• Show Date: 26/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Dukeries [Notts] Gundog Club

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Puppy D/B (3, 2abs)

1st Foster-Brown Stellenbosch Scutulata 

8 month old puppy standing alone here, of pleasing size. Head of good shape, well proportioned, pleasing eye shape. Strong though the neck, ok front angulation, good bone and feet. Deep in body, firm and well muscled, a little steep in croup. Moved ok, still needing to firm up a little front and rear.

Junior D/B (3, 0abs)

1st Collins & Powley Danehaven Madeleine

Bitch of pleasing size and proportions, liked her head,eye shape and colour, large ears high set. Strong neck, shoulders well placed, excellent bone. I liked her outline, moderate tuck up, level topline which she held standing and moving, tail well set and carried. Moving freely in all directions. Could perhaps carry a shade more body but she is young and developing well. BOB.

2nd Foster-Brown Stellenbosch Scutulata

As previous class.

Post Graduate D/B (5, 2abs)

1st Burland Eusanit Lily the Pink

Bitch with a lot of substance, stronger headed but pleasing expression. Good reach of neck, shoulders well placed, ribbed welll back and carrying enough weight. Tail well set and carried. Positive front action and in profile, handled sympathetically.

2nd Collins & Powley Deveron Duchess of Danehaven

Another nice bitch, likes her head and eye shape, could be better in front angulation. Stands on well boned legs and excellent feet.Of a longer cast mould, strong well muscled quarters which she used to advantage moving.

Open D/B (5, 2abs)

1st Foster-Brown Stellenbosch Sausaulito

Bitch of adequate size, a little deeper in head but it is of good shape and she has pleasing eye shape and colour, large ears well set. Well constructed and balanced in her angulation front and rear, moves positively in all directions. Carrying a little too much weight which counted against her in the challenge for BOB.

2nd Wright & Wright Camusmor Crown Royal

Upstanding dog who was well constructed and presented in excellent order. Could be more masculine in head, storng neck, shoulders well placed. Deep in body, firm in topline, moving postively.

Field Spaniel

Post Graduate D/B (3, 1abs)

1st Trevor Gadhelic Jemima Jiggle for Trevorsilk

Bitch with a pleasing head and eye, liked her expression. Good forehand, excellent bone. Well shaped body, well developed and firm in topline standing and moving. Moved straight and true.

2nd Elliott Elgert Break Every Rule at Portsoy

Black and white dog of pleasing size and proportions, could be a little more developed in head. Well made front, enough bone. Firm in topline and strong well muscled quarters. Moved quite positively, presented in excellent condition.

Open D/B (2, 1abs)

1st Bennett Sh Ch Jesham Baronet

Judged this dog as a youngster and he really appealed then, has only got better with age. Beautiful head of good length with plenty of work, like his eye shape and colour. Long neck, shoulders well placed and excellent bone. Strong level topline which he maintains standing and moving. Chest of good depth, he is well ribbed back and firm through the loin. Tail well set and carried, moves out freely in all directions. Excellent temperament. BOB

Bracco Italiano

Puppy D/B (6, 2 abs)

4 nice puppies, all very different but all with qualities.

1st Jackson Iolanda Di Casacina Croce at Solwaypoint

Appealing puppy with a beautiful well chiselled head, pleasing eye shape, head of good length and blanced, . Strong neck, shoulders well placed, correct amount of bone, excellent topline and tailset. Strong, very well muscled quarters. Her body is of good depth and ribbed well back, she really comes alive moving, so co-ordinated for one so young and moving with on a long easy stride. 

2nd Sladden Valcor the Confessor at Canemaman's

Another quality puppy, also beautifully conditioned. As masculine as the winner is feminine, upstanding with a great attitude. Head of pleasing balance, correcteye shape and colour, shoulders well positioned and laid back. The best of bone and feet. Deep in body, firm in topline, moved on a long free stride, should have a good future.

Junior D/B (5, 3abs)

1st Jackson Iolanda Di Casacina Croce at Solwaypoint

As previous class.

2nd Hamlyn Bushwacker Daisy Duke of Amestorah

Post Graduate D/B (4, 3abs)

1st Goode Rus De'viagro Olympia (Imp Rus)

Adolescent bitch puppy who is quite compact in body. At nine months she is looking a little rangy and needing time to develop all through. Clean through the front, enough bone and excellent feet. Holding her topline, standing and moving.

Open D/B (7, 4abs)

1st Sladden Ebano Dell'oltresavio at Canemamans (Imp It)

Chestnut dog of pleasing overall size, masculine head. Strong neck, shoulders well laid, excellent bone and feet. Pleasing topline, firm in back. Deep in body and ribs well sprung. Strong well muscled quarters. Free and light footed moving, really covering the ground to advantage. BOB and shortlisted for BIS.

2nd Longman Braccorion Quick Look of Callaiscroft

Another chestnut dog, well up to size. A little strong and deep in head and flews but in proportion to his body. Strong neck, pleasing front, excellent bone and quite well padded feet. Body of good depth, firm in topline, pleasing tailset, moved very soundly in all directions.


Post Graduate D/B (1,1abs)

Open D/B (3, 0abs)

1st Cocking & Barnaby Sh Ch Bonapartist Odette at Ruskinite

Medium sized, compact, cobby bitch, liked her head shape, enough stop, eyes of good colour. Strong neck, pleasing front, enough bone. Deep and well ribbed body. Moderate rear angulation, strong and well muscled quarters. Moved correctly on a short stride. BOB

2nd Cook Sh Ch Highclare Only One avec Talliside (AI) JW

Male of pleasing substance, head of good proportions. Clean through the neck, pleasing font and good bone. Firm body, barrel ribbed. As with 1, well conditioned. Didn’t have his mind on the job today and was very erratic moving.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Junior D/B (3, 1abs)

1st Hamlyn & Hamlyn Sharpe Bransbubble High Neb

Masculine dog with a pleasing head, dark round eyes. Strong neck, shoulders quite well positioned. I liked his bone, very well bodied and holding a good topline moving. Tail well set and carried, moved positively in all directions. 

2nd Wardle-Spenceley Bransbubble on a whim

Up to size dog, who was giving his handler a hard time. Of pleasing overall balance, more moderately angulated all through and a little steep in croup. Shown in excellent condition, just needing a little more confidence.

Post Graduate D/B (3, 0abs)

1st Blunden Mikette Winter Solstice

Appealing youngster i liked for her overall outline and balance, pleasing head of good proportions, quite round eyes of good colour. Enough neck, shoulders quite well set, enough bone and good feet. Still needing to develop in body, firm level topline, tail well set and carried. Moved freely forward and aft and in profile. Coat of good texture, well presented. BOB

2nd Hamlyn & Hamlyn Sharpe Bransbubble Roisin Dubh

Well conditioned bitch of good size and substance, carrying a little too much weight here. Moved quite positively fore and aft and shown in coat of good texture.

Mr Ed Casey