1, C Seren

AV Terrier Sp Veteran (5,3)

1, Nisyros Out of Control, Shcex, 9 yr old SFT, correct head with dark eye, strong neck, sloping shoulders, level top line, well angulated hind quarters, very sprightly mover.

2, B Dark C for M.

Group 1

Nisyros Crossfire at Azrams, SFT I could not resist his movement


Boyle’s Kargonstaffs Katana, 5 yr old SBT, loved this boy who pushed the winner very hard, classic head, neat rose ears, straight front, well laid back shoulders, well bodied and in excellent condition, well sprung ribs, powerful hind quarters allowing him to power around the ring. Loved him.


R of L Delle S of C, Gorgeous JRT


N Cappuccino, handsome, Lakeland.

Edward McKenzie (Judge)