• Show Date: 06/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Merseyside Gundog Club

Merseyside Gundog Club

6th February 2022

What a busy and bustling show this was with a super atmosphere, well supported by exhibitors from all areas of the country. Thanks to the committee for their invite and hospitality. I had two fun stewards to work with which made the day all the more enjoyable!

Retriever (Flat Coated)

P (2) 1 Jetstarski I’m On Fire. Really appealing youngster to start the day; full of verve and life, and keen on the job too! Overall presents a typical outline with many breed attributes. Has balance, moderation and strength throughout. Just needs maturity to fill in, and tighten in front and feet. BP 2 Tygwyn Earls Down. Rather unsettled today, and not as forward in development as 1 at the moment.

G (4,2) 1 Blactoft Caress of Steelriver. What a prospect, this young b appealed greatly all through. Sweet headed, has strength, moderation, and balance all through. Excellent front, solid topline, well angled fore and aft. Uses herself to great advantage on the move with accurate footfall. Loved her active energetic personality - the icing on the cake. RBoB. 2 Gloi Dubh Just One Look. Another good sort and useful type, presented in grand order. Uses herself well on the move going around and away and back, just needs to come up on the leg a touch for better body proportions.

L (3,2) 1 Steelriver Hit The Beach with Buckleyhill. Smart headed young male with a clean outline. Holds his topline well standing and on the move and uses his tail to advantage at all times. In good coat and excellent muscular condition. Stands on good feet. Shade erratic in front coming towards hence why he had to give way to the youngster for RBoB today.

O (5,2) 1 Sh Ch Plainfire’s The Captain Of My Heart is Steelriver (Imp). Smart, typical, clean, upstanding, so many superlatives one could bestow upon this excellent dog. Grand head with length, and strength. Excellent forehand assembly, depth of chest and length of rib. Tail well set on and has great balance of hind angles and soundness through the hock. He has raciness with strength throughout. Used the small ring to his greatest advantage, and never stopped showing. BoB. 2 Rainesgift Truth Be Told of Gloi. Very smartly presented b, tidily made, and with a lovely head of balanced proportions. Shade long for my preference. 3 Sh Ch Stranfaer Take It Easy To Keepersway.

Retriever (Curly Coated)

G (2) 1 Crimblescurl Time to Tango. Smart type of b who is maturing on very nicely. Liked her wedged head, and big dark eyes which gave an intelligent expression. Balanced in her angles both fore and aft, she is well ribbed back and strong in topline. Moved out with confidence and accuracy, and has an added air of showmanship about her. Liked her coat which was well presented. I’m sure with maturity the best is yet to come. BoB. 2 Crimblescurl Cherry. Another nicely headed example, but a little soft in topline and not so good in coat today. RBoB.

O (1) 1 Crimblescurl Time to Tango.

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

P (1) 1 Sawbridge Lochbuie. This is a lovely young prospect with lots to like and plenty of potential. Good head, shoulders ,topline, tailset, and hind angles. Stands on good feet and moved with accuracy. Presented in super order. BP.

G (6,1) A mix of shapes and sizes in this class, with some not showing to advantage. 1 Cretshengan Lake Itasca. This young male appealed overall for size and balanced, and put on the best performance in this class today, using all of himself to best advantage both standing and moving. Has a good temperament and is nice to handle. Just needs time to mature and fill in. 2 Cretshengan Torran Loch. Very similar to the winner, however rather tense being gone over and stood up he wasn’t so relaxed which rather spoiled his outline. That said, he moved out well, just needs some confidence and work being stood up. 3 Arelechen Night Comes Down.

L (2) 1 Stellenbosch Kriklencu. Really rather liked this smartly made well presented dog, who put on a really good show and worked well with his handler. Medium size and compact with strength and balance all through. Good balance of skull with neat triangular ears. Strong and clean in neck, and over the topline. Liked the moderation and balance in his forehand and rear angles, which showed in a very tidy accurate action on the move. Presented in first class order. BoB. 2 Afonbach Dance With Dragons JW. Needs of a lot of work to gain confidence as was rather difficult to assess with being so worried about the surroundings. Looked a decent type, and did enough, but needs a lot of time.

O (5) 1 Afonbach Winter Is Coming. A soundly made honest sort with lots of breed appeal. Topped this rather mixed class by moving out steadily and soundly with composure, balance, and accuracy of footfall. Presented in great coat. RBoB. 2 Camusmore Bringmesunshine to Menstonia. Another very sound well balanced sort, presented in immaculate order. Of good type with much to admire. 3 Schindow Junior Cowboy with Crethsengan.

David R. Alcorn (Judge)