• Show Date: 07/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Deborah Maas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association

Cardigan Welsh Corgi open show7/4/22 First I would like to thank the committee for the well run friendly show also to those who entered under me. I had a lovely group of dog. I was very pleased with the temperaments and coats of all that entered today. In general I felt that there where a few a little down on the Pastern. But hind quarters assembly improved since my last judging appointment.

1st junior dog.

Keerside Glenkiln at Bwthyn. J James. As a whole package a lot to like. Lovely tri with a masculine head correct eye and ear, reach of neck, leading onto a good shoulder placement. Ample pro sternum. feet well padded correct. Good length of body onto correct hind quarter. Good tail placement and carriage. He is very much in that teenage stage just needing to mature into his body. Moved well and correct.

Graduate dog.

  1st Waterdeep Kosh and Burgoyne and Goddard 2 year old. Well matured male in nice condition with a Good head and expression. Correct shoulder and depth and length of body strong loin and well muscled rear, presented in gleaming coat, he moved out well with purpose.

Limit Dog.

 1st BD BIS Elessar wolf Moon at Tamlin B and T Taylor, This Red boy loves his job came into the ring and said look at me. Ritch red with a real cardi male head with a foxy expression correct ear and great reach of neck onto good shoulder correct front pro sternum. Well sprung rib and good loin correct length and construction he moved with power and drive stood out in the ring today.

2nd Faapup Yn Symy Coch To Brynlluan . Essenhigh and Bishop Another Red dog not in full coat at moment. {Smaller than my 1st overall{. Nice head good ear , correct shoulders and pro sternum correct length and good hind quarters. Adequate bone Good strong topline Moved well maintaining a good topline.

Open Dog.

 1st Ch Hundahilli Bulleyanna for Brynlluan Brynlluan . Essenhigh and Bishop A smart dog and is a overall package Good strong Masculine head. Nice reach of neck onto great front assembly Lovely tight well padded feet good length onto correct hind quarters. Moved with power and drive.

2nd Ch Waterdeep Ranger One JW shCH shEX Burgoyne and Goddard. Mescaline head. In good proportions on to ample neck good shoulders and depth of body. Plenty of bone. Adequate length well sprung rib moved with purpose . Showed well today loving his job,

Veteran Dog.

1st RBD BVIS. CH Brynlluan Bilbo Bagins Essenhigh and Bishop Shown in excellent condition for his 11 years A real Cardi boy. Very good head flowing to good shoulders and well fitted front assembly. Well sprung rib good loin and correct hind quarters. Moved with drive and power and maintained his topline throughout.

2nd Trafox Black Of Diamonds To Kogarahs (imp) and 11 years old Burgoyne and Goddard In full coat good overall example of the breed well proportioned head with flat skull, large, erect ears and well shaped eyes. body shape was good well proportioned . Moved well maintaining a good topline throughout.

Minor Puppy Bitch

 1st BBP BPIS Caprian Adrianna. C Langford. 6 month old puppy who showed like a true professional. Pritty feminine head correct bite lovely eye and ear placement onto correct reach of neck Good tight coat. Still plenty of growing to do nice tight correct feet plenty of length good quarters and tail carnage and she moved with drive like a true professional

Puppy Bitch

 1st Wildcard Lilbet At Tamlin B and T Taylor What a lovely Blue pup who oozed character. Pretty head lovely big correct ears nice reach of neck. Plenty of bone good front. She was a little high in quarters at the moment but am sure this will level, She was much more interested in play that moving today this is one that will improve with age and experience and I look forward to seeing her mature.

Junior Bitch

 Keerside Palmaddy Burn Of Caprian \C Langford Feminine head clear red tri with an appealing expression nice reach of neck at the age where she is needing to mature good topline and length of loin onto a strong hind quarters Moved with plenty of drive.

Graduate Bitch

 1st RBB Elessar Moon Dancer Of Ancksunamun Ms P Graham feminine cardi head . She is well muscled throughout her body with good proportions in length balanced in front and rear angulation. Moved well round the ring maintaining her topline throughout,

2nd Waterdeep Talia Winter Mr and Mrs Burgoyne and Goddard head if slightly stronger in skull than 1st but still feminine , Strong front with correct feet, well matured with ample fore chest body in proportion She moved with drive.

Post Graduate Bitch.

1st BB A Ray Of Sunshine At Kogarahs (imp) Mrs V Roberts feminine foxy head with large well-placed ears, lovely dark eye. Just enough length of neck & well placed shoulders, with enough depth of chest, Good firm rib and length of loin back & good rear angulation with well padded feet. Very steady on move and really showed today

2nd Kilvroch Cariad E Eby Nice feminine head and eye good ear set moulded front well placed shoulders. Good top-line, firm hind quarters but not as positive as winner when moving.

Limit Bitch

1st Efeybid Rubie F Belcher A lot to like with this bitch Nice bitch head correct eye and ear nice topline plenty of pro sternum and bone good length and quarters. She moved very well and maintained drive and topline

2nd Faywaidd Spice Mrs L Siviter A good Cardigan bitch typical head correct muzzle length and right width of skull and Cardi ears, enough neck flowing to well laid shoulders into a level topline, , all combining to produce an effortless powerful correct movement

Open Bitch

 1st Faywaidd Spice Mrs L Siviter

2nd Tyci Brenhines Briallen shCH v B Piears very close to 1st Blue bitch of nice type plenty of bone and her general appearance is very pleasing a good example of the breed just not moving as strong as my 1st today.

Veteran Bitch

 1st BVB Wildcard Lottie At Foaldown V Roberts 7year old Blue merle Feminine head balanced body proportions good overall balance in excellent condition, good reach of neck, balanced angulation, firm topline and strong loin, moved well

2nd Brynlluan Magic Crystal B Price Pretty 7 year old head moderate stop, touch full in eye, nice ear. Well placed shoulders and plenty of depth good bone well ribbed up, level topline and good hindquarters, free mover

Mrs Debbie Maas