• Show Date: 03/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society




PUPPY: (3:1)

1ST: Ford: LUSSAC YAWL OF PERCUIL: (BPIB). This young baby has a very pleasant head with dark eye of correct shape. Good finish to muzzle and enough work in head. Balanced with good angulation fore and aft. Has good bone and plenty ribs. Has a good topline and tail set and what a smart little mover. Very tidy already and with really nice attitude. 

2nd: Turner: TORWOOD GLACTIC FLYER. Still ever so naughty but I like that in a puppy. Excellent quarters already. Nice front with decent prosternum and good fill. Good length and depth of rib. Good topline and put down in good muscle.

JUNIOR (4:1)

1st: Lane & Lane-Ridyard: KAZVAL THING CALLED LOVE WITH KULAWAND. Tidy, elegant typey bitch who is all quality and so much to commend. Still young and a shade immature but she has it all going on. Well-constructed all through with the best of toplines and true, typical character on the move. She has plenty in front matched by her rear and has a good length of rib. Moved well. One for the future.

2nd: Ford: LUSSAC YAWL OF PERCUIL see puppy report



1ST: Gardiner: BITCON TAYLOR MADE FOR SVENJAK (RBOB). Smart bitch, clean, elegant and typey. Complimentary angulation front and rear. Her front is straight and true and she has plenty of fill in front. Good ribbing and good length of loin. Strong hindquarters and presented in the best of muscular condition. Pleasing head just prefer a shade darker in eye. Moved okay.

2nd: May: LUSSAC XCAPE ARTIST. Not quite as balanced in angulation as I prefer. Level topline. Good length to height proportions. Moved okay.


OPEN: (5:1)

1st: Lewin: RODSDREAM FIRST CHOICE FOR VYNESBROOK (BOB). This boy was presented here today in absolute peak of condition. He has sufficient coat but it is of excellent quality and with the ultimate shine. Presented here today in hard muscular condition and was a very honest mover. Pleasant head, good, strong neck into well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm. Tidy, straight, front. Good length, depth and spring of rib. Excellent topline and tail set. Strong well developed hindquarters. Moved well in this small ring.

2nd: Romeo-Dieste: HOPEVALLEY MORNING RAINBOW. Best head in the class and presented here today in excellent condition. She is so well muscled and put down in absolute best of order. Good front and strong well developed back end. Good length to height proportions. Good depth of chest, well sprung ribs of good length to strong muscular loin. Stands on good bone and with solid level topline just a shade short in croup. 



Puppy: (3:0)

1st: Saunders & David: DALLYDYL HONEY TRAP (BPIB & RBOB). Really smart liver girl. Who is so well made and has a cracking outline in profile. She stands on the best of bone and feet, has excellent depth, length and spring of rib, with strong loin and really good topline and tail set. She is balanced all through with complimentary angles front and rear. She is so moderate but very correct and moved well here today. She appealed to me immediately on initial assessment of the class. Finalising her day as Reserve Best of Breed and Best Puppy, which could easily have been Best of Breed had she been carrying the correct amount of weight.  

2nd: Chattaway: BUZZBROOK LILY OF THE VALLEY. Elegant, clean and with a gorgeous head. This black girl has a really good topline, good depth and spring of rib. Good bone with round, tight, catlike feet and sufficient slope at pasterns. Good length of neck into decent shoulder line. Okay behind with enough width of first and second thigh. Moved okay. 

3RD: Scott-Allan & Davis: DALLDYL CODE BREAKER

JUNIOR (4:2)

1ST: Finlay: DVOJICA EXCUSE MY FRENCH AT DALFIN JW (BOB). Classy girl from this well-known kennel. This black is elegant, clean and put down in the best of order. She has correct oval bone and compact and tight catlike feet. She has excellent depth and spring of rib. She excels in her overall balance and style, having the best of angulations front and rear, with nothing exaggerated or overdone. She has an excellent topline with good length and set of croup and carried her tail so well. She has a very appealing head, dry with enough stop and work throughout. Everything about her is moderate but essential. She moves so well and demanded her place as Best of Breed over a quality puppy I liked.

2nd: Wright: MILLBELLE CRAZY HORSE. Correct round dark eye. Stands over a good amount of ground. Moderately angulated hindquarters. Moved okay today.


1st: Chattaway: BUZZBROOK SPELLBREAKER. This one presented here today had great depth, length and spring of rib. Correct proportions length to height, moderate hindquarters. Would prefer more fill in front and a little flatter in croup. Excellent muscle tone. 

OPEN (3:1)

1ST: Pace: DALCATORI MORGANITE ROSA DEL BRONDELVCEDE. This liver girl was okay in balance and overall proportions. I would prefer more bone. She has very good hindquarters good depth and nice ribs. She lacks a little fill in front and did not have precision going away but moved okay on the around. 

2ND: Graham: DOTLUN SORELLAS PHANCY. Excellent ribbing and strong loin with good length of back and decent front. Is good in upper arm. Quite pleasing in hindquarters. Moved okay today.


JUNIOR: (7:0) Mixed class of varying ages, styles and levels of maturity. Many looked good stacked but didn’t quite have the construction underneath that I was looking for, therefore style, movement and carriage played a big part in my decisions.

1ST: Hall-Yates & Considine: DENZKA ANGEL OF THE MORNING (BPIB). Very nice shape with good overall balance. A really pretty face, with moderate skull and good stop. Dark expressive eyes, correctly set ears and good dentition. Correct length to height ratio. Well-developed hindquarters. Level back high set tail, moved really well.

2ND: Harris: VONSTRY YARIS. Another pretty girl, with excellent topline and tailset. Pleasing shape. Moved soundly out, back and around with some style.



1st: Scales: ZENTARR GEOFFREY: (BOB). Head okay. Dark brown eye, correct pendant shaped ears. Level topline, good ribs and with much attitude on the move. Carries his tail well. Really solid body and presented with good muscle and condition and in full coat. Good layback of shoulder and ample quarters. 

OPEN: (3:0)

1st: Scales: ZENTARR OSBOURNE (RBOB). Of a similar style and type to my previous class winner and the kennel’s breeding really shines through. Yet again good overall shape with excellent topline, good tail set. Full in ribbing. Dark eye and pleasant head proportions. Liked his overall make and shape but just preferred the movement of my Post Grad winner in the final challenge.




JUNIOR ( 6:1)

1st: Howard: TAMERON MR BLACK IS BACK (BOB). What can I say except “Wow”. This gorgeous typey puppy demands the top spot. Yes I know he is a puppy and many would say he’s not the finished article yet but he has the best of construction. Is so full of type, is such a cracking mover and puts on such a show I just couldn’t say no. He has a cracking topline and tail set, excellent lay of shoulder and plenty fill in front. Super ribbing and nicely rounded rear. He has the most delightful head with dark, round, well placed eyes. Short, square muzzle. Really good underjaw and good breadth in skull. On the move he is a delight and almost defies you not to look at him. For me he was one of the top three dogs I judged throughout the day just loved everything about him. He has character in bucket loads. Just loved him. 

2nd: Casentieri EMERSON ALPIU SLENIS OF ALCHEZ (Imp Ltu). Lots to like about this black and tan. Solid, good ribs. Of good proportions all round. Presented here today in great condition. Excellent topline and set on of tail. Pleasing head and moved okay.



1st: Casentieri: EMERSON ALPIU SLENIS OF ALCHEZ (Imp LTU) (See Junior Notes)

OPEN: (5:1)

1st: Moore: ASHMAKIN RED IS THE ROSE AT JAXTZU (IKC) JW (RBOB). Feminine 2year old black masked, gold. Smart mover presented in excellent condition. Level topline, super ribs. Good proportions. Strong well developed rear which she used to advantage. Sits into her well-developed front well and has good extension on the around. Very typey but I particularly liked her true, sound movement.

2ND: Maule: CH.DALTRICA JAMIE LEE JW. 3year old black and white male. Presented in full coat and from the top drawer. I liked him very much. He is well put together, sturdy, broad chest, level back. Broad skull with dark round eye. Moved well but would prefer a shade more reach in front.

3rd: Kranc: LUCKY ARROW VIVA (Imp Pol) NAF


JUNIOR: (1:0)

1st: Thomas: KELMORESPITZ DAZZLED STORM. Black and white , square shape, with good topline and tail set. Dark eye, good pigment. Would prefer more depth and strength in muzzle and underjaw. Straight front with decent angles. Good ribs. Moved with reach and drive. Put down in decent order.


1st: Green: VERONY MYSTIC CHARM (RBOB) Black. A well presented and conditioned dog. Really nice front assembly with complimentary hindquarters. Good square shape all through. Solid topline. Would prefer a higher tail set. Dark eye with good pigment, nice finish to muzzle. Moved out well, covering the ground and with some panache. 

2nd: Cottell: VERONY UNLIMITED CHARM. Of pleasing shape, good bone and big feet. Well-developed hindquarters. Good ribbing, short loin and level topline. Moved okay. 


OPEN (5:0)

1ST; Green: VERONY THE USUAL SUSPECT (BOB). This black dog immediately appealed as soon as I turned round to assess the class. He appealed for his overall shape, size and style. Solid, strong topline with good tail set, carried so well on the move. Good angulation fore and aft. Well ribbed, muscular and presented here today in the absolute peak of condition. Square head, with excellent furnishings and good work throughout. Dark round eye with excellent pigment. Moved soundly with good animation and style.

2ND: Meakin: LAYOLI FIRECRACKER AT MIKSANG. Another black of similar size and shape. Good square body with excellent ribbing. Firm level topline. Strong well developed hindquarters. Big feet, good tail set and carriage. No so developed in front as my winner but another who moved well throughout his assessment.



JUNIOR: (4:2)

1st: Wray-Ramsden: CARONLEA CELTIC FIRE STARTER FOR TAKHISIS (AI) (IKC) (BOB & BPIB & G3 & Pup Group 3). This red, 10 month old male is already well developed and mature for his age. He stands on excellent bone and feet. Has a super front and is already well developed in hindquarters. He is deep in chest, with well sprung, long ribs. He is balanced all through and is very sound on the move. Has a cracking topline and tail set and carries himself, already like a seasoned one. He has a pleasing head, dry and with good muzzle. Good stop and correct eye shape with triangular, medium size ears. He shows much potential already.

2nd: Herraty: RAZKIAH FIZZING WHIZZBEE. Another who stands on excellent bone and feet and once again put down in excellent muscle and condition. Cracking neckline into shoulder and super topline. Good width over first and second thighs and moved well. Just a shade under developed in muzzle for my preference. 



OPEN (3:1)

1st: Hudson: CH QIAO CASINO ROYALE FALLCAT. (RBOB). Blue merle boy. So well put together and moved well. Presented here in the best of coat, condition and muscle. Has all the essentials constructionally, and has a pleasant, clean head of good proportions. Solid topline with good tail set. Another I particularly liked. 

2ND; Dyde: BIRKCROSS ENCHANTRESS. Red girl who has good ribbing, level topline and decent bone. Has a very pleasing muzzle and enough underjaw. Needs some development in quarters and some attention to condition and grooming.


JUNIOR: (2:0)

1st: Castle: MOLYNEUX SWEET DREAMS. (BPIB & RBOB & PG 1) : Really smart girl of the correct square shape. She is so well put together. She is elegant, stylish yet strong and robust. Big ribs and short in loin. Deep chest, straight front with big bone and small round feet. Very nice head, with dark eye and good pigment. She is proportionate all around and is presented in excellent coat and condition, in fact her musculature is to be admired. She is so sound out and back and moves really well on the around. Seems I have judged her before and she is still the complete package for me. I’m sure her career will go from strength to strength. 

2nd: Price, Long & Barchenger: BLUE PANDA LORIEN SWANKY YANKEE AT COOLJAYS (Imp USA) NAF. Nice shape, good bone. Small round feet. Pleasing head with strong muzzle and underjaw. Small ears. Good width in skull , square and proportionate. Compact, and deep with well sprung ribs. Well coated of correct harsh texture. Moved okay.

OPEN: (3:1)

1st: Naismith: SHAGGYBO BEAUTIFUL DREAM. (BOB & G2) This girl was really nice to go over. Square, compact and balanced. She appealed immediately on assessment. Really lovely head and good mouth. Quality bone with the best of small, round feet. Well angulated fore and aft and without excess in any department. Presented in immaculate condition and sound as a pound. So well co-ordinated with desired roll and complimentary, typical carriage and showmanship. So much to like.

2nd: Kirby: MACOPA MOMENT IN TIME. This 2 and half year old male stands on good bone and feet, is of nice size and well presented. Really nice ribbing and short loin. Straight front with decent angulations. Not quite as balanced in angulation behind. Moved okay. 


PUPPY (8:1)

1st: Mottram & Hollis: MYBEARDS STAR. (BP & R.B.O.AVNSC & Pup Gp 2) Polish Lowland Sheepdog. This one is full of quality, so well made. Moved so well and has such potential. Cracking topline, really strong and solid over the croup. Excellent quarters, moderate and not overdone. Excellent front assembly through upper arm, shoulder and fill in chest. Really nice ribs. Stands on good bone and feet. Pretty head and was sound as a pound, out back and around. Loved her.

2ND: Blackshaw & Roberts: DRAYCORE TATZ. G.S.D. Very attractive on the stack. She commands attention on your initial look around. Excellent front and well developed rear. Really nice width across first and second thigh and enough bend of stifle. Loved her forehand and fill in front and she is straight and true when viewed from the front. Good bone and quality feet Moderate topline and good croup. She is so at one with her handler and eager to please. She is reachy in front and has plenty push and drive from behind. Goes well and is the one I would like to take home


JUNIOR: (4:1)

1st: Snelling: BEAUGENCY BEARLY BOUZY (Briard) (B.O.NVNSC & Group 4). Imposing young male of good size and proportions. He is rugged and stands true from all angles. Rectangular is shape and in head. Strong well developed muzzle, good underjaw. Strong firm topline slight slope to croup. Tail carried correctly low. Well angulated hindquarters Good sized feet. Moved with some style and was sound out, back and around.

2nd: Mottram & Hollis: MYBEARDS SPLASH (P.L.S.). A very pleasing head with correct proportions. Good stop and big nose. Strong, muscular neck through to good forequarters. Excellent angulation in front. Good bone and feet with slight slope to pastern. Well ribbed back and plenty depth. In full coat, just a shade too much angulation in rear for my preference. 

3rd: Ayrton: AOIBH DRUMMER BOY: Bearded Collie


1ST: Ross: ERJON ELEGANT ANNIE AT SAMSHERNIK. (Rough Collie). She has really nice shape and was presented here today fit, well-muscled and in good coat. Really nice topline. Stands on excellent bone and quality, tight feet. Pleasing front and well developed quarters. She has a very appealing, elegant wedge shaped head with correct ear set and use when attracted. Moved well to win this class over a GSD bitch that I particularly liked.

2nd: Forman: KINTARO GRACE KELLY WITH SUZDANS. (GSD) Correct ear set and shape. Good eye colour and good pigment. Head of correct proportions, strong foreface. Clean in lip and lacking exaggeration. Strong muscular neck fitting neatly into well angulated shoulder line Good in return of upper arm and fill in chest. Excellent ribbing, good length of loin> Moderate topline. Strong full hindquarters, deep and well developed. Super reach in front. Long and low strides. Very nice on the around.


OPEN (3:1)

1st: Kass: FOSTEBRIE ENCHI STAR AT KIMARLAZ JW (Briard) Another nicely put together Briard, of nice proportions and has all the essentials in angulations front and rear. Full well sprung ribs of great length. Excellent muscling throughout and moved well.

2nd: Allsopp: AUALITA IT’S A MIRACLE (Rough Collie) Good topline, moderate hindquarters. Good in upper arm but lacks some fill in chest. Very appealing head. Straight front. Good eye colour and shape. In abundant coat. 


OPEN: (3:1)

1st: Yu & Halliday: PASCALE ENZOTICA (Imp DNK); (Picardy). (B.A.V.I.R.) This medium sized French Sheepdog was really well conditioned, strong without coarseness. He is elegant and is very well put together. I particularly liked his character. Smart and aware of everything around him. What a little cracker. Harsh coat, good head shape with dark eye, medium and oval in shape and his erect high set ears all frame his face. Strong muscular neck leading into nicely angulated forequarters. Good spring of rib of good length to short loin. Slight tuck up. Good bone, tight feet and what a smart little mover he is, such an easy gait with great reach and with an easy, efficient stride .Not only is he a smart one, but his character had so much appeal. Worked in unison with his compassionate handler.

2nd: Henshaw: DREAMWEAVER OF SERENO SPIRIT (IKC) (White Swiss Shep.) (R.B.A.V.I.R.): Dark eye , pleasant head, clean in muzzle. Moderate neck length. Excellent ribbing and strong hindquarters, plenty of bone and moved okay.



1ST: Bird: IRISADDITION SHE’S ALL THAT WITH BRIDUS ( Bearded Collie)(3rd in AVNSC PUP): Very nice head with dark appealing eye. Just loved the expression. Straight front with good angulation. Really nice depth, length and spring of rib. Excellent rear assembly. Level topline and good croup. Very nice coat condition. Moved well.

2nd: Ayrton: AOIBH DRUMMER BOY: Bearded Collie (unplaced in AVNSC pup & 3rd in junior)

3rd: Buckle & Dainty: CHICERON STOWETREE (Beauceron).

JUNIOR (2:1)

1st: Oliver: TAMBUZI GIRLZ ON FIRE (Border Collie). Presented here today in absolutely super coat and condition and the hardest of muscle tone. Very nice head with enough chiselling, good stop and excellent in proportions. Balanced all through. Correct, dark eye and nice finish to muzzle. Balanced and proportionate in angles front and rear. With well-developed first and second thighs and lacking any exaggeration. Excellent bone and feet. Good topline and tail set. Very nice mover on the around. Such a nice package.



2ND: Lord: APPASSIONATA DIAMONDREAM. Samoyed. Good bone, good depth, good eye colour and pigment. Very nice in hindquarter. Good shaped ears, good topline and tail set.

OPEN (2:1)

1st: Hudson: CH QIAO CASINO ROYALE FALLCAT (Australian Shepherd). See Australian Shepherd Reserve Best of Breed


1st: Deakin: CH. OLDOAK KINGS RANSOM AT DARWILLOW (OES). What a smart veteran of the utmost quality. Square and proportionate. Balanced, moderate, classy and sound. He is from the very top drawer and is presented in pristine condition. These two present the complete package. Totally in unison with one another. He stands on excellent bone and small, well-padded feet. Strong in muzzle, good stop with nice big nose. Strong arched neck leading into good front assembly. He has well sprung ribs and is very strong in loin. Excellent over first and second thigh and short from hock to heel. Very nice move. Quality in abundance.

2ND: Griggs & May: SENGALAS INDIANA ECLIPSE FOR EMAZENRIDGE JW ShCM (Bearded Collie). Another nice veteran who was put down so well. Really nice to go over and yet again, fit and in excellent muscle. Complimentary angles fore and aft and with good length and spring of rib. Good topline and correct in croup. Sound out and back and plenty reach and drive on the around.



Delighted to have such quality Best of Breeds to choose from. Many of these were of premium quality and this made for difficult choices for my final four. Aside from my four winners I also particularly liked the Pyrenean and the Shetland Sheepdog. This was a real quality group at this well attended show. Today I went for 1st place to the super, smart, young Finnish Lapphund male.

1st: Forsey: ARIANRHOD BLACK SUN AEON AT MUZOKU (Finnish Lapphund). Really nice head with excellent ear set, shape and mobility. Correct dark oval shaped eye. Strong muscular neck. Excels in balanced angulations front and rear. Solid, strong topline. Deep chest and great rib. Slight tuck-up. Great development through the rear and super width across the pelvis. Tail set on excellent carried correctly over the back. A really full and profuse coat, presented in immaculate order. He surely is one to watch for the future. Great wee mover, sound on the out and back and positive and true on the around. He has definitely got my interest.

2nd: Naismith: SHAGGYBO BEAUTIFUL DREAM (OES). Loved her in the breed. She has all the essentials for her breed. Is so correct. Sound coming and going and moves typically for the breed with surety of footfall. She gave the winner a run for his money. I liked her construction and typiness so much .

3rd: Wray-Ramsden: CARONLEA CELTIC FIRE STARTER FOR TAKHISIS (AI) (IKC) Australian Shepherd. A young smart one, who is already “all there”. Nicely constructed and very sound. Still a puppy with more to come. I’m sure he’ll have a bright future.

4th: Snelling: BEAUGENCY BEARLY BOUZY (Briard). This young male was presented well and in the best of muscle. Very sound, nicely put together. Much to commend but still needs a bit of time. Liked him for type and potential. 


A quality puppy group with much potential for these breeds in the future. My first four most definitely have the potential to go all the way in their respective breeds if today is anything to go by. The Old English Sheepdog girl had gotten right under my skin. She had commanded my attention from the breed and put on another fine performance in this hotly contested puppy group. 

1st: Castle: MOLYNEUX SWEET DREAMS (OES). Balanced quality, full of type and so well put together. In great coat and condition and one of the finest movers for one so young. I loved everything about her, having judged her in the breed, my notes there extend her strengths further. 

2ND: Mottram & Hollis MYBEARDS STAR: (PLS). Tidy white and black bitch, with the best of construction all through. She has moderation in abundance and is absolute quality. Super front assembly, excellent behind. Sturdy, strong and with the best of heads. Cracking mover. another from the top drawer.

3RD: Wray-Ramsden: CARONLEA CELTIC FIRE STARTER FOR TAKHISIS (AI) IKC. (Australian Shepherd). Smart red boy already rather mature but well developed and in excellent condition. Excellent topline, super front and rear and sound and true coming and going and also on the around. 

4TH: Edwards: SHANLIMORE MARSHA (Pyrenean). So full of type standing on the best of bone and feet. She is balanced, proportionate and so well-constructed. She has a very nice front, great chest excellent ribbing muscular through the loin and is well muscled and strong in rear. Good bone, tight feet. Excellent quality coat and an easy efficient gait. Much to commend and I liked her a lot.

Diane Stewart-Ritchie (Judge)